“The Perfect Birthday Present for the Fiddler II or GUYS, HURRY!!! HURRY!!!” in your movies out now! ;)

Hey guys!!

If you want to participate in our birthday present for the fiddler, you have to hurry!


(watercolor by the FaceBookie Ingegerd)

OK, for those who missed what it is about:

Alex has birthday on May 13th and we decided to support a charity project which gives children all over the world a chance to learn an instrument. It’s called “Playing for a Future” and is run by Valdres Sommersymfoni, which is a music school in Norway. The music school has opened an account for us and we are sending money to it until May 12th. On May 13th, Valdres Sommersymfoni is going to tell Alex about his present and tell us how much we raised.

How is that a present for Alex, you are asking yourself?

Well, it really simple! It’s like math … the circle of life … a formula of happiness:

The fiddler was born -> the music changed his life and made his dreams come true -> the fiddler makes music -> that makes us very happy -> we want to share this happiness with more people and children and make their dreams come true -> the kids in poor countries who have never ever heard of Alexander Rybak and do not knew about his existence will get an opportunity to become professional musicians and an alternative to a life in poverty BECAUSE OF ALEXANDER RYBAK -> that will make them happy -> which will make Alex happy BECAUSE HE MADE THIS WORLD BETTER BY JUST BEING HERE !!! And we will let him know that on his birthday!

You are nodding and smiling. 🙂 I see that you agree with me!

Ok then, hurry and send money to:

(no matter how much/  more is better, of course/  but also 1 € or 1 $ is great)

Account holder: Nor-Aurdal kommune (municipality)

Account no.: 6182.05.39523

Bank address: Nordea Bank Norge Asa, postboks 1166 Sentrum, 0107 Oslo

People who live in other EU countries need the swift/bic & iban numbers:

Swift/bic: NDEANOKK

IBAN: NO6361820539523

Mark the payment:

«Donation for Playing for a Future»

And don’t forget that the money transaction needs sometimes up to 5 business days !!!

More information and me rambling about it:


3 thoughts on ““The Perfect Birthday Present for the Fiddler II or GUYS, HURRY!!! HURRY!!!” in your movies out now! ;)”

  1. I’m in! And yes, I’m nooding 🙂
    What a supergreat idea for a birthday-present for someone like Alexander, he gives so much of himself to everyone.
    It really shows that karma exist -- “what goes around comes around” -- if your a good person, good will come to you.

    I sent money today and I think the transaction’s gonna be on monday…I’m glad I saw this before it was to late 🙂

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