Classical concert of Alexander Rybak in Vilnius (TV-version)

On September 11th 2013 Alexander Rybak, accompanied by pianist Stefan Zlatanos (Norway) and the Christopher Chamber Orchestra (Lithuania), performed a classical concert in Vilnius Picture Gallery as a closing part of the annual Christopher Summer Festival. The concert has been broadcasted on Lithuanian TV-channel “LRT kultura” on  October 12th.

Recording by Tessa Lande

If the video on YouTube is blocked for you, you can watch it  on Dailymotion

One thought on “Classical concert of Alexander Rybak in Vilnius (TV-version)”

  1. Why the public is so wise/quite/calm …
    I sang with you all the songs, dancing and jumping on the bed (I 22years): D … and when there was Vilvaldi and all this is so cool I was in it thoroughly.
    if I was in the public I would have made the show more them all together, just to make you feel at what point the concert was too well …
    Im tunisian fan , i envie all those who are there …
    Respect !

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