The mini-concert and signing of Alexander Rybak in Lyngdal (Norway), 09.07.2011.

Found by Marianne Saietz, translated by Tessa La

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Lyngdal hijacked Rybak for free.

Rybak charmed the people in the “Miljøgata” (walking street) and stood patiently for hours so everyone got their autographs, pictures and hugs.
This pleased many in Lyngdal today, while it caused irritation among the organizers of Kaperdagene.

The people from Farsund, due to Lyngdal Newspaper, didn’t look at it with gentle eyes that Rybak perfomed for free in the neighbor city, the day after the concert in the “Kaper city”.
Due to our sources, it have been stated that with this he kind of “destroyed” for the event in Farsund yesterday, the day after three thousand people saw him in Farsund.

These days, Alexander Rybak is out on the promotional tour for his new album.
It was in this context that there was made an agreement on the mini-concert and signing under the auspices of the Book and Media in Lyngdal, who sells his CD.
It is normal procedure that the artists set up for signing at record stores, etc. “at his own expense” to promote the new release.
That Rybak chose to do that in Lyngdal the day after an agreed gig in Farsund, was hard for many to accept.

Rybak gave a so-called mini-concert in Lyngdal, and played just under twenty minutes for the many curious who wanted to have a closer look on the Grand Prix charmer.
The repertoire was a couple of songs from his new album, but the artist did of course not get away without singing the Grand Prix winner “Fairytale” – to full sing a long from the audience.

Those who hadnoticed that Rybak was present in Allèen today, met an obvious and always great artist who is known to give much of himself to their fans.
Women of all ages returned with rosy cheeks and “god, this was fun!” after receiving a hug from the big charmer.
There is no doubt that the young gentleman has female appeal in in buckets and pails.

When everyone had gotten a bit of Rybak in Allèen, he chose to return to Farsund to provide an additional free concert – because of the dissatisfaction in the “Kaper city” for his PR stunt in Lyngdal.

The videos from the concert:

Fairytale and Resan til dig

(by Sigbjørn Utland)

Roll with the wind

(by Venche Mellemstrand)



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