Video: Alexander Rybak’s concert in Kiev. Club Tolstoy. 31.10.2012

Alexander presented new Russian language concert program and new music video “Dostala” at the Kiev’s club “Tolstoy”.

Videos from the concert are provided by the Facebookies who attended it:)

Nebesa Evropy (Russian “Europe skies”)

video by Julia B.

Skazka (Russian “Fairytale”)

video by Julia B.

Funny little world

video by Julia B.

Dostala (Russian “Leave me alone”)

video by Julia B.

Song from the secret garden

video by  Sophia Khodorovska

Kak ty krasiva segodnya (Russian “5000 letters”)

video by Tessa Lande

Strela Amura (Russian “Oah”)

video by Julia B.


Video by Tessa Lande


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