Videos: Alexander Rybak’s concert in Toronto (Canada) 23.02.2013

On February 23rd, 2013 Alexander performed for the first time in Toronto, ON (Canada) at the Main Stage Theatre of Toronto Centre for the Arts ! He shared the stage with Papa Duke band and famous violinist Vasyl Popadiuk. Here are videos of Alexander’s performance from that exclusive event:)

Thanks a lot to Vlada Ceban for the videos!

Europe skies

Roll with the wind

Leave me alone


3 thoughts on “Videos: Alexander Rybak’s concert in Toronto (Canada) 23.02.2013”

  1. thanks for sharing these videos, I think your music is enough to fill a scenario, the dancers do not I like

  2. Was the concert sold out?

    It’s too bad he didn’t have live musicians backing him up.

    It’s good to see the acrobats. Too bad he didn’t have his original team.

  3. Ohh my God…
    I’m very disapointed you didn’t sing very well,not like you did before ,but again you were amaizing sweetheart <333

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