The participant of “Voice of Lithuania” Valerija Iljinaite tells about Alexander Rybak and duet with him.

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 English translation by Jolanta Esu, English revision by Anni Jowett.

The Lithuanian girl Valerija, who will sing with Alexander Rybak, said: “I am in love with this guy.”

This Easter Sunday the final Lithuanian Voice contest starts with a tremor of excitement. Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak comes to our country for the concert. The appearance of the talented European conqueror with Valerija Iljinaite from Panevežys is eagerly awaited , and she admits that she has waited all her life for this duet.

Valerija, how did you feel when you heard that you had the honour to sing with the Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak?

It felt unreal, I don’t even know how to describe the feeling. First at all, I did not believe it. I thought that this was just a joke on me. The joyful news was reported to me by the Voice of Lithuania vocal teacher Rosita Čivilytė. Then I started to jump about my luck. I felt I was between reality and space, I started to repeat continuously: “O God, O God, O God! Seriously? No kidding? Seriously? ”

Then throughout the rest of the day I was floating on a cloud, I was very happy. However, eventually I realized that the fact I have worked and fought for my dreams for so long was not in vain . There were many difficult moments, and sometimes I wanted to just give up and quit everything. Definitely everything I did my way has not always turned out rosy. Often I felt a lack of support for me, I had a very big downs … And the recognition I got in the Voice of Lithuanian is just proof that if you want, you can do anything. You need just work and show determination to achieve your goal.

How do you feel now, after the momentous news has had time to be absorbed?

So far, I can not believe that i will not only sing with alexander at the same event, but on the same stage – and even perform a duet! I have no idea how to behave …I’m very afraid and I look forward to rehearsals. How unreal! Every day, whenever My mood deteriorates and leads to a lack of motivation to do some work, I remember that during Easter I have sing with Alexander Rybak. I feel like I am in space. After all, I am just seventeen, and I got a chance to sing along with such a talented human being!

How would do you rate Alexander Rybak? Maybe you’re already a long time fan of his?

Alexander is a unique performer, with his own identity … And perfect eyes! His eyes are extraterrestrial. I do not know where such charismatic people come from. In addition, I admire that A. Rybak is a violin virtuoso. From a young age, I felt a weakness for violinists. Apparently, due to the fact that it is always in various master classes, competitions were mostly girls playing, so we all swooned over some boy. This weakness has remained until now!

I love the timbre of Alexander’s voice , his unique style and very high level of artistry. I admire his warm interaction with the audience. Alexander is able to command the audience. He is a true professional.

I hope to know and learn very much from this artist. I have long been and still am a fan of his! When alexander won the Eurovision Song Contest, I was only thirteen years old. Of course, like all my contemporaries, I swooned over him, even had a poster on my wall. And now I can safely say “I love this guy!”

Here you can watch video with  Valerija’s interview:

How are you going to handle your most important live show?

I will try to come back to reality and realize that the whole point is the music. When you get such an honour, it is very easy to slip and start to live solely on the fact that you will sing with a celebrity. Therefore, recently I have been working diligently. In fact, I have been rehearsing day and night. I would not want to disappoint the people who believe in me. I hope to show everyone that as part of the “Voice of Lithuania” I have rapidly evolved.

As for surprises … It is not known. Maybe we will not just sing a duett but also play together?

Why do you think happiness smiled on you and you were chosen to sing with Alexander?

I do not know. Just such is life. This time I was lucky in the lottery and I am terribly happy. I do not want to consider why… Just I’m happy as far as possible with this moment. I will try everything I can on the stage . Only one great fear – that will undermine my feet is if I will stand a kiss. To be honest, I am really very afraid. Singing with alexander is not only an honour but also a huge responsibility. However, I am motivated by the following rule: “sometimes you have to climb down the stairs, so that you can build momentum and jump to the top.”

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Video-greeting from Alexander:

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