Vote for Alexander Rybak on RealMusicBox (Russia)!

Alexander has been nominated as a candidate for the RealBoxMusic award of popular Russian music channel MusicBox. There is online voting where every person can vote once a day. It’s good opportunity for Alexander to come back to Russia to take one more award back home 😉 You all remember how he won MuzTV award in 2010? So, let’s make him win, and he will come  to the awarding ceremony in Kremlin Palace, Moscow on November 19th, 2013! 🙂

It is only possible to vote using the profile of Russian social net Vkontakte, so you need to register in Vkontakte first. This is simple instructions on how to register in Vkontake and how to vote for Alex on RealMusicBox chart:

1. Go to

2. Register your profile 

3. Go to

4. Сlick “Войти на сайт при помощи В” (which means “log in to the site through Vkontakte)


5. Scroll down and find “Александр Рыбак” in the list. Please note the order of artists might change! 

6. Click on the “+” sign in a green box.

If the number of votes in the green box has increased by one more it means you have successfully voted for Alexander 🙂

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