Bergen Youth Orchestra in Japan with Alexander Rybak – Report from the tour. March 29th – April 4th, 2010

From March 29th – April 4th, 2010 – Alexander accompanied the Youth Orchestra “Ung Symfoni” on a concert-tour in Japan. The report is written by Elisabet Haavet and was found at the webpage of UNG SYMFONI, HORDALAND

Translation of the last parts of the report,  in which Alexander is mentioned by Marianne Saietz:

“The concert in Osaka, would take place in the amazing IZUMI HALL. It was right next to the hotel and everybody got VIP-cards to get in and out. It was a big pleasure to practise there and people were well-rested from beds, spa and Ferris wheel. Funny, it was also, to accompany and sing back-vocals for Alexander Rybak – still a bit ours!! – and the orchestra took it as good sports, that he changed the partitur 140 times along the way. Swing it did and at the concert, he made the Japanese sing along and clap too.

Sonoko played like a goddess in her beautiful white dress and Sibelius was just right. Filled hall, huge applause, two encores. We were on a wave and three Japanese ladies got the experience of their lives, when Arthur took them to the room of Alexander, after the concert. Bowing and smiling like wild.”

( skipping a part and going to the last bit )

“The last concert, would be in THE Tokyo City Opera Hall, which had even more strict rules than Osaka, and everybody were given badges with Backstage Staff and were given orders that eating, drinking and other messing around was prohibited in the hall and on the stage. The hall was worthy of respect and order – with a pyramid-shaped roof, smooth interior decoration and acoustic conditions, worthy for gods!

Here, we were on the top of the wave, from the start – and when the hall at 13.00 was filled with, at least, 1200 Japanese and a few Europeans, it was full home-run for Rybak-San with his Coldplay- song with full choir and orchestra and Sæterjentens søndag in Ole Bull-style.

Kjell Maestro-San with eager Japanese speaking, norsk steving ( norwegian…?? smth..) and kjellsk directing, and last but not least, Sonoko Miriam who topped herself and had to sign autographs in the foyer afterwards. A fantastic experience. The audience clapped and cheered. Kjell had to come forward again and again. And again. And again. Ingeborg sang the blåbærli-song, Ghibli-medley was played and received with joy, but the audience would not give up. Neither would Kjell. Three of the Hardingtones, had to come back on. 5 encores and 10 recalls – that was more, than even KjellSan had ever experienced.

It might be unnecessary to mention, that the finishing party, which took place in traditional Japanese way the same evening, also became a time of happiness on earth for Young Symphony. Big thankfulness was expressed, to and from Toddlers, from and to Kjell and from and to Magne-san. Some had energy for Karaoke, too, but Kjell overslept and had to be fetched, when the bus left, the next morning. But only him – san!

I thank for my fifth tour with Ung Symphony – all great and special. It is an experience, to travel with such a fine orchestra and such fine young people. I make the words, of Kristian bass mine:

“Tusen takk! To all! And not least to Rieber and Kjell, amazing leaders, who work like crazy in the back, especially Magne. Without you, this would be impossible.This is, beyond doubt, the most fantastic and unforgettable experience, I have ever participated in. Arigato Gozaimasu!”

DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU too from Elisabeth Haavet

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