Alexander Rybak in the Russian music show on “Music Box TV”.

Really good show, where Alexander promotes his new music video and discusses many interesting things – the end of the world, piercings and tattoos, children from the orphanage, the name of his future daughter, friendship between a boy and a girl,  the craziest thing he’s ever done in his life and etc.  Enjoy!

Recording and subs by Sonya L.
English translation by Rozalia Muzhaeva. Revision by Marina Rolbin


Alexander as Michael Bublé in “One to One” show – Final



Today it was the big final, and Alexander impersonated Michael Bublé and performed the jazzy song “Feeling Good”, which he did very well. That guy can sing jazz!
The winner of the show was decided by televoting, and the people voted Alexander to a second place. So well deserved after all his fantastic impersonations. You can watch them all here

Watch his great performance of “Feeling Good” here.

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Alexander Rybak’s interview in Riga in the program “Pati z FM-TV”

 Alexander performed  at “Eurovision Preparty” in Riga and gave the interview to the Ukrainian program “Pati z FM-TV” on April 10. You can watch that interview with English subtitles below:

Translation and subs by Sonya L. Revision by Bita J. 

If you want to watch the full program  “Pati z FM-TV” with interviews of another artists from the party, click here


Alexander performs at “Eurovision PreParty Riga 2015”

April 10, Alexander performed  at “Eurovision Preparty Riga” in Palladium concert hall in Riga. “Eurovision Preparty Riga” is an annual Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) promotional event held in Riga, Latvian capital, usually 6 weeks before the ESC final. The main idea of the event is to promote songs that will take part in ESC of that year. In addition to Alexander, other special guests attended  the party –  the winner of  ESC 2011 Eldar Gasimov, winner  of  ESC 2002 Marie N,  and 3rd place holder of ESC 2013 Zlata Ognevich.

Recording of Alexander’s appearance.
The video is also available on Vimeo 

“Europe’s skies”, “In the Hall of the Mountain King”,
“Into A Fantasy”, “Roll with the Wind”, ESC-Medley 

Incredibly positive Alexander’s live concert on the “Autoradio”

On March 17, Alexander visited the Russian radio in Moscow, where he gave an incredibly positive live concert

Translated video of the whole show with a concert and an interview
Recording by Sonya & Tessa. Translation and subs by Marina
The video is also available on Vimeo 

“Strela Amura” | “Cupid’s Arrow”

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Alexander Rybak as Eduard Khil – “One to One” Show, Episode 3

Alexander about his performance: 

Watch this hilarious tribute to Eduard Khil. When I was a young boy, in 2012, I was supposed to perform on stage in London with the legendary Eduard “Trololo” Khil. Unfortunately he didn’t make it and I never got to see him, but his songs remain in our hearts.

Since I’m participating in the Russian show ‪#‎OneToOne‬, I’m happy that I could put on his mask for a while, and sing his world known song. I hope you’ll like my tribute to Eduard Khil. 🙂

Have a nice weekend.



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Alexander Rybak and other artists at the opening show for World Championship Men’s Handball in Qatar, 15.01.2015.

Alexander is on of the 24 artists from all over the world who performed the official anthem “Live It”  at the opening show for World Championship Men’s Handball 2015 in Qatar. You can read more about this unique project  here

Found by Hilde M. Recorded by Tessa Lande 


Alexander Rybak at the New Year and Christmas show in Kiev 31.12.2014.

Alexander performed “Into a Fantasy” and “Roll with the Wind”  with talented children at the New Year and Christmas show in Kiev. The shooting took place at the Palace “Ukraine”  on December 13, and the show was broadcasted on New Year’s Eve.

“Into a Fantasy” with Sofia Tarasova

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Alexander Rybak – Min Favorittmusikk on NRK Klassisk 13.11.2014

Thursday 13.11.2014 Alexander again was the host in the Norwegian classical radio programme “My Favourite Music” on NRK Classic.

The topic of the day was  LOVE, and maybe we should follow his advice about just listening to the lovely music and do nothing.

