I have many new mayflies inside me – Dagbladet. June 17th, 2010

Translation by Tessa La

The album releasing Alexander Rybak (24) joked about his hand injury before the Eurovision. In reality, he broke his hand when he furiously hit the wall.

– Look ! I have just taken off the cast after 3 weeks. It looks like I have a rash, says Alexander Rybak to Dagbladet, showing his right hand.

The skin is spotted between the little finger and the middle finger. He meeds to use his left hand when greeting.

– I broke a bone here, he says, pointing to a spot under the knuckles.

When he was asked about the bandaged fingers at the press conference for Eurovision, he joked and said that a German fan had hand shaked him too hard. To VG-Nett, the manager Kjell Arild Tiltnes said that Rybak had been unfortunate, and said that the artist had accidentally hit his hand against the wall when he walked in the hallways during the Eurovision reception in City Hall 23 May.

Earlier this year, Rybak made a lot of fuss when he wrote on his Facebook page that he had hit the wall so hard that his hands started to bleed. Now it turns out that he once again has hit the wall, but this time with even more serious consequences.

– During the sound checks I was pissed off by the sound engineer who didn’t do his job. There was no sound in the auditorium. I saw that he was not concentrated. I was so angry that I hit my fist against the wall. But the hand will be well again, there is no danger.
– But it affects yourself when you hurt yourself this way. Are you not afraid of the consequences?

– Yes, but it’s better that I hurt myself than others. It’s just something that happens. It is better that something happens, than not.

Rybak admission comes in connection with a talk about his new album. Which is characterized by impulsiveness, but on a far more positive way.

– I really think this is a typical album that critics would like to kill.
– So you are prepared for slaughter?
– No, I’m prepared for the confusion.

Dagbladet has not heard the new album before the interview, but according to Rybak, all the songs are in various genres. So far he has released two singles: a rap and a pop flirt dedicated to one of his violinists. Now there will be more. In addition to that the two other violinists have their own song, he plays everything from punk to bluegrass and trance.
– I feel that I have a responsibility to the young people, and I will spread the culture and diversity. I get easily affected. If I am in the circus I will have circus music. I like to meet the expectations, at the same time that I challenge and experiment.

The weekend was a great upside journey for Rybak, when he won the class for this year’s breakthrough in what will be Russia’s most prestigious music awards. In particular, the international success gave him a wide catchment area, he said.

– I feel I am now on the level with Ole Bull. I have the same impact on people. Stian Barsnes Simonsen is popular among the youngest. Alejandro Fuentes among teens, Jørn Hoel among the adults and Wenche Myhre among the elderly. I have all four in one.

In addition to the new album, which will be released on Monday, he also considering releasing a Christmas album. And the big dream is to write a musical.

– I have already started working on scripts. The story is the classic boy meets girl.

Big plans for one who half a year ago called himself a may fly, and has announced that he will step down as an artist in a few years?

– It was just something I said because I was in love. I wanted to step down for her, but now that she has dumped me, I focus on my career again. The MGP – Alexander was a may fly, but I have many new mayflies inside me.

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