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Article: “Shamelessness beats handsomeness”. Vietnam Nov.25th 2012

Article published online –  and in paper-issue of www.thanhnien.com.vn – Vietnams biggest newspaper –  25.11.2012.

Written by Nguyễn Thanh Nam. Link to original article HERE

Found and translated to English by Bội-Dung Trần. English revision by Katie Anderson

 “Shamelessness beats up handsomeness”

It’s the experience that the online community learned, after watching a music video named “Oah” by the multi-talented Norwegian guy – Alexander Rybak.

In the music video, Rybak appears as a cute and joyful guy baring his heart to Moa, though she does not even care and flatly turns him down: “Alexander, I’m not interested in you!”, “Listen, I don’t want to go out with you!”, “Stop following me!”

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