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Alexander Rybak – 6 years since the big victory in 2009

Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow , the year ESC become big and Alexander set the Eurovision record with 387 points. Six years have gone and Alexander is still one of the most popular artist in the Eurovision community.  

In Eurovision Song Contest’s Milestones video 2009 we get some flash backs to the big night where the most common words were:


If you haven’t seen it yet,  watch this great video showing Alexander’s 14 days in Moscow preparing for the big final.

Last year at the 5th anniversary of the victory , we made a posting with several videos from the victory and the celebration and an interesting article.  Click on the Picture, and the post will appear 🙂

ESC2009 5 yeras anniversary


Article and videos: Alexander Rybak at the educational centre of Chelyabinsk’s CTRP, Russia, 22.07.2014

The article published on 22.07.2014 on www.pervouralsk.ru

Source: InterraTV.

English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.


Alexander Rybak has mastered the PlayStation of metallurgists.

Alexander Rybak has mastered the PlayStation of white metallurgists and found where the iPad is sharpened. Recently the winner of “Eurovision” visited the educational centre of CTRP (Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant), where he had a tour and even got to sit at a student desk. However the musician and singer still doesn’t wish to learn the profession of metallurgist while noting: “But I’m glad they (metallurgists) exist.” And the educational centre, Alexander Rybak compared it to “Jurassic Park”, “I see that many doors are closed to us, it is exactly like in Jurassic Park. If suddenly the electricity stops working here, then suddenly all the doors will open and all the students will run to us. “

Alexander appeared to be down-to-earth and fun to chat with – the guest star acquainted with the students with ease, generously giving out hugs, autographs and made pictures with those who were willing. However, the idol asked tough questions – such as whether the students wash their white metallurgists uniform themselves. Continue reading Article and videos: Alexander Rybak at the educational centre of Chelyabinsk’s CTRP, Russia, 22.07.2014

Videos: Alexander Rybak’s concert in Toronto (Canada) 23.02.2013

On February 23rd, 2013 Alexander performed for the first time in Toronto, ON (Canada) at the Main Stage Theatre of Toronto Centre for the Arts ! He shared the stage with Papa Duke band and famous violinist Vasyl Popadiuk. Here are videos of Alexander’s performance from that exclusive event:)

Thanks a lot to Vlada Ceban for the videos!

Europe skies

Continue reading Videos: Alexander Rybak’s concert in Toronto (Canada) 23.02.2013

Alexander Rybak plays his first concert in Toronto on February 23, 2013!

Great news!

After almost 2 years, Alexander Rybak comes back to the North American Continent for a concert. Toronto, Ontario has the pleasure of hosting the very first Alexander Rybak concert in Canada!

Don’t miss the chance to see Alexander Rybak & The Papaduke Band perform on the Main Stage Theatre at the Toronto Centre for the Arts!

Buy tickets HERE 



Maria Strøm Slyngstad


Maria Strøm Slyngstad –
Violinist and backing vocalist for Alexander Rybak


NAME : Maria Slyngstad

BIRTHDAY: 25.09.1985


Dreamer. Positive. Sporty Continue reading Maria Strøm Slyngstad

Olga Kivaeva

Photo: Geir Østen Berg
NAME : Olga Kivaeva
BIRTHDAY: 16.04.1990
HOME COUNTRY: Russia. Norway.
3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE ME: Ambitious. Impulsive. Honest.

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