The Sound of 2014 – Alexander Rybak as Composer and Performer

2014 will soon be over and we are summing up the new music released through the year where Alexander has taken part as composer, lyrics writer or performer. And we counted 24 new ones from 2014, not bad. Some songs are released worldwide, some only in Norway and some only as official videos on youtube so far. This is just a listing of the songs, click the links for more info on each song.

the sound of 2014
New song written and performed by Alexander

“Into a Fantasy” – Alexander Rybak link to more

New song written by Elisabet Mjanger performed by Alexander

“What I long for” – Alexander Rybak link to more

New song where Alexander takes part in a global collaboration

“Live It” Qatar Handball 2015 Official Anthem link to more

New compositions for other artists

“Still Here” – Franklin Calleja link to more

“Accent” – Milki link to more

“I Dine Hender” – Emil Solli-Tangen and Alexander Rybak link to more

New Cover songs performed by Alexander

“Lucky One” by Øivind Elg Elgenes link to more

“Strange Little Bird” by Anneli Drecker link to more

“Smooth Escape” by Simone Eriksrud link to more

“Kan Eg Gjørr Någe Med Det” (Can I do something about it) by Sigvart Dagsland  link to more

“Money” / “Penger er ikke alt” by Samsaya link to more

“Ut” (Out) by Lars Lillo-Stenberg link to more


“All I wanna do”  performed by Alexander Rybak and Simone Eriksrud link to more

“Ka E Du Redd For” (What are you afraid of?) performed by Sigvart Dagsland, Anneli Drecker and Alexander Rybak link to more

“Neste sommer” performed by all the HGVM artists link to more

Other artists covers of Alexander’s songs

Samsaya – “Europe’s Skies”  link to more

Sigvart Dagsland – “13 Hester”  (“13 Horses”)  link to more

Anneli Drecker – “5000 Letters” link to more

Simone Eriksrud – “Funny Little World”  link to more

Lars Lillo-Stenberg – “Eventyr” (“Fairytale”) link to more

Øivind “Elg” Elgenes – “Oah” link to more

Alexander added his violin to other artists recordings

Marija Šerifovic and Alexander Rybak – “Gorka Hrabrost” link to more

Superbarna – Vi vil leke

Superbarna – Jentelus og guttelus

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