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2 Articles and videos from Vestfossen. March 16th and March 21st 2012

1. Article from the paper-issue of Eikerbladet march 16th 2012. Found and translated by Vigdis Nor.


Vestfossen Culture-school-concert. March 20th- 21st 2012

Count-down to the arrival of Alexander Rybak

While the main guest himself is in Nepal, the young musicians in Eiker are preparing for a big event. Wednesday there will be concert with Alexander Rybak.
There are many forces at work in both Vestfossen girl- and boys corps and Eiker String Orchestra. Since new-year, the focus has been on a joint concert with Alexander Rybak. 65 children have practiced and rehearsed on tunes as Fairytale, Europe´s skies and Funny little world.Alexander is currently in Nepal. But this coming tuesday he will come to Vestfossen. Then, there will first be some practice with all the young musicians before there will be a small school concert.
Wednesday there will be a big concert in Vestfossen Flerbrukshall. The ticket sale is already going on.
– “We have worked hard to prepare for this. It will be very big to get him to come and play with the kids. They look very much forward to it and are very excited”, says manager of Eiker String Orchestra, Ann Elin Halbjørhus.

Interview and rehearsal in Vestfossen’s school, NRK channel, 20.03.2012.

Upload by Ulli Cologne. English translation and subs by Tessa Lande.

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