Vote for the Fiddler on Muz TV! Just 3 days left!

Let him take to Oslo all 3 prizes of the main Russian pop-music award!

“Muz TV” has been nominated in the following categories:

  • Best male artist
  • Best soundtrack (“Superhero”   for “Black lightening” movie)
  • Breakthrough of the year

This is YOU who can make him win! So, hurry, people, hurry! VOTE FOR ALEX!

Link for voting here:

Instructions for Non-Russian-speaking  people here:

And even Alex says to you – vote!;))

(video and English subs by Svetlana Plyasun, translation by Zhenya Russian and Julia Bezbakh)

One thought on “Vote for the Fiddler on Muz TV! Just 3 days left!”

  1. Hey, Alex! I vote for you every day! I very much want that your career would develop successfully, because you very good person!

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