Videos of Alexander Rybak’s performances in Sør-Fron Church. 08.08.2012

Concert in Sør-Fron church, Norway 8th of August 2012

The Concert in Sør-Fron Church  took place as a part of the annual “Peer Gynt- festival”. The musicians who performed were:  Alexander Rybak, The young Saxophone talent Magnus Bakken and the Folkmusic-quartet “Kvarts”. The actor Dennis Storhøi performed with a monologue from the play “Peer Gynt”.  The 3 songs below are the songs that were allowed to be publish. Link to a newspaper-review of the concert you’ll find here

Recordings by Tessa La and Marit Olavsdatter

 Klezmer is an old musical tradition with roots in the Jewish communities in Russia and Eastern Europe that existed in the old days. Often performed by small orchestras who wandered around from village to village and played at weddings, funerals and other events.

“Klezmer”. ( Recording by Tessa La)

Longer version with spoken introduction by Alexander ( Rec. by Marit O.)

“Lær meg å kjenne dine veier” ( Teach me to know your steps ).( Rec. by Marit O.)

 A highly beloved psalm in Norway, written by the danish pastor Jakob Paulli. The melody is a Norwegian folk-tune from Åseral, in the southern part of Norway

Shorter video-version with only the part , where Alexander played along. ( Rec. by Tessa La )

Bergrosa by Svein Nyhus – Norway ( Marit O.)

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