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Alexander Rybak in Swedish show “Så ska det låta” 09.02.2014.

Alexander Rybak captured our hearts again with a wonderful appearance in the Swedish music game show “Så ska det låta”, 09.02.2014. This time together with Pernilla Wahlgren.

Video with full show

Playlist of the songs Alexander took part in 

SIngle videos of the songs he performed:

Recordings by Tessa L., Julia B., Ulli C. and May E. N.


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Article about Alexander Rybak’s performance in Karlshamn, Sweden, 24.07.2012.

Article published on www.bltsydostran.se 25.07.2012.

Written by Jens Olander. Pictures by Lena Ehring

Link to the original article here 

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Ingegerd Claesson and Tessa Lande

Attendance record at Rosegården

Rybak was back.

And the violin virtuoso made a new success for the attendance record at Rosegården.

The Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak took the city theater by storm earlier this spring. Roughly half a year later he was back with a new triumphal in Karlshamn.

About 2-3 thousand spectators were present at the sing-along at Rosegårdenn – far more than “Lill-Babs” [famous Swedish singer] attendance record last year.

– Wow! Hey! Rybak said at first sight of the crowed.

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Article: “Young strings in a great concert with Rybak”. Review of concert in Halden May 6th 2012

Article published in paper-issue of Halden Arbeiderblad, 7.5.1012

Written by Steinar Øystad. Photos by Cathrine Gjerdingen Larsen

Found by Tessa Lande . Translation by Laila Solum Hansen.  English revision by Anni Jowett

Photo: Alexander Rybak sparkled and charmed young and old at Brygga Kultursal

Young strings in a great concert with Rybak

The fact that the cooperation between the cultural schools and established artists produces results, was proved to the audience during the concert with Rybak on Sunday.
The excitement ruled amongst parents, other family members and the rest of the audience in an almost packed concert hall, before the young strings from the cultural schools in Halden, Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg and Moss were going to show what they had achieved during the weekend’s musical workshop with Alexander Rybak.

The world’s best gang.
Seriously the young strings lined up before Rybak came on stage to full applause, and ‘Europe’s Skies’ filled the room.
Rybak encouraged the others with smiles and shouts, and the audience participated with rhythmic clapping.
“We have become the world’s best gang, and have had great fun” Rybak exclaimed after the opening number.
“The organizers have been just fantastic, we even had time for dinner together.”

Feeling for the music
“The most important is not to play all the notes clear and correct,” he continued.
“The most important is to get the right feeling for the music” he added before the waltz ‘First kiss’ by Mats Paulson, well backed by the ensemble, spread in three-fourth beat over the audience.

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Where to get the Music! All releases of Alexander Rybak!

Album”Fairytales” 2009

 Album “No Boundaries” 2010

Album “Visa vid vindens ängar” 2011

Buy all Alexanders albums and  the DVD , “Fairytale-the movie” here. Worldwide delivery:

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Over the bridge – Denmark – Sweden and back. Concert in Karlshamn Feb.25th 2012

A Danish facebookie’ report

Concert in Karlshamn 25.2.2012 with Alexander Rybak, Mats Paulson, Barfotskvartetten and other artists.  By Marianne Mata Hari Saietz.

The first photo shows the wonderful bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö. It is 16 km long and was built in 2000. Before that, we only had ferries!

I left my town at noon and arrived in Karlshamn around 15.30 after a long drive with one coffee-break. Karlshamn is a pretty little town by the coast and It was easy to find the Stadsteater, a big building next to a public school in a quiet street. I parked my car in the street and went to the theater to look for the Smurf. All entrance-doors were locked and the place seemed empty, but as I went around the building, I heard music from inside. It was “Fairytale” and I could hear Smurf singing.

After having listened for a while, I decide to walk to the town-centre ( 5 min. away ), find a place to buy some lunch and use a bathroom.

On the street-corner, I bumped into Madde and EbbaJ . They had just arrived by train from Stockholm. Madde had travelled for 8 hours and Ebba for 5 and they had paid incredibly much for their train-tickets. So being the foreigner among them, I had had the easiest and cheapest journey.

We found a cozy pizzeria and settled down for food and talk and coffee. It was very nice to meet both of them. Ebba was a new aquintance but as always, when facebookies meet, it doesnt take very long to get the famillar feeling, based on our common interests. Continue reading Over the bridge — Denmark — Sweden and back. Concert in Karlshamn Feb.25th 2012

The girls choir and Rybak sparkled! Article in Kragerø Blad. Feb.21st 2012

Article found in paper-edition of “Kragerø Blad” 21.2.2012. Text and photos by Jimmy Åsen.

