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Article: “Rybak – and a whole gallery of stars!”. April 2nd 2012

Article published on www.hallingdolen.no,  2.4.2012. Written by Harald Wold-Reitan. Photo: Archivephoto.

Link to original article: http://hallingdolen.no/article/20120402/ARTIKKLER/120409964/1007

Found by Ulli Cologne. Part about Alexander, translated by Tessa Lande


Part about Alexander:

Maundy Thursday Alexander Rybak will come to Vestlia Resort with the concert “Classic Gems”.

Alexander doesn’t need any further presentation, and we are very proud that he comes to Geilo during Easter! Alexander now wants to return to his roots and play more classical music. He has studied classical violin at Barratt Due in Oslo, and has played several classical concerts throughout Europe. Alexander has, the last year, traveled allover the country and visited music schools, where he has played together with the children. This has been incredibly popular and the number of violins sold in Norway has sky rocketed thanks to him, after he won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Although he is now going to play classical pieces, we don’t ignore the possibility that he also will play some of his most famous “schlägere”!


Link to the event-post on Alexanders FB-page about this concert, here