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Teary eyed gang. Here’s this year`s participants in “Hver gang vi møtes”.

 I start cryin just by talking about it

Article published at tv2.no on 31.08.2013
Author: Astrid Dyson. Photographer: Tore Waskaas.
Found and translated by Jorunn E. English revision by Anni Jowett.

The artists from “Hver gang vi møtes” can`t hold back their tears  this time either.The recording of the third season of “Hver gang vi møtes” is underway at Vestre Kjærnes farm outside Moss. On Saturday the press got to meet the artists Alexander Rybak (27), Simone Eriksrud (43), Sigvart Dagsland (49), Anneli Drecker (44), Lars Lillo-Stenberg (51), Samsaya (33) and Øyvind Elgenes (55). 

Hard to accept  praise. 

Simone Eriksrud is overwhelmed about how the stay has been with the other artists so far. – I have to use a word that is completely over used. It`s magical. It`s like entering a magical fairytale world even though it has also been very tough so far,- says Eriksrud. />She is also overwhelmed musically speaking. – I have to use the same words, it`s magical and tough. It`s overwhelming, surprising, beautiful and cool, I`m so happy the recording isn`t over,- she adds.

The musician isn`t hesitant in giving out positive words. She also says her heart starts beating faster just by thinking of what she has experienced so far at Vestre Kjærnes farm. Receiving praise and acknowledgement has been the most difficult part. She thinks it`s not as easy as it sounds.

Six 40th birthday  parties at once.

Eriksrud has had her “day”. She thinks the day was demanding and started crying just by talking about the experience with the TV2 journalist.- It was very demanding, but also very, very nice, it was like celebrating your 40th birthday six times. I`m an open tab and there was a lot of tears. The emotional artist particularly admires Øivind Elgenes who was in the band “Dance with a stranger”. She`s been a fan since she was 18 years old. She is also very fond of Lars Lillo-Stenberg and Anneli Drecker.

Open tap. Simone Eriksrud cries during this years “Hver gang vi møtes.”

The facade cracked.

Rybak, according to him, has only cried twice in the last ten years. It`s not just the long recording days that make him more sensitive, but it was one particular song that made his facade crack.

– There hasn`t been a lot of crying, but there was one song that made my facade crack,- says the former Eurovision winner. He won`t tell us which song he is talking about. The group was uncomfortable in the beginning, but according to Rybak it didn`t take long before the gang felt united. Rybak thinks they understand each other because they come from the same business.

– I can not speak on behalf of everyone, but I think it will become an extremely surprising season. This gang here represent the versatility in the Norwegian music business, everything from beautiful ballads to rap, songs that make you fall off your chair.

Here Alexander Rybak is pictured in Halden. He participated at Allsang på Grensen in July. Photo: Lars Askheim 

It`s difficult going to bed. 

Anneli Drecker says the musical part has been fantastic, but she won`t reveal whether she`s been crying.There have been some long, nice days, and it`s difficult to go to bed.

– How have you been able to keep up the energy level after such long recording days?

– I look forward to lunch and dinner because I enjoy food, I like the good conversation and music, so that`s not a problem.

The recording is underway: Anneli Drecker lives in Tromsø, but is currently staying at Vestre Kjærnes farm outside Moss. © TV 2, Fie Nesse

Unable to be oneself.

– I think that you can`t be yourself  in front of cameras, you become self-conscious. Despite of the long recording days so far, with cameras present, the musician admits to being moved.- I do get moved by music and have become teary eyed during these days, answers Lillo-Stenberg. Lillo-Stenberg hasn`t had “his day” yet and looks very much forward to it because of the high level of the musicians.

Audience success.

– The first season of “Hver gang vi møtes” in 2012 was with the artists Jan Eggum, Bertine Zetliz, Øystein Dolmen, Halvdan Sivertsen, Anne Grete Preus, Elvira Nikolaisen and Vinni and had an average of 600 000 viewers. The second season in 2013 was with Ole Paus, Lene Marlin, Marion , Kurt Nilsen, Morten Abel, Anita Skorgan and Marius Grønneberg, and had an average of 863 000 viewers.

Watch the video from the farm, made by TV2:

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