Found and translated by Tessa Lande.

A spectacular evening with the Girls Choir

The concert of Kragerø Girls Choir and Alexander Rybak will be remembered for long.

There was a huge interest to hear the Eurovision- winner play and sing with Kragerø Girls choir.
About 400 were present and allowed themselves to be charmed by a choir that showed high artistic class and an artist who gave of himself. And who sparkled along with the girls.

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“On cabin vacation with his girlfriend”. Namdalsavisa august 5th 2011

Written by Inger Lise Hammerstrøm. Photo: Inger Lise Hammerstrøm.

Link to original article:


Translation to english by Laila Ulvseth

Vacation on Otterøya. For Alexander Rybak, half a day of vacation is more than enough. This week, he had one-and-a-half day at Otterøya with the girlfriend, Maria Strøm Slyngstad and her family.

On cabin-vacation with his girlfriend.

OTTERØYA: Thursday night, a tired, but obliging Alexander Rybak landed on Namsos airport. A press corps and his girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad were there to greet the popular fiddler.

– As a matter of fact, I don’t want so much focus on love, and that Maria is my girlfriend. I don’t want to expose her to all the hatemail and messages some of my fans are sending.

Nevertheless,  they invite Namdalsavisa to come along to the cabin on Otterøya, where the fiddler and his girlfriend will spend a few days before new concerts and signings awaits. Continue reading “On cabin vacation with his girlfriend”. Namdalsavisa august 5th 2011

Rybak:- Here, I will write my new “Hit”!- VG-nett august 1st. 2011

Written by Hårvard Kristoffersen Hansen. Photos by Krister Sørbø/VG

Link to original article from 1.8.2011:


Translated to english by Laila Ulvseth

Inspired: Alexander Rybak (25) is influenced by the norwegian nature and the girlfriend, Maria Strøm Slyngstad, when he writes new songs.Photo: Krister Sørbø/VG

(VG)ÅLESUND. Alexander Rybak gets  inspired by beautiful Røneset outside Ålesund: – Here I would like to write another song!
– It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. Most of my songs are inspired by Norwegian nature, that’s why I could have written another song here, – the celebrity-violinist tells VG.

Rybak wrote his ESC hit “Fairytale” at Giske, the island where the festival took place close by. – It’s great to relax here in this environment after a lot of urban life the last few years. I wouldn’t mind living here, but I guess I’d be restless after a while, – he adds smilingly. Continue reading Rybak:- Here, I will write my new “Hit”!- VG-nett august 1st. 2011

Review of Alexander Rybak’s new album “Visa vid vindens ängar”


Alexander Rybak’s Swedish buffet

Source: Eurovisionary.com  Written by Kristján Sveinsson. Photo by Fredrik Arff. Published 27 July, 2011 – 18:41

Artist: Alexander Rybak
Album title: Visa Vid Vindens Ängar
Label: Universal Music
Release date: 24.06.2011
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5) Continue reading Review of Alexander Rybak’s new album “Visa vid vindens ängar”

French article about Alexander Rybak by “Charts in France” – 13.7.2011

Found by Zhanna Segueeva. Translation by Yannis Papadopoulos.


Alexander Rybak returns with a new single in Norwegian*

[The song is in Swedish, but it’s mistakenly referred as Norwegian in the article]

The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2009, Alexander Rybak, is back with a new single, “Resan till dig”, which is performed in Norwegian, the first piece from his third new album «Visa vid vindens ängar», which is available since the last June.

The Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak hasn’t met the anticipated success in France, after his victory at the 54th Eurovision song contest with «Fairytale» in 2009, however he remains a star in his country, where he recently released his 3rd and latest album «Visa vid vindes ängar», introduced with a single sung in Norwegian, «Resan til dig» – thus probably resigning from the effort to export himself after two years and focusing on the market of his homeland.

[However, Alexander has denied himself that the new Scandinavian release means that he’s abandoning his international career]

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Interview to Norsk Ukeblad no.28. July 10th 2011

Jordbær & Flørte

Published in the weekly magazine,”Norsk Ukeblad”, July 11th, 2011.

Written by: Tommy Halvorsen. Photos: Bjørg Hexeberg Staveli

Found and translated to english by Laila Ulvseth

Headline: Strawberries and flirting

(wordplay: fløte = cream, flørte = to flirt, in norwegian)

Q: What are you doing this summer?
A: This summer I’ll try to please people around me, play and sing a lot, and hopefully, compose a few songs. Preferably while “loffing” around, visiting different villages. And I’ll visit some culture schools that have invited me. Continue reading Interview to Norsk Ukeblad no.28. July 10th 2011

Interview of Alexander Rybak to Norwegian Dagbladet/Magasinet, July 9th 2011

Published in the paper-issue of “Magasinet”- an appendix to Norwegian “Dagbladet”, 9.7.2011

Written by Eivind Sæther. Photos: Jørn H. Moen.

