THE SMURF WAS IN MY COUNTRY. Denmark, Jan.11th 2012

A Facebookies report from january 11th 2012 – Denmark

Written by Marianne Saietz


“What would you say, if we invited him in tomorrow”?

I stared at the comment from “Aftenshowet” under my posting on their facebook-page. I felt like if somone just opened a bottle of champagne inside my head. It was Tuesday January 10th and there had been some hints about Alexander coming to my country but all I had learned, so far,  was:

  1. He would be present at the danish MGP in Aalborg at jan.21st, but I didn´t know what he would be doing there.
  2. He had written in a wall-posting on his fanpage on jan. 10th that he would visit Århus and Copenhagen, but not when – and the MGP is in Ålborg, not Århus.
  3. Kjell Arild confirmed to me on jan 10th, that Alexander would be coming to Copenhagen on Jan 11th, but he did not tell, he would be a guest in “Aftenshowet”

So reading the sentence:  “What would you say, if we invited him in tomorrow”? made all the puzzle-pieces fall into place. Very soon, the people of Aftenshowet also wrote on their page, that people were welcome to show up outside their studio before the broadcast.

Suddenly, I felt like being in a centrifuge….Time was so short and I needed to think and to talk with the other danish fans, I know. Tina quickly confirmed, that she would be there with Diana, her daughter, and we made a deal to meet there. But what if it would be possible to meet Alex at a meet & greet earlier the same day? I decided, I had just gotten sick and needed to stay home from work on the 11th.

On the morning of the 11th I tried again, to get in contact with Kjell Arild.

Around 11 am. He texted me and said, they had suggested the people from DR to host a meet and greet at 4 pm in the central-building of DR, but now that Aftenshowet had seen the huge interest from fans of Alexander on their page, they would like to get the fans to come to the studio and make it a part of the program that Alexander would meet his fans there. He asked me, what I thought about it….

I thought about it and answered that it would be good PR for him, to do as the TV-people wished and that I would be happy to be there. Kjell replied, that now, it would be important to gather as many as possible outside that studio at 18.00. This message came around 12.00.

I did my job and posted the invitation on the fanpage and all other FB-pages I could think off. It took some time and I also got a surprise-visit from a friend in the middle of it all, so as usual, I was a little late, when I finally was ready to go to Copenhagen. I still had a feeling of bubbling champagne in my head and I had to talk strictly to myself and order myself to calm down and drive safely. I left home around 4 pm. Forgetting I would hit the rush-hour-traffic in Copenhagen.

On my way I enjoyed the beautiful sunset and felt thankful, that the Smurf would see my country from its best side. It was a beautiful day, not very cold, thinking of the time of year. He would be coming from minus – or 0 degrees in Oslo to 6-7 degrees in Copenhagen. I had dressed warmly though, with woolen socks, winter-boots, sweater, coat and woolen mittens. I knew, we would be waiting a long time outside the studio. I knew approximately where the studio was located, but I havent been in that part of Copenhagen for some time.

Christianshavn is one of the most charming parts of Copenhagen. Near the water and with a canal and lots of very old houses, cafes and cozy places. Also very near to the freetown Christiania, where there had just recently been some fights ( again ) between the police and the hangarounds. That didn´t worry me though. I drove a little around to find the right streets. Passed by Christiania where lots of people were going in and out but it looked calm. I parked close to the canal and brushed my hair before I left the car. I dont do much to pretty myself up, but I brush my hair! I remembered to take the bag of brownie-cookies, that I bought for the Smurf on my way. I didn´t have any time to bake ( and I dont think, I would have if I had had the time )

It had already got dark. It was around 17.15. I walked along the canal to find a bridge to the other side, where the studio would be located. I found out, I had parked as far away from the bridge as possible, but nevermind. I crossed the bridge and walked down the street on the other side. Found time to admire the beautiful old houses. I found Strandgade and walked and walked until finally, I saw the small house with big red letters on it “DR”

It was at the waterfront and very small, with a wooden terrace outside. I could see a small group of people there and found Tina and Diana. They had been waiting there for so long, hoping to see Alexander when he arrived. They had seen him. He arrived around 17 in a white rental car and went inside. He arrived at the same time as a taxi and the two poor ladies had rushed to the taxi and looked inside, while Smurf entered the house from the white rental car. We greeted and hugged and I said Hi to the others, who were there. We were only 5 but then, we were not supposed to be there before 18.00 and it was only half past 5.

I chatted with the “new people”. There was Marina and her friend – ( forgot her name ). They were very nice and they were not new at all. Marina had been on the fanpage since 2009, but I hadn´t noticed her much. A very nice girl. It was her, who told in the program, that Alexanders visit to MGP would hopefully create more interest around him in Denmark, something that had been missing. I think, she did a very good job, considering she is only 15 years oldJ

So, we stood and talked and walked a bit around to keep warm as time passed by. People arrived at the studio and went inside. They were other guests in the program. The TV-guys came outside and placed a big TV on the patio, so we could follow the show from outside. We got our first glimpses of Alexander here, showing him doing soundchecks inside. A pleasant surprise to see him in white and blue stripes againJ

A TV-guy came out and asked, who is Marianne? I revealed myself. He explained, that they wished ,  to let Alexander come outside and play a little music for us, meet us and be interviewed outside with us fans in the background. They also wished to ask a few questions to 1 –2 fans and suggested, that I participated, as they had noticed my activity on their FB-pageJ ). I told them, I had reported myself sick at work that day,, ( to be able to take part in this ) and I didn´t want to be filmed too much. Luckily, Marina and her friend volunteered for the job.

