“The birth of Rybak’s FaceBookies”

(written by Irena Bay)


Once upon a time, there was a fiddler from the North.

The fiddler was poor and had only a dream, a fiddle and a song. But he had yet another thing: He had love. Once he heard of a princess living in a country behind the seven seas and the seven mountains called Russia. It was said that the love of this princess was magical: Her love could make your dreams come true … It could lift you up where you belong … It could heal you … It could give sense to your past, present and future.  (At least, this is what some people believe). Without having met her, the fiddler fell head over heels for her and thought of her night and day. He was determined to win her over, come what may! (Hey, I am rhyming again, hahaha!)

He took his dream, fiddle, song and love and walked by foot around the whole wide world to find her. When he arrived in the village called Moscow, the people were in the middle of big preparations. He asked a village woman what they  were going to celebrate and she replied euphorically, “The wedding of the princess!” The fiddler stopped breathing for a while! He felt as if his heart shattered in his chest  into million glass pieces. He asked the woman, “Whom is she marrying?” “Well, nobody knows! Not even she! Her father, our king, was unhappy for a very long time, because she never had fallen in love. She rejected all the suitors from all over the world: there were princes and knights and Academy Awards winners, but no one could touch her soul. Her father started to give up hope. But then,” the face of the woman illuminated, “she announced that she had dreamt of the ONE! In her dream, she looked up to the blue moon and saw how the stars started to move and to twirl, faster and faster, and then suddenly they came together in the shape of a white, silverly-shining dolphin on the dark-blue nightly sky. The dolphin jumped over the full moon, swam through the air to the princess and told her wordlessly that she should invite all young men to compete with each other with a song, unknown to the world, and that she shall marry the winner!” (“What a nonsense!” the princess thought after waking up that night, “I should never eat spicy Thai food that late at night!” But since she was bored, she decided to do as the dream dolphin had told her to.)

As the fiddler heard this, the sun of hope came out through the clouds and he jumped to the woman and kissed her! “He’s nuts!”, she shrugged and continued to clean the fish in her hands watching the boy running to the castle, bumping into people and falling over things.

That night, all the singers assembled in the castle before the king’s throne in the big, luxurious, modern hall. Those who did not find room in the hall, pressed their noses on the window panes from outside, chewing popcorn and awaiting the contest. After each song, million of  heads turned in sync to the princess to check her reaction. But she looked bored and sad.

Then the fiddler came out in a white shirt and a black vest. He walked through the crowd clinging firmly to his violin and biting nervously his lip. Here he was, after all those sleepless nights of dreaming and hoping, finally at the end of his journey. He went up to the king and then he saw Europe: Seeing her face took his breath away! There, in her face, he saw himself! He *bonked*! He ran with his hand through his hair, took a breath and started to play his song.

When he was done, there was a complete silence in the whole country. A minute passed … and then another minute. And then Europe jumped from her throne and ran over to the fiddler to embrace him in a passionate, all-consuming, perfect kiss!

They married that night and the magic star dolphin exploded in multi-colored fireworks in the sky over their heads. (Next day, the fiddler had the worst hang-over of his life, but he didn’t mind and gave interviews anyway! :P)


Since the fiddler had to go on tour through the world, Europe felt lonely and missed the fiddler a lot. So the king Kjell Arild created a page on facebook called “The Official Facebook Page of Alexander Rybak” for Europe to keep contact with the traveling fiddler. The fiddler would send sms and little videos from his journey to the king, and the king would post them on facebook for Europe to read, see and RollOnTheFloorLaughingHerButtOff.

The Official Facebook Page of Alexander Rybak

But Europe was not a girl, even though she was a princess. Europe actually was many many people from all over the world, who started to meet on the Official Facebook Page of Alexander Rybak and have a great time. They called themselves Rybak’s FaceBookies.



After a while, it was not enough for them to talk to each other on facebook and they wanted to meet  in real life.

They started to meet each other in groups in the Russian-speaking countries to greet the fiddler, when he would come for promotion appearances and concerts to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Three FaceBookies from the Czech Republic, whom we call the “Czech Musketeers”, took a car and drove with it through the whole Europe to the north and followed the fiddler and his bunch on their Norway concert tour in the summer.

Meanwhile, nearly 30 FaceBookies got inspired by the fiddler’s story and his music, and decided to make him a gift that would show him the influence he had on their lives. They wanted to say “thank you”  to him for the joy he spreads in the world and for the fact that they had found each other on his Official Facebook page. So they, who had never met each other in their lives, set together in a virtual secret cave on facebook and wrote a BOOK for him and about him. They named it “Alexander Rybak’s story Retold by Rybak’s FaceBookies”. In October 2009, they travelled to Olso to go to his concert together and to give him the BOOK.