Found by Susanne Berlin.  Article and pictures scanned by Tessa La.

English translation by Marianne Saietz
Revision by Bita J.


“The Wake Up”

Alexander Rybak (25) is no longer dependant on sleeping pills. Now, he dreams of being able to trust people once again.

Text to photo: Alexander Rybak doesn´t trust anyone, and shares that he functions best when he isn’t attached to anyone. “I don’t want to become dependant,” the album releasing 25-year-old says to Magasinet.


At the moment: He has released an album in Swedish: ” Visa vid vindens ängar”
Family:  An only child. In relationship with Maria Slyngstad.
What he drives:   – I usually borrow cars from my friends, so I drive a lot of different cars.
Favorite gadgets: – I play a lot of video games. Perhaps I should answer a question about that?
Last cultural experience: – I watched “Mad Men” on DVD. It’s fantastic. I dream about being Don Draper.
-I don´t trust people. –
Alexander Rybak has dark circles under his eyes as he watches guests in the restaurant at Aker Brugge, Oslo. He arrived home at 2  in the morning last night, after signing autographs for almost 3 hours after a show, and then driving on the E18 alone in the dark. Continue reading Interview of Alexander Rybak to Norwegian Dagbladet/Magasinet, July 9th 2011

Alexander Rybak at the “Sommertid” show, TV2 Norway, 6 July 2011

Alexander was one of the guests at the show “Sommertid” on TV2, where he performed a part of a Keep of Kalessin’s song and “Resan til dig”. The show had been recorded on June 27th.

Multilingual subtitles at the CC key. List of languages and contributors’ names appear at the beginning of the video.

Visa Vid Vindens Ängar

To listen the parts of songs press “>” button

To read the lyrics  of the songs click on “Lyrics”



Music – Mats Paulson
Lyrics – Mats Paulson
Alexander Rybak – Vocal, Violin, Strings
Knut Bjørnar Asphol – Guitar
Stian Carstensen – Accordion

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New album: “Visa vid vindens ängar”. June 15th 2011


Album release by Lionheart Music Group AB and Universal Norway. 15-06-2011 in Sweden. 17-05-11 in Norway.

Physical release in Norway and Sweden. Digital release worldwide.

Links to homepages:



Digital download:

itunes: Continue reading New album: “Visa vid vindens ängar”. June 15th 2011

Alexander Rybak at «Allsang på Grensen», TV2 Norway, 29 June 2011

Alexander was the co-host of the show «Allsang på Grensen». Recordings occurred on Wednesday, 29 June. It was aired on the next day. He also performed solo and in duet with Mats Paulson and Didrik Solli Tangen. All the parts can be seen here.

Recorded by May Elisabeth. English translation by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson. Subs by Julia B. 

Interview of Alexander Rybak to “Se & Hør”. 01.07.11

Article found, scanned and translated into English by Veronica Nord.

Journalist: Per Sigve Kleppe

Said no to the king of musical.

Openhearted! AR speak out about drugs, his new album – and the celebrities he has rejected.

– You are out with a new СВ again, can you tell a bit about the album?

– It’s released both in Norway and Sweden and is called “Visa vid Vindens anger”. It’s a collaboration with the Swedish troubadour Matt Paulson (73), who I have known for over two years. He’s a living legend for me, and it has really been therapy to work with him on this album. After two turbulent years, I needed something that was a little down to earth/laidback, says Rybak.

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Article about Alexander Rybak from “Romerikes Blad”, 24.06.2011

Nostalgic summer breeze from the countryside

This is an article from “Romerikes Blad” (24.06.2011) – only in paper issue. Written by Kjersti Busterud and Ola Einbu.

Found by Kristen Marie Heia
Scanned and translated by Laila Solum Hansen

Alexander Rybak enters the summer with songs about the wind which is ruffling the curtains, Maria and the first kiss. All put together in Gjerdrum.


“Det går en vind over vindens ängar”. And there Alexander Rybak is sitting, suntanned in the Norwegian summer’s breeze, ready to sweep over the country with Swedish songs, written by 73 years old Mats Paulson.

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Alexander Rybak at Norwegian radio program “Portrettet”, 26.06.2011.

English translation by Hilde M.,  Hildebjørg Ha,  Tessa La and Sara Anja. Russian translation by Sonya Luzina, Sophia Khodorovskaya and Zhanna Sergueeva. Recording and subtitles by Sonya Luzina.

