Welcome, Sityhilelo! From friends and fans of Alexander Rybak! June 26th 2010

In April and May, 2010, friends and fans of Alexander Rybak from his official Facebook-page, decided to work together and make a special birthday-present for his 24-years birthday, May 13th.

Painting: Ingegerd Claesson

By creativity, translations, paintings, video-makings, photoshop, e-mails and, of course, Facebook!!! and with help from Valdres Summer Symphony, we made people, from allover the world, send donations for the Valdres-project


The result, more than 20.000 Nkr is now paying for the costs and travel-expenses, for a 15-year-old clarinettist, Sityhilelo, who lives in Cape Town, South-Africa. Because of this money he will come to Valdres, Norway, on june 28th, with his teacher and co-students, to take part in the musical education, networking and cultural meeting of “Playing For the Future”.

On behalf of all the donators, we wish Sityhilelo a happy stay!! Alexander will be in Valdres, welcoming him and his friends on monday june, 28th and we hope  they will have a really good time!!

Read a lot more stuff about the birthday-present in this link


Photoshop: Yannis Papadopoulos

2 thoughts on “Welcome, Sityhilelo! From friends and fans of Alexander Rybak! June 26th 2010”

  1. It’s nice to give a present which is as meaningful as this. I hope Sityhilelo will have a great time.

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