Videos: Alexander Rybak at Russian Song Festival in London. 28.04.13

Alexander was invited to the Final of the 7th International Russian Song Festival & Contest, which was held in the Royal College of Music, London, UK. He performed at the opening, and also gave awards to the winners of the youngest category of contestants. Here are the videos from that event:)  


Recording by Tessa Lande. Translation and subs by Julia B. English revising by Anni Jowett.


Recording by Tessa Lande. Translation and subs by Sonia Luzina. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Roll with the wind

Recording by Tessa Lande

Alexander Rybak & Alexandr Kagan jamming in the interval 

Recording by Tessa Lande

Awarding ceremony

Recording by Tessa Lande. Translation and subs by Julia B. English revising by Anni Jowett.

Reportage on British radio “The voice of Russia” about the contest

Recording by Sonya Luzina

6 thoughts on “Videos: Alexander Rybak at Russian Song Festival in London. 28.04.13”

  1. I’ve always waited for an opportunity to arise to meet Alexander and watch him perform live, and meeting him for the first time was an amazing experience! Not only do I like him because he has a nice face, but his down-to-earth, humble being touches me. He has great energy, and his sweetness makes me melt. I find my admiration for him not in a crazy-fan-girl way, but I admire him for being a humble human who makes good music, and who makes music that he himself enjoys (as well as his listeners), rather than mainstream music.
    So, Alexander, thank you so very much for coming to London and taking your time to meet your fans. I am looking very forward to meeting you again, and please come back to London as soon as you possibly can. Continue to stay as humble as you are and as extraordinary as you are. Take care, Sara

  2. It was the best day of my life!! I have waited 3 years for this day! Alex was amazing and wonderful! It was nice to meet so many international friends I hope he will come back to the UK soon. I would like to thank Olga Bramley for inviting him, Alex for coming, thanks to Tessa for the video recordings and my Polish girls Martyna, Kaja and their mum for great company! I will never forget that day ! I hope to see you again soon 😀 xxx

  3. Hello,
    It was a big pleasure for me to meet Alexander first time in my life and watch him performing live. It was unforgettable! These beautiful eyes, voice, violin, always smiling, being positive, very polite and warm atmosphere coming from him has made my night!
    I would like to thank Alex very much for coming to London and for this great opportunity to meet and greet you..
    We will be waiting you to come back with a concert in London and I wish you very best and warm wishes. 🙂

  4. Тhank you, dear friends, for all great videos. I wish Alexander good luck for all his wonderfull plans, intentions and dreams. Let they come true! <3

  5. Last Sunday Alex made his British fans dream come true,but he not only made the British fans happy since the event was also attended by fans from Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, and the USA. It was a very special evening, enjoyed by Judges, contestants ana the audience……..Hope he will return again soon.

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