“The good boy at Dovre”. Article – Dec.6th 2011

Review of concert in Dovre Church, Dec. 4th,  published in the paper-edition of  Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen (www.gd.no) Dec. 6th 2011.

Text and photos by Vidar Heitkøtter.

Found by Kjell Arild Tiltnes. Translation by Venche Mellemstrand.

Alexander Rybak got excactly, the good atmosphere, “Winter pictures” could provide.



He was the big “draw” and could have dominated the church- concert on sunday evening completely. But modest in his own way,  he held back and gave much room to Anne Vada, Dennis Storhøi and the co-musicians Øystein Lund Olafsen and Kjell Harald Litangen.

Close contact

Still,  it was Alexander Rybak that got the close contact with the 250 attendants. He liked very much, that so many young people were there.

The professional artists appreciated very much, that it became such an intimate and atmospheric winters-evening.
“We will come back” –  Storhøi promised when he said goodbye. One hour before the concert started and Elin Marit Andgard wished welcome, the first ones were in place. Excited attendants came from Lesjaskog and Lom.

Childhood memories

Based on their own childhood memories, Anne Vada, Storhøi and Rybak gave a pre-Christmas-concert,  that everyone enjoyed very much.  Storhøis texts were very well performed. Anne Vada’s voice was beautiful.  Rybaks singing and violin- playing was masterly.
With also the light- and soundsettings, being  professional, it became  a concert that will be talked about for a long, long time.

Texts under pictures:

SINGALONG: 250 attendants sang along in the Dovre church.
MAGNIFICENT VOICE: The people from Norddal’s first meeting with Anne Vada
VERSATILE: Dennis Storhøi gave the concert a versatile content.
MOOD: Alexander Rybak got in close contact with the “Norddøl’s”. That the mood was so intimate and nice, this winter-evening, was highly appreciated by the professional guests.



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