Rybak fears slaughter – Interview 17.06.2010

The Eurovision winner is prepered for the worst. To get massiv critic on his new album.

Reason:  The following up album jumps without any bounderies from genre to genre.
I’m terrified for the reviews, says AlexanderRybak
Text to photo: Alexander Rybak (24) will soon move from his mother at Nesodden till his new bought apartment at Aker Brygge. (Photo: Anne Elisabeth Næss)

Source: TB.no, published 17th of June 2010. A similar version was also published on smp.no the 10th of June 2010. Text: Bjørn Hugo Pettersen. Photo: Universal and Anne Elisabeth Næss. English translation by Marianne Saietz, revision by TessaLa and Anni Jowett

Builds and tear down

It has been a year and a few weeks since the victory in Moscow and the closely following album “Fairytales”.
Alexander Rybak had the media on his side after the adventurous success with “Fairytale” in Eurovision Song Contest, and the debut album got great reviews.
It’s only a year since«Fairytales» was released. Now Rybak is ready with the second album, “No Boundaries”. (Photo: Universal)

The second album he has called «No Boundaries». This time the 24-year old fiddler prepares himself for the throw of dices from the critics.

– I am prepared for that they will try to tear me down this year. Isn´t that how the media works – first build up and then tear down?
–  He asks with shyness in the voice.

The year of the tiger

He smiles and tells about his meeting with the Chinese fortuneteller Henning Hai Lee Yang.
– He said,that 2010 – and not 2009 – would be my year. Because this year it is the year of the Tiger,  says the musician, who was born in the year of the tiger. In May 1986 in Belarus, which was a part of the Soviet Union at that time.
Regardless predictions, 2009 was absolutely Alexander Igorovitsj Rybak’s year.
Both «Fairytale» and «Fairytales» went victorious around Europe. Huge crowds of audience showed up for  the concerts wherever he played. He was awarded as ” Årets spellemann 2009″ (The musician of the year), an award he received in march 2010.

Small locks

The success seems to continue. The single “Oah” from the new album was A-listed on P1 (Norwegian radio) before it was released some weeks ago.
In addition Rybak beat the audience record when he for teh first time performed with his new crew  at the small festival “Sluserock”, which took place in Lunde at the Telemark canal 5th of June. 2200 people showed up.
The Sluserock-record might be microscopic compared to what he experienced last year, but it is at least a sign that the Rybak-
fever has not decreased.


(Photo)Moving out : Alexander Rybak (24) will soon be moving away from mum on Nesodden,  and into his newly bought apartment behind him, at Aker Brygge. He uses the headphones, to be able to get faster through the city, without getting stopped too many times, on his way to appointments. (Foto: Anne Elisabeth Næss)
During the last year, he has combined the music with film-roles. Something, which also brings media-attention. Cinema-audience can watch Rybak play the fiddler Levi  in the movie «Yohan – The child wanderer» and hear his voice in the role of “Hickups”,  in the animated movie ” The Dragontrainer “.
Recently it became clear, that he will dub the norwegian voice of the Moomintroll itself,  in the 3D-animated « The Moomintroll and the comet chase».

(Photo) Fanletter: So far , Alexander Rybak has answered to 4000 of 9000 letters and he has reached to the letters he got in december last year. He writes answers in free moments and he carries, almost always, a bag with letters with him. (Foto: Anne Elisabeth Næss)
He also gets a lot of attention from the girls, who are enchanted by him. Some of them, send him photos. Some send him letters. He had received, around 5000 letters, when he wrote «5000 letters», which is about all the letters he receive. – “I like to write self-ironically about such things. But I don´t think, the critics will agree. Sour old critics think,  humour and self-irony are wrong” – is his opinion. Today, he has received more than 9000 letters and he tries to answer all of them.  Now, he can put on a stamp, with a picture of himself.
Nothing lousy.
Back to the music and the broadgenred «No Boundaries». Rybak says, he has put together an album of 10 songs in 10 different genres. It contains, what he calls, “folkpop”, bluegrass, disco, 60ties-pop, surfpop, stadionrock, an ethnic ballad – and rap, if you add the bonustrack «Fela igjen» which can only be downloaded from the internet.
–”I have made it, to challenge the musical taste of the listeners. The youth has to listen to many strange genres, if they want to listen to me. I make music for children of all ages. I think, those who like the album,  are children or has much of a child inside them”-  he says.
What he doesn´t do, is to make music for the music-critic of swedish “Aftonbladet.”  He, who compared the music of Rybak to ” smurf-hits ” and gave the lowest dice-throw possible to the debut-album.
– “I have never done anything, which is dice-throw one. To fart in the microphone is a dice-throw one. We are, afterall, professional musicians and I dare to say what we do  is of higher quality than farting-sounds” – Alexander Rybak feels, this album is the most important in his life, so far, because it shows, who he is. – “Next time, I might do a Christmas-album of croonerjazz”, – the 24-year old tells.
Three songs for three girls.
Three of the songs on the new album of Alexander Rybak, are made for the three violinplaying girls in his band. And in ” Fairytale-style ” Alexander Rybak sings about  how much in love he is with them. The popsong «Oah», he wrote for Moa Meinich. The waltz «First Kiss» is about Maria Slyngstad and the punkrocksong «Why Not Me?» is about Kathrine Hvinden Hals.
–” They are so beautiful and clever. I am so grateful, that they wish to join this project, something that does, they have to put their lives on hold for a year”-  he says. He admits that the big love is not mutual. In the «Oah»-video, Meinich pushes an eager Rybak away. – “I like to try hard. That is the way, I am. Why play «hard to get» if you are in love with someone?  My problem is I am too open and then, it does not take long, before I scare them all”, – he says honestly.
(Photo) An even happier guy: Rybak fired his management earlier this year and let the Nesodden-neighbor, Kjell Arild Tiltnes, take over. He is happy about that and beside, he takes responsibillity for all in his crew to be happy. – “Now, I do all I can, to make sure, those who follows me for concerts feel good”, says the 24-year old.
(Foto: Anne Elisabeth Næss)

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