By the way, if you want to have your own copy of the Book send your request here and you will receive it on your e-mail in PDF.

[stream flv=x:/www.alexanderrybaknews.com/files/2010/02/Rybaks-FaceBookies-our-Story.flv embed=false share=false width=400 height=300 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

After that, many other Rybak’s FaceBookies from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus met each other at the end of November and shook down the concert hall in Moscow singing with the fiddler.

The FaceBookies were on the spot to greet the fiddler in New York City, too! (And they traveled to NY all the way from California and Canada!)

Shortly after that, the Russian-speaking group called “Alexander Rybak’s Facebook Friends” and the original Rybak’s FaceBookies officially united under the name “Rybak’s FaceBookies” and got the logo designed by the “Russian Bunch” – you won’t be suprised to find out at this moment in my story that the logo shows – what else? – a magic dolphin! 😀

In December 2009, the Western European FaceBookies were planning to meet each other in Berlin/Germany for yet another concert. But unfortunately, things went wrong and the concert was cancelled. The FaceBookies were very sad about that, since they had been looking forward to it (for some of them, it was the only chance to see the fiddler on stage, and they even had had to get a visa – and if the fiddler can’t come to your country, you must go to where the fiddler is, right?).

They decided to go to Berlin any way, even though the concert had been cancelled: to meet each other again or for the very first time. An incredible thing happened then: the fiddler (who was sad about the cancelled concerts in Germany, too) heard about the meeting of the FaceBookies and decided to drop by and hang out with them for an hour! :)))

Now, we are dreaming of a even bigger FaceBookies meeting! Some place where the Western European and the Russian-speaking FaceBookies can meet and go together to a concert of the enchanted, enchanting boy!

And, if it happens (and it will happen, for sure, some day!), then we will return to facebook to write our reports for everyone who could not come, as we have been doing it up till now! We will write our story of how we met the fiddler, describe the magic of his playing on stage and the fun we had with each other.

And how many are we? We are way too many to be counted! There are active FaceBookies and less active FaceBookies. There are shadow-reading FaceBookies, who jump out of the shadow once in a while, and then there are silent shadow-reading people whose giggle we hear, but whom we never see. So, maybe you, yourself, are a FaceBookie! There is an easy way to find that out! Do this little questionnaire:

Am I a FaceBookie?

If you answer “yes” to the following questions, then you have been Rybak’s FaceBookie all along:

1. Does Alexander Rybak bring joy into your life?
2. Do you hang out on his Official Facebook Page?
3. Do you have fun there?


Result: You are, indeed, a Facebookie!! :DDD


What do Rybak’s FaceBookies do?

1. They spend a lot of time liking the smurf aka the fiddler.

2. They spend a lot of time cracking jokes on his Official Facebook Page and RollingOnTheFloor

3. They search for information/news on the fiddler, translate it for each other and share it with each other.
(See at the Rybak’s Facebookies group on Facebook or visit Youtube channels of the Facebookies, for instance. But but there is so much more! Just check the Fan’s wall on the Official Facebook Page.)

4. They meet each other traveling great distances and go to the fiddler’s concerts!

5. Now point Nr. 5 is very special !!! This is what makes us different from other fan groups: We write our reports about meeting and/or seeing the fiddler on stage!

By now we have a huuuuuuuuge library with such reports from all over the world and, our communication system is growing every day! Hardly ever, a concert goes by, which was not attended by one of our “spies” :))) In other words, if there is a concert — the FaceBookies are there and will report soon with their pics and videos. We are the first to know! (I heard that we know it sometimes before Kjell and even Alex himself know it!! On the other hand, maybe it’s just a rumour, who knows, who knows … 😀 )

And now it’s your turn:

Tell us your story of meeting the fiddler! We can’t wait to read it!

50 thoughts on ““The birth of Rybak’s FaceBookies””

  1. Hi,
    Well, Sasha is finally coming to the US on October 1st to Nashville, TN. I’m very excited. Even though I don’t live in Nashville, I decided to splurge and I bought my plane ticket today. The concert is free. Are there any other Facebookies going? Let me know if you’d like me to pass on a message to him on your behalf.

  2. Hi…well I’m new here…I fiund out about him like 4 months ago….i’ve been in a few fandoms and trust me none of them were like this one…you’re completely different and ofcourse Alex is different too…
    Its so amazing that you guys are so close to him and to eachother…it’s kinda like a dream in other fandoms…!
    Anyways…I’m from Iran and I know for a fact that he will NEVER come here so I have no hope of ever attending any of his concerts so…but atleast I can hang w u guys and im so happy to have found you cus there are not much people around here who know Alex and its just so hard…
    Thank you girls…great job…keep up with the good work…!

