What Alexander Rybak says about his new CD:)

Photo by: Fredrik Arff

Alexander’s statement about his new CD Visa vid vindens ängar at the Lionheart Music Group official web-site.
Translation by Tessa La

“A Eurovision winner gets plenty of exciting suggestions for cooperation. The biggest of all for me was undoubtedly the day I received a letter by Mats Paulson. He had seen me perform “Visa vid vi…ndens änger” and wanted to thank me for singing his songs. It was difficult to comprehend that such a great composer had taken the trouble to write a long and heartfelt letter to me.

Time passed and life after Eurovision became more and more unreal. I felt that now I needed a project where I found the man in me. But I needed someone to work with. Someone who understood life, someone who understood us and not least:

Someone who understood the music.
Someone like Mats Paulson.

Fortunately, he was happy to help me. I even got to do a few songs myself and I hope you enjoy them. Mats texts is about to enjoy the big and little things in life, and I hope that you will do to after hearing the album.

I sing in Swedish by the way.

– Yours Alexander”

* All the info about where to buy the album “Visa vid vindens ängar ” can be found here: http://www.alexanderrybaknews.com/2011/05/26/new-album-visa-vid-vindens-angar-release-june-15th-2011/#more-11310

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