To all friends!

Dear friends, FaceBookies, shadow readers and newcomers!

Dear Fiddler’s Bunch!

Dear Team Rybak!

Dear Alex!

The Team FaceBookies.Org wishes you all a Happy Easter!

(egg painted by the FaceBookie Jessica Kowalski)

[And risking her grand career as a Rybak’s FaceBookie and her top manager position on the FaceBookies.Org – actually, her life, as well -, Irena wishes Happy Easter to Didrik Solli-Tangen!
*dialing the number of FBI (FaceBookIntellegence) to apply for the witness protection program right this moment*]

28 thoughts on “To all friends!”

  1. @Irena- I have always been so impressed how you always greet so nicely every new ones. There are so many different persons, but everybody are welcome and are seen. I am impressed. Keep it up if you manage. It makes a difference. Thank you.

  2. Irenaaaaa!!! Alex´s butt ONLY!!!!!!!

    Jessica -- the best Rybakian Easter-egg, for sure!!!

    Thank you all and hope you had wonderful Easter too!!!

  3. @ Marit S -- In the name of Rybak’s FaceBookies, thank you for coming out of the shadows and thank you for your kind words!


  4. lol @ Marianne! *mental note to self* (keep a low profile around Marrianne…and your butt against the wall she may be packing a syringe!)

  5. …Marianne entering, wearing uniform, handcuffs and a huge injection-syringe with a huge needle.

    …Quickly injects Irena, while she is busy, looking over the fence to the new farmers yard, handcuffs her and drags her unconcious body away to the basement-lab….

    DON´T WORRY GUYS!! After some time in the lab with me and my new
    “de-didrik-detox-hypnosis-program,” she will be as good as new. She will be excactly as she was, before the MGP in Norway this winter and if we only keep her away from any Didrik-material, she will stay that way!!!!

    I know, it works, cause I have tested it on 2 guinea-pigs and a goldfish!

  6. What a great Easter egg 🙂 Happy Easter everyone 🙂

    @Irena-I think they`ll accept your application into that witness protection program 😉

  7. Happy Easter for all of you!!! 🙂
    And by the way: That is a fantastic egg…;)

  8. ахахахахахахахаха!
    Ирена, ну зачем же идти на такие жертвы хДДД ахахаха

  9. Great work, Jessica!
    Happy Easter to all of you! 🙂
    Even if it is raining, in a minute will be sun
    Because of sun will come a rainbow,
    And happy birds will sing their songs
    The easter rabbit will bring sweets,
    and at the ending let me say:
    I love you, Facebookies and I wish you good day!

  10. Happy Easter to all you FaceBookies and to Alex. I am a shadowreader who is not on Facebook because of different reasons. My only way to comunicate with you is to comment here. I really enjoy reading all your comments on Alex`s Facebook and many times I really want to participate. Thank you for all the joy you bring and thanks to Alex for just being Alex.

  11. Julia is entering the, wearing FBI uniform and looking veeery serious and suspicious: “Well, wel, well, Irena, … What are you doing here, darling? What are we paying you for? You use the taxpayers money doing the PR for …..WHOM?? Didrik? Again this ba….?? That’s all, NOW you’re fired!”
    Happy Easter, Irena and all the Facebookies, and all users, and shadow readers!:))
    I love you!:)

  12. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))

    Happy Easter! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    @Jessica: Thank you!

    @Irena: You were quite brave to say that!!! in here …on his very own page!!! Do not worry …I’ll back you up..

    Hugs, everybody!!!

  13. Happy Easter ♥
    many and nice Greetings from Germany
    GO Facebookies
    alex love you ♥ 🙂

  14. Fantastic easter egg, Jessica. Irena, LOL. If Kjell and ALex are going to take revenge on this one, they have to do it for real, cause pranking day was the day before yesterday.

  15. The “artist” wishes also all of you a happy easter! 😉
    Irena, you should not play with fire 😉
    I love you all :* ♥

  16. AHAHAHAH!!!

    This is the coolest Easter picture I’ve ever seen!!! Jessi is soo talented!!! It’s just amazing!!!

    @Irena: *with a little annoyed tone* Okay… don’t get me wrong… I’m only saying this on behalf of a certain fiddler (to save him some time): This page is not for Diddy Kongs butt…. Alex’ butt ONLY!!!!! 😛

    Happy Easter to ALL OF YOU!!!!
    […. and to Didrik!]

  17. YAY! Someone uploaded the picture of Jessica! 😀
    Happy Easter to all of you too 🙂

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