The girls choir and Rybak sparkled! Article in Kragerø Blad. Feb.21st 2012

Article found in paper-edition of “Kragerø Blad” 21.2.2012. Text and photos by Jimmy Åsen.

Found and translated by Tessa Lande.

A spectacular evening with the Girls Choir

The concert of Kragerø Girls Choir and Alexander Rybak will be remembered for long.

There was a huge interest to hear the Eurovision- winner play and sing with Kragerø Girls choir.
About 400 were present and allowed themselves to be charmed by a choir that showed high artistic class and an artist who gave of himself. And who sparkled along with the girls.

Rybak expressed several times during the concert,  the quality of the choir and that he was very impressed.
For nearly one and a half  hour,  the audience in the church experienced song and music at a very high level.

 Fairytale: the Girls Choir and Alexander Rybak performed “Fairytale” as the final song at the concert.

Of course, Alexander Rybak was the big attraction, but the efforts of the young singers impressed. The concert was spiced with solo performances from Hannah Carding’s wonderful voice, to Ragna Nilsen’s flute play. Especially the latter’s interpretation of “Ave Maria”. At that time it was quiet in the church.
Also Lisa Ask Knutsen sang solo and performed an excellent “Soria Moria”.

Flowers: Alexander Rybak wanted to give a rose to all the singers. Renate Solberg gets her rose and a hug.

The highlights were many, and I could almost recite all that was performed.
Let me just mention the Girls choir with Robert Carding and Alexander Rybak when they performed Mats Paulson’s song “Visa vid vindens änger” A song that both the choir and Rybak have in their repertoire.
And the “Sommer ved fjorden” was wonderfull with fiddling of high class.

Gift: The girls in the choir gave Rybak the book “Solopgang i Kragerø” . On the frontpage each of the girls in the choir had drawn a sun as a greeting.

Thanks: Alexander Rybak made Hilde Ask Knutsen come up on stage, and thanked her for everything she had done this weekend.

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