The answers to “Do you have any questions for Alexander Rybak?”

Dear readers, finally you can enjoy the Questions and Answers:)

Finally, after a summer or a winter depending on which hemisphere you reside, we proudly can present the answers to some of the questions you sent us in April. We were so happy with your participation, 160+ people from 36 countries posted more than 240 questions, on our English site here:  and our Russian site here.Thank you so much, both for your questions and your patience.

Map showing countries where we got questins from

A map that shows the countries where we got questions from.

It was no April joke from us, and it was first meant to be published in connection with the release of “Into a Fantasy”, but because of, among other things, a busy schedule it was postponed until now.

And here we present the selection of questions and answers. A big thank you to Alexander for those really great answers. Click on the questionary picture to get to the Q&A page.


Several of the questions (about 50-60) were  about him coming to your country, and for the answer to that, check out the video below. During spring he gave several interviews and Q&A online chats, and many questions were answered there. We also had to chose between similar questions. Among the questions left, he decided to answer  28 of them, since he just had turned 28 years old 🙂

And now those of you who did not get an answer this time, will get another chance at Alexander’s official site, in connection with the release of new era of activity on his youtube channel. This is so great, and we are really looking forward to this new happening :). So click on the picture below, and send him your question. Good luck 🙂
Questions to Alexander Rybak

11 thoughts on “The answers to “Do you have any questions for Alexander Rybak?””

  1. I hope he will come to my country, because that is since 2009 that did not return to France. Anyway, I would still be happy to see him sing or give interview in other countries! I missed the questions, but maybe there will be a new thing like that, someday? Merci beaucoup!

  2. Ты сердце своё отдал небу Европы,
    Жизнь, музыке вечной ты посвятил,
    А вместо красивой девушки, скрипку
    В объятья крепкие свои заключил!!!
    А разве не знаешь, любимый скиталец?..
    Что в жизни, при желании, можно всё совместить!!!
    И девушку полюбить, и музыкой заниматься,
    А сердце своё на двоих разделить!!!
    Так есть у тебя такое желание?..
    Прошу, ты ответь мне, мой дорогой!!!
    Хоть песни поёшь о любви и страданьях
    Из тысячи выбрать не можешь одной!!!

  3. Саша любимый мой я тебя очень сильно люблю и скучаю по тебе когда ты создать семью и женишься?

  4. who your journey in yours (resan till dig ) song I want to know
    with love love love love <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. Hello , Alex !

    I am from Slovakia . It’s incredible to me how your music can lighten up . Your music is amazing , the whole class knows that your song fairytale . It’s something indescribable ! Words in all the songs are sung with emotion and love is beautiful . I dare say that I greatly admire what you can do with a violin … With them you made a hole in the world . Your voice and your smile is beautiful 🙂 beautiful song : Do Fantasy , Voice , Barndance , Dagdrøm , Leave me alone , Europe Skies , Suomi and Gorka Hrabrost with Marija Šerifović … And here are the questions :

    1 What is your dream?
    2 What inspires you when creating a new track ?
    3 What are your best memories ?

    You have a really great talent … With love Victoria < 3

  6. what is your future plan for visiting the asian fan? we always waiting for this!we really want to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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