Interview of Alexander Rybak in paper issue of Aftenposten from 26.6.11.

Found by Olina Novikova. Translated  by Tessa La.

Journalist: Ingrid Anthonsen
Photo: Dan Petter Neergaard

Rybak and the Swedish troubadour Mats Paulson have released a CD about life’s small pleasures.They describe the cooperation as therapy.


– This has been therapy for me. For the first time in two years I have control of the situation, Rybak (25) said.

He talks about his new album, “Visa Vid Vindens Ängar,” which is made in cooperation with the Swedish troubadour Mats Paulson (73).

Rybak sings the beloved songs in Swedish, and has also contributed with melodies to four of the songs on the album. The songs are about life’s little golden moments, like to cuddle a cat, or the first kiss. For Rybak, the project has also been about finding peace after a turbulent time in the wake of the superior Eurovision victory in 2009. Fatigue, excessive workloads, and a fiddle smashed in frustration, has made headlines.

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I Ditt Sommarhus


1. Swedish lyrics

2. English translation

3. Polish translation

4. Romanian translation

5. Greek translation

6. Czech translation (čeština)

7. Croatian translation (hrvatski)


1. Swdish lyrics

by Mats Paulson

Genom ljumma gator far
man i öppna bilar.
Genom sommarnatten blå
kor och hästar vilar.
På en höjd blir luften sval,
värmen kommer i en dal
och i stugan väntar frugan
med en brasa varm och skön.
Ungarna kan inte sova,
fast de läst sin aftonbön.

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Den Lyssnande Blomman


1. Swedish lyrics

2. English translation

3. German translation (Deutsch)

4. Turkish translation (Türkçe)

5. Polish translation (Polski)

6. Greek translation (ελληνικά)

7. Vietnamese translation (Việt)

8. Croatian translation (Hrvatski)

1. Swedish lyrics

Lyrics: Mats Paulson

Hörde du sommarens vind dra förbi?
Kände du solen mot kinden?
Fjärilens vingar i ditt drömmeri.
Somnade du under linden?

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En Katt På Min Kudde


1. Swedish lyrics

2. English translation

3. German translation (Deutsch)

4. Polish translation (Polski)

5. Turkish translation (Türkçe)

6. Hungarian translation (Magyar)

7. Greek translation (ελληνικά)

8. Croatian translation (Hrvatski)

9. Czech translation (čeština)

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Alexander Rybak & Mats Paulson in show “Lotta på Liseberg”, 20.6.2011

Alexander and Mats made official premiere of their new album in Swedish open-air TV-show “Lotta på Liseberg”. They performed 2 songs from new album: “Resan till dig” and “Visa vid vindens ängar. Also Alexander accompapanied with his violin to Mats’ popular song “Barfotavisan”. And they both played in quartet of musicians during the “Granada” song, performed by famous Swedish opera singer Loa Falkman. And in the end of the show Alexander performed “Fayritale”. All these parts are gothere together in one, long and nice video:) Enjoy!

Recording: Yannis Pap. & Venche Mellemstrand (Visa vid vindens ängar)
English translation by Sara Anja. Russian translation and subtitles by Julia Bezbakh.

Interview with Alexander Rybak and Mats Paulson on P4 Radiofrokost, 23.06.2011

Recording  by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Tessa La. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. German translation by Sabine Fundel. Subs by  Julia Bezbakh and Sonya Luzina

Alexander Rybak and Mats Paulson at Swedish radio program “Sommarmorgon”, 20.06.2011.

Found by Ronja Laupitaja. English translation by Tessa La and Laila Solum Hansen.  German translation by Sabine Fundel. Recording and subs by Sonya Luzina. Russian translation by Sonya Luzina and Zhanna Sergueeva

Interview to newspaper “VG” 19 June 2011

Translated by Ida Marie Brøske Kleven.

Photo from the printed issue taken by Tessa La.


“I love to live in the past, with a little hope for the future”

Alexander Rybak (25) has made big money on songs about his ex-girlfriends. Now he has written two Swedish folk music songs to his new girlfriend.


The songs “Maria” and “Din första kyss” are about his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad (25), and participate on the famous violinist’s new CD “Visa vid Vindens Ängar” which is made in collaboration with the famous Swedish folk singer Mats Paulson (73).


– You have to ask Maria what she thinks about the songs. But I like to write songs about love. I think that it gives the songs more suspense when the audience knows who the songs are about, Rybaks says, and refer to “Fairytale” and “Oah” which are dedicated to his ex- girlfriends Ingrid Berg Mehus (23) and Moa Meinich (19).

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