Two reviews about concert of families Rybak and Stanghelle in Bergen on 2.9.11

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Review of the concert from

Rybak show lifted the roof.

Written by: Arthur Kleiveland 03.09.201

Translation by Hilde M.

Alexander Rybak flirted with the audience and presented a musical show of great variety together with his family and “3 generations” from the Stanghelle family.

The concert at Frekhaug friday night – arranged by Musikkens Venner and Knarvikmila -was a firework where the Eurovision Winner was in the center. He flirted with the audience and made very good contact with the people in the hall.

Wenche played along
Alexander Rybak even made a trip down between the rows and picked a person from the audience to join them on stage. Wenche Alver played along and got her arms filled with Teddy’s, and hugs from both Rybak and Thomas Stanghelle.
“They are so down to earth and nice. No prima donna whims there” stated Wenche after the pleasant encounter with the two guys on stage.

Wrote autographs
“I should have brought my grandchildren. They’ll get the Teddy’s. Maybe I can have them signed”, said Wenche.
And both Alexander and the rest of the Rybak- and Stanghelle families wrote autographs after the concert.
“Great that there are so many here”, Rybak said and opened the concert with his winning song from ESC.
“Then we are finished with that” concluded the humorous and versatile artist.

Great span
The families Rybak and Stanghelle have held summer concerts together for 15 years. elle has for 15 years held concerts ilag summer in Southern Norway. The two families delivered a very diverse show, with a musical range that you hardly have experienced before. Many musical styles: pop, Russian folk music, musical, classical, blues and gospel. And a proper chapel song as an encore.

93 year old Grandma
93 year old Matilde, grandmother in the Stanghelle family, was a chapter on her own.
She still have got a very good voice, and was an experience to see on stage. She sang solo and together with her daughter and grandchild (Thomas).

Alexander Rybak’s parents are also very good musicians, she played piano and he played violin and guitar. And everybody backed each other singing and playing during the concert.

Standing ovations told with clear language that the concert was enjoyed very much.

The minimile
Saturday morning will Rybak have a mini concert at Nordhordland Hall. He will also award the prizes for Minimile (the childrens run).

Review in the paper issue of  “Strilen”, 6.9.11:

Journalist : Susanne Christensen.

Found by Hilde J. English translation by Tessa La

Rybak and Stanghelle family gathered both young and old to the concert on Frekhaug on Friday.

The atmosphere was crazy. All clapped the beat, and some also stood on their chairs and danced, when Alexander Rybak and Stanghelle family performed their “hits”.

Several generations
– We are three generations that perform, and in the audience there were also several generations. The concert can be seen as a way to gather several generations,- Thomas Stanghelle says to Strilen.
He was among the family members who was on stage during the concert which was organized by Knarvikmila and Musikkens Venner in Norhordland. And the meeting with the public impressed. Both families, youth and older had made the trip to Frekhaug to the concert and the audience was engaged whether it was Rybak or Mathilde Marker (93) that song.
– We felt that people were open to what we came up with. The audience appreciated the many genres and expressions. Those who came to listen to one genre, were also open to other expressions. They were going along from the very beginning! This might open new doors for the audience,- says Stanghelle.

Bubbly mood
There are many of you who know each other. Can you put your arms around the one next to you and then you shook from side to side, Rybak encourages.
He made audience to keep holding around each other, so the mood become even better .
Now we will perform a song from my new folksong album. Someone wrote that it was the best folksong album ever … Was it you mom?, Rybak joked..
Artists seasoned the concert with both jokes, puns, and short stories, and the audience seemed to like it.

Like Nordhordland
And the Rybak family got a good impression of Nordhordland. “What I like about Nordhordland is the beautiful nature, friendly people and good food”,- Igor Alexandrovitsj Rybak says to Strilen.
And both Rybak family and Stanghelle family has many fans in Nordhordland. One of them is Nora (10).
I liked very much to hear all the music they sang. Especially I liked the “Ai, ai, ai” song by Rybak, Nora says. She waited in the long queue of people who wanted his autograph and got a personal message from her hero. This I intend to frame, she says, smiling broadly..


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