The opening of “Tangenten” – rich on content. March 24th 2012

Article published on 27.3.2012 by Mette Marit Bratlie.

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Article found by Ulli Cologne. Translated by Marianne Saietz

The opening of “Tangenten”- rich on content.

In bright sunshine and beautiful spring- weather, “Tangenten” opened its doors to the public on Saturday March 24th.
“Tangenten” was officially opened with a great cultural content by local artists of Nesodden.

The day started with a lunch for invited guests, where the municipality received many gifts and congratulation-greetings from the guests.  Everybody agreed that Nesodden municipality has receieved a wonderful and exciting community center.
Many people had shown up to witness the event and there were, probably, up to 2000 people, visiting “Tangenten” during the day.

Chairman of the planning-group, Erik Adland, had the honor of opening “Tangenten” together with mayor Nina Sandberg, but first, we all heard “The Tangent- Fanfare” by Marilena Zlatanou of Nesodden Culture-school.
Municipality-employees and local politicians were hosts for the day, and gave informations and views into the office- and school-site.

Some of the musicians and artists of Nesodden, took care of the entertainment – both Saturday and Sunday and gave all of us an insight in the activities and cultural diversity of the municipality.

At the main stage, youth from Håkontoppen gave a sweeping and great taste from their musical “Now, it is our turn”, which they will perform fully in May. The experienced jazz-musicians,  singer Live Roggen and pianist Helge Lien, gave us a fine interpretation of, among others, “Splitter Pine” by Dumdum Boys.
It got really swinging, when the rockband Groove Zero from Nesodden took the stage. They made many in the audience wiggle a little extra with the rockfoot. We will probably hear more of them in time.

And finally, Alexander Rybak stood there with his fiddle. There were many small and big fans,  who crowded in expectation in front of the stage when he entered it. Two songs  were served. Fairytale with young dancers from the Nesodden ballet-school, Nesodden danceunion – Halling and Rebell Dancecompany.

After the entertainment from the main stage, there were performances by different dancegroups in the students canteen. There we could see Nesodden Olddance-union, De Frilynde, Rebell Dancecompany with Hiphop, Nesodden Dancegroup with Halling and Nesodden Balletschool.

The day turned out to be a great experience for big and small inhabitants and they opening-program of Sunday from the Cultureschool was not less rich on content. More about that in a seperate article.

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  1. It was an excellent day in bright sunshine with many friendly local people. A great community centre for Nesodden. ALEXANDER was his usually energetic self, and his mother a lovely lady to meet again. Mr. Rybak had left to teach students at home so I missed saying hello….the whole family work so hard…..maybe in the future they will have time for an Australian holiday!!!!

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