  3. Are there any Facebookies in the US??!! I live in Denver, CO and speak Russian. Is Rybak ever going to go on tour in the US?

    1. Hi Marina! Welcome to this page 🙂
      We don’t have any info about the tour in the US so far, but he has management in your country, so hopefully one day he will come with the concerts there. Stay tuned!

  4. hi.i,m one of alexander,s fans.i want to join facebookies and talk with alexander .what shoud i do. please tell me.ppppppppppppllllllllleasssssss

  5. Hi there fellow facebookies! ^^ I’m a Indonesian facebookie. Too bad most people here don’t know him at all (because ESC isn’t aired here). I know him from the internet, though :)) I’ve only influenced the Rybak fever (that’s how I call it :p) to 2 of my friends. Hope one day I will be able to go to his concert :>

  6. I am smiling allover my face, after reading your nice report Ebba:-))). You had great luck to get tickets for Så ska det låta and thats just so nice to hear. About being shy, I will tell you a secret: Everybody is shy. I am shy, Madde is shy, even Alexander And Mats Paulson are shy. We are just ignoring it and not letting it control us. It takes some time to learn, but its worth it. And of course, you had to meet Alexander and get a picture and a signature, after you travelled 5 hours from Stockholm. Madde travelled 8 hours. I am quite impressed by both of you. Hugs:-)

  7. Thanks Julia! Yes it was Marianne and Madde! I’m so glad that I met them and Alexander of course!! He’s such a sweet guy, really down to earth! I really hope I can see him when he comes to Baerum!

  8. Hi Facebookies! 3 years ago I was really and I mean REALLY bored! So… I started watching tv! As I zapped through the channels I came across ESC and since I couldn’t ding anything better, I decided to watch it. I watched a few and did not like it at all! I was just about to turn off when a guy entered. He started playing and I immediately thought: This is something different and for the first time in several years I actually watched it and hoped he was going to win. And boy, he did!
    I yelled to my mon: MOM! NORWAY IS WINNING ESC! My whole family (father mother, little sister, my two brothers weren’t home at the time) came to watch. So I started to listen to his songs a little bit. THEN, the week that changed it ALL: Week 44 2012! A couple of weeks before I was offered tickets to a show called “Så ska det låta” and I thought, yeah why not?? So I got two tickets and went there with a friend.
    When the TV host called out the names of the people competing I thought I heard the name Rybak. I turned to my friend and we said: No, surely it can’t be him! But it was!!! So first thing when I got home I started to REALLY listen! And I haven’t stopped since!!! I’ve always wanted to meet him. Yesterday I did, at his concert with MAts Paulson in Karlshamn!!! I also met with a couple of Facebookies!!! Good thing that one of them stood behind me and refused to move because I’m way to shy too ask for his autograph. But she gave me no choice!! And, today, I’m really glad for that! Thank you for this lovely site, keep up the good work and thank you Alexander for these 3 years! You are an amazing artist who just continue to grow!!! (Sorry for the long ketter ^^’)

  9. Dear Facebookies!
    I love your site! It’s very informative and funny.This text is written like a fairytale and I like it very much.
    I think, that I’m in love with Alex (that’s why I became a Facebookie). He is always on my mind. When I saw him first at ESC 2009, I’ve just thougt ”WOW, what a great song,what a great performance,what a great musician!”. That was the moment, when I got addicted to ”Fairytale”.
    Today,I’m still a great fan of Alexander and my greatest wish is to see him live on stage. Maybe he will give some concerts in Germany this year…
    Greetings from Germany.

    1. @Dear Sonia, thanks for your kind words! Wea re happy to help Alexander’s fans all over the world:) And he is happy, when his fans are happy!))) Welcome to the “club”! hoho

  10. Hello, dear Facebookies!
    I think I am the newest fan of Alexander 🙂 I am Hungarian.
    Since I have seen him on 5th October (last month!) on TV, I can not remember him. On that morning, I saw “Europe’s skies” video. I liked it very much.
    Every day I listen his music, watch more and more videos, photos, visit his sites, etc. So am I a Facebookies? 😀
    I am very sorry that I have never met him… But I think he has never been to Hungary.
    BTW: does anybody know, how tall he is? 🙂
    Many thanks for your group, your uploads, your works, this is an exciting site 🙂
    Greetings from Hungary.


    that you up loaded this vid of “our story” also outside of youtube :-)))))))))))))))

  12. HEY!! Bonsoir!I’m a french fan of Alex and I’m very enjoy to find you!What a beautiful page,and” Fairytale”!!! I have answer YES at all our questions “am i a Facebookies!”
    PLEASE,answer at my question:How can I to be a Rybak’s Facebookies??? In FRANCE?? I’m just seeing the video of the concert of Alex (05 2011) It’s so beautiful!MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!!!!!
    (Sorry for my english!)

