Video: Alexander Rybak in Norwegian show “Senkveld in Sochi”

Alexander was invited to a  popular Norwegian show “Senkveld”, which is broadcasted live every evening from Sochi, where the Olympic Games are held rignt now.  He will be a guest on several shows during this week.  Here is the video from the first program on 11.02.2014.:

Recording by Venche M.  Translation and subs by Tessa L. and Zhanna S. English revision by Anni J.

One thought on “Video: Alexander Rybak in Norwegian show “Senkveld in Sochi””

  1. Absolutely hilarious! He didn’t know how to say “laundry room” in Russian but made it really funny!

    I also love figure skating- in fact, my kids skate at Jason Brown’s rink (American Olympian) I’m fortunate to live in Colorado, the center of American figure skating.
    So happy there’s finally a Norwegian figure skater in the ladies event.

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