Source: NRK Klassisk


Alexander Rybak om kjærlighet og klassisk musikk –
Frederick Delius: La Calinda (fra) Koanga – London Symf Ork + Barry Wordsworth (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Liebestraum –
Franz Liszt: Liebestraum nr. 3 (fra) Liebesträume, S.541 – Paul Crossley
Alexander Rybak om Romeo og Julie –
PjotrTsjajkovskij: Romeo og Julie – Fantasiouverture (utdrag) – BBC Welsh Symph Orch + Tadaaki Otaka (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Brahms og fiolinkonserten –
Johannes Brahms: 2. sats. Adagio (fra) Fiolinkonsert, op. 77, D-dur – Igor Oistrakh (fiolin) London Symf Ork + Raphael Frühbeck de Burgos (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Carmen av Bizet –
Georges Bizet: L’amour est une oiseau rebelle (fra) Carmen – Grace Bumbry + Théâtre National de l’Opéra Ork + Raphael Frübeck de Burgos (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Escamillos hyllest til “mannemannen” –
Georges Bizet: Votre toast (fra) Carmen – Kostas Paskalis + Eliane Lublin + Viorica Cortez + Grace Bumbry + Théâtre National de l’Opéra Kor og Ork+ Raphael Frübeck de Burgos (dir)
Alexander Rybak om å være forelsket i orkesteret –
Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov: The Young Prince and the Young Princess (fra) Scheherazade, op. 35 – Philharmonia Orch + William Boughton (dir)
Alexander Rybak om å bli forført i Spania –
Francisco Tárrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra – Celedonio Romero
Alex om Tarrega –
Franz Schubert: Klaverkvintett, D.667, op. 114, A-dur “Forellenquintett”: 3. sats. Scherzo. Pre – Lars Anders Tomter + Janne Saksala + Benjamin Schmid + Antti Siirala + Jan Vogler
Alexander Rybak om Rakhmaninovs preludium i ciss-moll –
Sergej Rakhmaninov: Preludium, ciss-moll (nr. 2 fra) Morceaux de Fantaisie, op. 3 – Marta Dayanova
Alexander Rybak om Ave Maria av Schubert –
Franz Schubert: Ellens Gesang III, D.839, op. 52 nr. 6 – Budapest Strings
Alexander Rybak om Ave Verum Corpus av Mozart –
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Ave verum Corpus, K.618 – Choir of Christ Church Cathedral Oxford + Francis Grier (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Rutters “A gaelic blessing” –
John Rutter: A Gaelic Blessing – Polyphony + Bournemouth Sinfonietta + Stephen Layton (dirigent)
Alexander Rybak mer om Rutter –
Alexander Rybak om Elgars Salut d’amour –
Edward Elgar: Salut d’amour, op. 12 – Baltimore Symf Ork + David Zinman (Dirigent)
Alexander Rybak om Chopins Nocturne –
Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne nr. 2, Ess-dur (fra) Tre Nocturner, op. 9 – Peter Katin
Alexander Rybak om Mahler –
Gustav Mahler: 4. sats. Adagietto (fra) Symfoni nr. 5, ciss-moll – London Symf Ork + Jack Kaspcyk (dir)
Alexander Rybak om Satie –
Erik Satie: Gymnopédie nr. 1 (fra) Trois Gymnopédies – Utah Symf Ork + Maurice Abravanel (dir)
Alexander Rybak om kjærlighetens vesen –
Sergej Rakhmaninov: 2. sats. Adagio sostenuto (fra) Klaverkonsert nr. 2, op. 18, c-moll – Jorge Luis Prats (klaver) + Mexico Filh Ork + Enrique Batiz (dir)
Alexander Rybak takker for følget –
Johannes Brahms: Ungarsk dans nr. 7, – London Philharmonic Orchestra + Marin Alsop (Dirigent)

Alexander Rybak answers fans questions from his home! New video

A few months ago Alexander invited his fans to ask him questions. And now the result can be seen at his official YouTube channel AlexanderRybakVideo. A really funny and well made video from his home:)

Alexander Rybak Q&A video

Maryam from Iran asked: “Do you read our comments to your postings on Facebook?”
AR: Yeah, of course I do. You know, I am watching you, so behave on what you do on the Internet and everything. Continue reading Alexander Rybak answers fans questions from his home! New video

Alexander Rybak about Eurovision in Russian talk-show “Live”

Alexander Rybak was a guest in Russian talk-show “Live” on Russia-1 channel, which was broadcasted before and after the 1st Semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2014 on May 6th. He performed his hit “Fairytale”  and participated to the live discussion about Eurovision. Here we gathered all parts with him in one video 🙂 Enjoy!

Upload, video edition and subs by Julia B. Translation by Inna F. & Julia B. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander in Polish TV-show “Jaka to melodia” – Name that tune!

Alexander visited TVP1 in Poland – on November 15th 2011 – and performed in the polish TV-show “Jaka to melodia”.  A number of songs were recorded with a live audience,  and will be shown in following broadcasts of the show. The show is the analogue of “Name that tune”.

Screenshot from broadcast 3 by Tessa Lande


1. ” Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak. Broadcast 27.11.2011

Upload and subtitles by Julia B. English translation by Martyna Agnieszka Jasińska.

2. “Viva la vida” by Coldplay. Broadcast 18.12.2011

Upload by Yanis B.

3. “Always a woman” by Billy Joel. Broadcast 08.01.2012

AdvarselsikonFound by Patrycja Pajor. Recording by Sonya L.

4. “Roll with the wind” by Alexander Rybak/Maarten
& Lina Eriksson. Broadcast 15.03.2012

Recording by Ulli Cologne.

5. “Europe’s Skies” by Alexander Rybak. Broadcast 11.12.2012

Recording by Martyna Jasińska