Video: Concert at Festival “Cantat Novi Sad 2012”. August 21st 2012

On August 21st 2012, Alexander Rybak came to Serbia to perform for the first time. He was invited to the Cantat Festival in Novi Sad and he brought with him the keyboard-player Hilmar Kristoffersen and the Frikar-dancers Ulf-Arne Johannessen and Sigbjørn Rua. At the concert, he performed the first song  together with the local star, singer Bojana Stamenov.

The audience counted around 10.000 and they were so happy to see Alexander,  that  he had to stay and sign autographs for many hours. As usual, he would not leave until the last person had got what they came for:-)

It is with deep respect and big gratitude we present these videos of the full concert in Novi Sad, recorded by Sonya Luzina.


 1. Alexander Rybak & Bojana Stamenov: “Something stupid”

2. Europe Skies

3.Roll with the Wind

4.Hungarian Suite

5.Song from a Secret Garden

6.Funny little World

7. Always a Woman

8.The Bee

9. I love you baby ( Can´t take my eyes off you)


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