Two articles about Alexander Rybak from Estonia 18.01.2013.

Alexander Rybak
Foto: Andres Putting

 Alexander Rybak had to pull on a straightjacket to get rid of the stalker.

The article published on 18.01.2013.

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Found and translated by Anglesina Est. English revision by Anni Jowett

2009 Eurovision winner, singer and fiddler Alexander Rybak, who will perform tomorrow in the club “Teater”, has got to taste the seamy side of the fame.

“Why don’t you leave me alone? Leave me alone! You’re crazy, leave me alone!“ sings the Norwegian pop singer with Belorusian origins  in one of his recent music videos, twisting and fiddling around in a straightjacket through the hallways of a gloomy hospital.

In the interview with the magazine „Kroonika“ Rybak assures, that the story is inspired by his own experiences with admirer, who crossed the line.

The magazine asked the artist, if the song has had any effect and if the harassing fan has left him alone. “To sum it up, yes. She calls and writes to me now even more often – but that’s ok, I chose that profession myself,“ tells Rybak and adds that at least “the woman who is  about 34 from Israel“ doesn’t bombard his parents with phone calls or stalk the doors and windows of his closest ones anymore.

“After that song it seems she is a bit startled, became more timid”, tells the singer and adds that this is what he wanted to achieve with  that song.


The article published on 18.01.2013.

Link to the original article here

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translated by Anglesina Est. English revision  by Katie Anderson

 Alexander Rybak: “I love all my fans, except the one”.


Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak is troubled by an annoying woman who calls him every day and sends messages. Not much  help from  the song, either, which has a clear message – leave me alone!

Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak is in Tallinn, again. He said in the interview given to ETV “Ringvaade”, that although almost three years have passed, and one could think that everything has been forgotten already, he is still recognized in the streets and asked for autographs.

Rybak said that he is glad about all his fans, and loves them, except the one – a woman in her thirties from Israel, who has almost turned his life into hell. The woman calls him every day, and bombards him with e-mails. In the beginning, he was stupid enough to start talking to her, now the woman is not giving him peace anymore, complained Rybak.

The singer said that he had  two possibilities: either to turn to the police, or to put the annoying fan into a song. The artist chose the latter version, and wrote a song with a clear message “Leave me alone”. There was some help from it, and the woman is happy now – she got her own song – and she is not bothering Rybak’s friends anymore. The fan has left  Rybak’s mother alone as well, which makes the singer glad. The singer himself, the woman hasn’t freed from her obtrusive attention.

In his life, Rybak craves a more domestic lifestyle, and hopes to dedicate himself to composing – to write songs for Eurovision, or soundtracks to movies – and to the family, which he currently does not yet have

Alexander Rybak will give a concert tomorrow in Tallinn, in the nightclub “Teater”.

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