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22. December – Letter Z & Y – Znaesh and Ya Sprosil u Yasenya

julekort calender2014Znaesh and Ya Sprosil u Yasenya julekort calender2014

Today we want to remind you of the sad Ukrainian song “Znaesh” Alexander performed in the TV-show Zirka Zirka, and the beautiful “Ya Sprosil u Yasenya” emotionally performed at the memorial concert for the Russian composer Michael Tariverdiev. Continue reading 22. December — Letter Z & Y — Znaesh and Ya Sprosil u Yasenya

Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian TV-show “Meeting Place” performing “I Asked the Ash” & “Bergrosa” 18.10.2014.

“When I was 4 years old, I and my parents moved from Belarus to Norway. Back then my parents brought some tapes of Russian movies with them. Among them, there was the comedy “The Irony of Fate”. I heard the song «Я спросил у ясеня» (“I Asked the Ash”) in that movie for the first time, said Alexander Rybak. – I’m familiar with the situation that this song tells about. Once, I myself had experienced the same emotions. The girl who I loved, and devoted my song “Fairytale” to, left me for my best friend. It was hard for me to pass through this break up. Now I try not to fall in love, and to put all my feelings into music”. Precisely this song was performed by Alexander in the Ukrainian musical TV-show “Meeting Place” on Saturday. The theme of this episode was cheating. And, in addition, Alexander played a piece of “Bergrosa” as the introduction to the song of another artist.

Link to lyrics

Recording by Sveta P. English translation by Olina&Sonya.
Revision by Katie A. Subs by Sonya L.

5 to 7 Favourite TV-performances by our favourite fiddler, Alexander Rybak

So over the weekend we asked the fans “Do you have any favourite TV-performances from our Fiddler?” And we got many replies, 25 different performances of other songs than Fairytale were suggested. We present a little selection here and will come back with another posting with the performances of Fairytale.

Here are the videos in chronological order with info about each occasion and comments from the fans:

May 23rd, 2009 – appearance at the show of Paul de Leeuw “Mooi! Weer De Leeuw” (Great! De Leeuw again), Almere (Netherlands)


Anna, Poland.  If I had to choose my favourite I think it would be the improvisation with Paul de Leeuw: I was sooooo impressed when I saw it for the first time long time ago and I still am 

Ellen, The Netherlands. His improvisation is so impressive, amazing. Every time again I get goose bumps watching and hearing it and I’m proud they performed it in my country

Laila, Norway. This is a true gem.

Marijke, The Netherlands. My favourite is ‘ ‘t is of De Wereld Vergaat’. The improvisation with Paul de Leeuw. It was one week after ESC that Alexander was in the Netherlands. He did not know the song but he just improvised in such a beautiful way. It was amazing!

Marit, Norway. My reason for this is that I was so impressed. I am not so convinced today that he had not heard the song before, but the performance is beautiful anyway. His innocence is still there.


September 11th, 2009 – appearance as guest at TV-show “Go’kväll” (Good evening), Umeå (Sweden)


Ebba, Sweden. LOVE this one!!!

Mary-Ann, Sweden. His best performance ever of my favourite song Funny Little World in Swedish show Gokväll (2009). Actually it was this special moment that made me run to buy his CD… and the rest is history.

Sara Anja, Norway. The best version ever of FLW.


October 23rd, 2009 – appearance at the anniversary concert of Alexandra Pakhmutova and the first performance of song “Stariy Klion”, Moscow (Russia).


Jorunn, Norway.  His performance of Stariy Klion is also wonderful.

Kirsten Marie, Norway. The most charming performance.

Marit, Norway. My first thought went to Stariy Klion . He performs in Russia at a songwriter’s birthday. She sits by the piano and he is not dressed at all for the occasion. Do you know what I mean? I think he sings beautiful and fills the stage. And looks handsome.

May Elisabeth, Norway. It’s one of my favourites, too.


December 9th, 2010 – Guest performance at the anniversary-concert of  the composer Michael Tariverdiev, Grand Kremlin Palace, Moscow (Russia).

Erica, Lithuania. One of my favourites is Ya sprosil u yasenya, because it’s a very emotional performance.

Hilde, Norway. One of my favourites is this one.  I loved this song on the concert videos coming to YouTube from the first concerts in Ukraine, and so did the wife of the composer of the song. So he was invited to do this on the memorial show for the great Russian composer Michael Tariverdiev. Lovely and emotional performance of Alexander.

Susanne, Germany. Alexander’s wonderful and emotional performance made me love this song so much that I started to learn Russian.


January 15th, 2011 – Guest appearance at Norwegian MGP semi-final together with “Keep of Kalessin”, Ørland (Norway).


Sara Anja, Norway. This blew me away.

 Anni, England. Alexander Rybak proves once again there are no boundaries when it comes to handling any genre. He totally rocked that stage.


January 21st, 2012 – TV-appearance in the final of the Danish MGP as guest-performer and chairman of the Norwegian jury. Gigantium, Aalborg (Denmark).


Aneta , Poland. I like this one because of the melody of “Satellite”.

Marianne, Denmark.  It’s in my country and it was a great surprise to hear this first version of his medley.


April 5th, 2012 – Musical performance in the TV-show “Påskekveld”, live-broadcasted on NRK1 from Geilo ( Norway).

Jorunn, Norway.  His performance of Dagdrøm from Påskekveld on NRK1. I have always loved this song, and I always enjoy hearing it live, too.

Larissa, Germany. I love this performance of Alexander on TV, because it took place when I had my 16th birthday and this song touched my soul very much.  It’s a wonderful piece of music which enchants me again and again every time I listen to it.

May Elisabeth, Norway. The very first public performance of this beautiful piece, and I was watching it live on NRK. He was playing outdoors in freezing temperatures. I have loved that piece from this moment.

Venche, Norway. Without doubt.

Alexander Rybak “Ya sprosil u yasenya”, Moscow, December 9th, 2010

Alexander performed the song “Ya sprosil u yasenya” (I asked The Ash Tree) at the memorial concert for the famous Soviet-Russian composer, Michael Tariverdiev.

Place: Great Kremlin Palace, Moscow (Russia)

Date:  December 9th, 2010

Thanks Snezhanna Poluboyarinova for the recording!