Video: Alexander Rybak on Danish Dec.23rd 2012


The “Christmas-Special” on RadioNorth 23.12.2012, was filled with music by Alexander Rybak, competitions for his signed CDs and a personal greeting of 7 min., made especially by him for the broadcast. The host spoke in Danish and German.

The first video is a translated version of the full broadcast, with cut versions of the songs, to avoid piracy. The complete 2-hour broadcast can be found on the website of  or in the link in the end of this posting.

The second video is a translated version of the full soundfile with the personal greeting from Alexander, that he made for the broadcast.

1) Full broadcast.

Upload by Venche Mellemstrand. Translation by Sabine Fundel and Marianne Saietz. English revision by Katie Anderson and Lillian Llewellyn. Subtitles by Ulli Cologne.


2) Full soundfile of Alexander speaking. 

Uploaded by Ulli Cologne and Venche Mellemstrand. English and Danish translation by Marianne Saietz. German translation by Susanne Berlin. Romanian translation by Laura Ser. Vietnamese translation by Bội-Dung Trần. Revision by Venche M. and Lillian Llewellyn. Subtitles by Julia Bezbakh


Listen to the full uncut 2-hour radio-broadcast with the songs in this link here

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