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21. December – Letter U, W, X – Ut and What I long for

julekort calender2014 Ut & What I long for julekort calender2014


Alexander Rybak Ut

So today we search for songs starting with U, W and X. Alexander did a great remake of Ut in HGVM (Everytime we meet). For W we have chosen “What I Long For” his entry in the show The Hit. For X we found nothing. Maybe you can help us? Continue reading 21. December — Letter U, W, X — Ut and What I long for

What I Long For – Alexander Rybak

Alexander took part in the  Norwegian TV-show “The Hit” on October 10th 2014, where famous artists compete with songs written by amateurs. If you want to read more about the concept of the show, you  can find it here. Alexander chose a wonderful song “What I Long For”  written by Elisabet Mjanger. Unfortunately, Alexander didn’t win the duel, but he did his best and made a great performance which we can enjoy now! 🙂

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This is what I long for more in life, that’s what you bring.
Passion, full compassion. You’re the one who takes me in.
I’m jumping around. Diving in. Coming around.

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