The TV-guy also instructed us in how we should behave, when they, in the beginning of the program, would show a glimpse of us, waiting for Alexander outside. When we could see ourselves on the TV-screen,  we were being filmed and we should go crazy, clapping and cheeringJ ). We did some tests and it worked fineJ . Alexander finally came outside, looking cute and focused with his glasses onJ He smiled at us and tested the violin-playing and talked a little to us about keeping warm. ( backstage-video by Tina M. ). He said, if we applauded really loud, he might say something in Danish.

Then, they made a test of the whole part with us. The two hosts, Abdel and Rie came outside with cameramen and crew. Abdel told us, they didn´t have room for audience inside the studio, but they would invite us inside at the end of the show, so we could watch Alexander perform inside. That was a popular information. I asked Abdel if he would make warm chocolate for us and he smiled at that and said “Don´t push it”. Now, everything was tested and we had the outdoor-TV to watch. They TV-crew went inside and started the show.

When we saw ourselves at the TV-screen, we cheered and clapped the best we could, as we had been told. After, what seemed like hours, Abdel came outside again and did the live-recording of us fans, interviewing the little girl and Marina and her friend. And then, as planned, we clapped and cheered again as Alexander came out and joined us. He played surprised to see us, asking ” How did you know I was here?” “Amazing” and “So nice to see you”J . He played a little piece of M.Jackson “Smooth Criminal”, which was a bit difficult in the cold, but he did great. He was interviewed in danish and that was a big surprise for me! I knew, he could understand danish, like most norwegians can, as long as its spoken slowly, but I had no idea, that he had actually learned very well, to speak it.

He took a lot of contact to the fans there, while he was outside. He gave high-fives and smiled and chatted. When they finished the recording and he went inside, he stopped in the doorway and asked: ” Marianne, was my danish okay”? I gave him a big “thumbs-up”. After some minutes, a TV-lady came and guided us through a side-door, into the studio, where recordings of another part was going on. We went in very silently and took position at the wall. It was so great to get inside in the warm studio and very interesting to see, how it looked. It was a very small studio and I understood, why they could not have invited us in before.

As the recordings of the other part finished, Alex came into the studio and got ready to play. He waved at us and smiled and made funny faces and sign-language.

Finally, it was his turn to perform and he did a brillant performance of Europe´s Skies, mixed with clips of the music-video. In fact, he performed the whole song, but we could watch on a screen how they mixed it with the video. I studied the faces of the TV-people, who watched him perform and I was certain, they were impressed.

At the end of the song, he asked us to clap our hands. We had got the impression, that we should stay quiet, but of course, we clapped our hands, now that he asked us. It all ended too fast and suddenly, I worried, that they would ask us to leave,  before anybody got a chance to meet Alex, so I went to the Studio-lady and asked, if Alex would have time to meet the fans and sign a few autographs. She allowed us a few minutes and Alex was fast to come over and do what he is so good at: Make everybody feel seen and giving everybody attention. We were only 17 people, but he we had very little time and I was touched by his efforts. Photos were taken and autographs were signed. A few ( eatable ) presents was given to him and he looked pleased. He recognized Tina and Diana and even remembered, having met them in Jessheim. He was nice to everybody. I gave him the cookies and asked him, if he would stay in Copenhagen overnight and he made a funny face and said, he was going to stay at Christiania – The freetown nearby…..I didn´t believe him.

The time was up too fast and the TV-people asked us to leave, so they could have a de-briefing. As we all got outside, Alex came to the door and called me. He asked, if everybody was happy and had got the photos they wanted? I told him, everybody was very happy and if not, maybe they could meet him in Aalborg. He smiled and said yes. He asked me to try to get the recording of the show uploaded to Youtube, so he could post it on his wall. That was easy to promise, as I knew, my hard-working friends were busy, doing excactly that.  We said goodbye and he went inside.

I walked to my car with one of my new friends, Amalie, talking about Alexander, her studies, my job and everything. She went to the bus and I went to a cafe and had a big cup of warm cappucino. I sent som txt-messages to the facebookies, reporting about the evening and then, I drove home. I felt very happy and excited, still not really believing, the Smurf had finally visited my country.

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  1. Flott å lese, Marianne. Skal si du kastet deg rundt og fikk det hele til å fungere. Takk for et godt resyme.

  2. I am so happy too:-))). It would have been nice to know it a week before, instead of the day before, but you get used to that after 2.5 years:-))

  3. I’m so happy that he finally came to your country! Thank you for this nice report!

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