    1. Hi, Claire!
      Nice to meet you!:)
      You just answered your question:) You ARE a Facebookie, if you answered “Yes” to all those questions:) All the facebookies, from all over the world are gothered together at Alexander’s official Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=194711110517&v=app_2373072738#!/alexanderrybak?sk=wall&filter=1
      Also you can find the links to the fan-sites in France, which were created by facebookies;) Here you can find links: http://www.alexanderrybaknews.com/site/planetrybak/planetlinks/
      Welcome to our Planet!:))

  13. Hi FaceBookies,
    I´ll travel alone from germany to two of the concerts in tonsberg. As I read above some of you go the concerts too. I´ll be in tonsberg at 28th and 31th of july. Maybe we will meet, it would be so much fun listening to the concert together!

  14. Hi Marit! Happy to meet you in Tønsberg:) You can make a Facebook profile in a another name, there is a few who has done that:)

  15. Hi!
    I am a Norwegian lady who have been followed Alex since Kjempesjansen. I am not on facebook because of my job, but I am a shadowreader as much as can ( as far as I am able to get without being om Facebook). I am going to Tønsberg and want to say I am one of the unknown on the first row. I have tryed to contact two Norwegian facebookies, to know someone before the consert, but I have got no reaction. This place is the only place I know of where I can write and get in contact with you. It would be good to know that some of you know I am coming too. I would have participated on Facebook if I could.
    I am happy for an answer. Have I nice day.
    Greetings from Marit

  16. Bonsoir,
    I’m french and i love your website!!! =) Everyday i’m going on your site by listening Alex !! =D (sorry if my english is bad) :S !! Bon…euh..as i don’t speak english very well, i d’ont understand all written articles, but now, i take my english dictionnary and i try to translate to get it !! But, i wonder how many peolpe lead this group? And how could i meet you?? have you ever thought that you could get fans together? In any case, it’s possible because i joined the Celine’s group (Céline Dion) cause’ i like her and with this group, the leaders organise Travels to New York, Quebec, Paris..where we had met Céline, and her photographer, and Céline & René know us!! ;D Well, maybe it’s a dream but..i dream that one day..we’ll do the same thing with Alex!!! Merci encore pour tout, vous êtes géniales!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Roi!

      There is no such thing as Official FaceBookie: if you hang out with us on Alex’s Official facebook page, then you are a FaceBookie. 🙂

      And we have Greek FaceBookies among us.

  17. WOW! Amazing page! I only read the whole thing because it was very good written. If not, I wouldn’t have read it.

    I’ve been to three of Alex’s concerts, but never got the chance to meet him =( I hope that chance will come one day!

    Keep up the good work! I’m PROUD to be one of the FaceBookies…

  18. *puh*

    It is time for myself to congratulate you for this gorgeous and brilliant work! When I am not finding anything, I am checking here first. You are so updated and since you also translated the Russian songs -- I am in love with facebookies.org forever.

    Please don’t stop! *smask smask*

  19. Wow! Irena I must say you really do have a gift of writing 😉
    Yes, I cannot wait to write my experince of meeting him, but I have to meet him first! I’m fifteen so I really can’t travel on my own per say. Which is why I’m working hard to convince Theo & Alex to get a concert in Chicago. Two hours away from me but it’s still good. As long as it’s not overnight. xD
    I’m trying to spread his popularity over here in IL & it’s working! All the Europeans over here I know love him & some Americans too. HA!
    So, I cannot wait for this “Facebookie” experince 🙂

  20. OMG Rinio mou!! I simply LOVE the way you told the Facebookies very-true-“Fairytale”!!!
    I am so proud of you! Love you my genius lady! 😀

  21. HEy everybody!! WOW what a great website it’s amazing and it was such a great surprise! I am from Malta and could you please tell me how can i become an official Rybak facebookie? thanks for amking this site becoause we could get closer to our enchanting boy and enjoy his music because he is simply FABULOUS!

    Best reagards,

  22. Believe me -- I have a moment or two to share, but I need to chew a little on the task first.
    Congratulations with the new page -- and Irena: You are a true author already -- you know how to tell a story. Do it more!

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