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Outdoor concerts in Kirkenær and Fagernes, Norway, 20-21.06.2014.

 Alexander Rybak: “I have a special relationship to Valdres”

Text to photoPopular: Alexander Rybak is popular in Valdres. 400-500 came to listen and watch him at Briskeby on Saturday noon.

Source www.oa.no 23.06.2014. Author and photographer: Ingvar Skattebu. Translation by Tessa Lande. Revision by Anni Jowett

The people in Valdres love Alexander Rybak. And the feelings are mutual.

– I’ve been here on Valdres Sommersymfoni since I was … well … 12 years, maybe? Says Alexander Rybak, who gathered a large audience for an outdoor concert in the centre of Fagernes.
Even in a hectic program, he found time for this concert at Fagernes. Rybak flew in from Ukraine the day before, played in Oslo, then Fagernes, and went straight from Fagernes to Moscow as the next destination.

The talents: Alexander Rybak draws out the local talents, here together with the dancer Katelin June Haugen.

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Article about Alexander Rybak as instructor at Valdres Festival

The article was published in  paper issue of “Valdres”, 27.06.2013.

Author: Ingri Valen Egeland. 

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Jorunn Ekre.

English revision by Anni Jowett

In the lead: Instructor Alexander Rybak together with course attendee Ingrid Fuchen Røyne (13) from Fagernes. The young girl from Valdres doesn’t hide the fact that it`s fun having the well-known violinist and artist as an instructor. Rybak himself thinks it`s great being an inspiration to the next generation of strings and lets himself get inspired by their commitment and willingness to learn

 Great study days in Leira

Alexander Rybak is instructor and inspiration to over 40 young strings at Valdres Summer symphony.

Ingrid Fuchen Røyne thinks it`s a fairytale to have Alexander Rybak as an instructor during Valdres Summer symphony.

The 13 year old from Fagernes, who is the only person from Valdres in Rybak`s class isn`t the only one who thinks this. Together with over 40 other young strings, she pays attention and with a firm grip on violin and bow and listens for most of them to the well-known violinist and artist while he is instructing.

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Article about Alexander Rybak’s return to Valdres Summer Symphony

Article posted at www.oa.no on 24.06.2013

Author of text and photo: Ingvar Skattebu

Found by Ellen Nl. English translation by Jorunn Ekre. English revising by Anni Jowett.

Popular guy: Alexander Rybak is extremely popular as an inspiration and head of orchestra.Writing autographs is a part of the job.

Rybak always returns to Valdres.

Alexander Rybak grew up with the classical music courses in Valdres. Nowadays it’s him who inspires the youngest musicians.

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Alexander comes back to the Valdres Summer Symphony!

Source: Oppland Arbeiderblad
Paper issue- published 18.06.13
Author: Ingvar Skattebu

Found by Tessa Lande. Translation by Jorunn Ekre. Revision by Katie Anderson.

Rybak on a Summer Visit Again

Again and again – Alexander Rybak grew up with the Valdres summer symphony. This year he will be back in Valdres in June.

   Alexander Rybak will be back in Valdres when the Valdres summer symphony starts up again.

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Articles about Alexander Rybak’s concert in Valdres 25.06.2012.

Articles were published in  the paper issue of Valdres 26.06.12

Written by Anne Kjønniksen

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett

Brilliant: The violinist Alexander Rybak, cellist Aage Kvalbein (sitting behind there) and pianist Gunnar Flaggstad played the most beautiful classical pearls on Sunday. 

Tremendous Rybak

Valdres SommerSymfoni has started with almost 250 children and young people who play and practise from early morning to late at night. A large number of people also have had some great concerts experiences, like the one at Låvin in Vaset on Sunday, where the violinist Alexander Rybak, cellist Aage Kvalbein and pianist Gunnar Flagstad captivated a full house.


Private lessons: Sigurd Fosheim from Røn in Valdres has Alexander Rybak as a private teacher during the “Sommersymfoni”.

The “Sommersymfoni” has started

Children and young people from different nations are gathered. There is playing and practising in all the nooks and crannies at Valdres Folkehøyskole. The 19th “Sommersymfoni” has started.

Leira: We have taken a short trip to Valderes Folkehøskole, to check the pulse of this massive summer school that brings together nearly 250 children and young people from many different nations.

Lesson with Rybak

First we get a tip that Sigurd Fosheim from Valdres, who has played the violin for eight years, this time has got Alexander Rybak as a teacher. We knock gently on the door and are allowed to take a little snap shot, before they ask us nicely to  leave. They have only half an hour, and the time is costly.

Afterwards Sigurd tells that it was fun and inspiring to have Rybak as a teacher.

Jazz concert – Alexander Rybak – Valdres Sommersymfoni, Fagernes, Norway June 26th, 2010

Jazz concert – Alexander Rybak and Felix Peikli

Sparkling interplay, charm and joy of playing were served to the audience when Alexander Rybak and Felix Peikli together entered the stage in Valdreshallen, Saturday, for income for the project they are both ambassadors for, Playing for a Future.

This was the second year in a row that Alexander Rybak had a concert at Fagernes, during Valdres Summer Symphony Festival, to raise money for the help project Playing for a Future, which helps children from poor parts of the world to participate in the Summer Symphony. This time, he was not alone on stage since the project’s new ambassador, the clarinetist Felix Peikli, joined him on stage.

Not the first time

The two young musicians know each other well from before, and it was not the first time the two were on stage together in Valdres. Also during Valdres Summer Symphony in 2008, they held a concert together in Valdreshallen. There is no doubt that the two thrive in each other’s company, which is clearly expressed musically. With them on stage they had Gunnar Flagstad on piano, Sjur Bjærke on double bass and Øystein Aarnes Vik on drums, and with that it was all ready for an unforgettable concert where the joy of playing was central.

In 2008: It was not the first time these two musicians had a concert together. Already in 2008 Alexander and Felix impressed with an improvisation concert, and they impressed their audience just as much this time and gave them a wonderful mix of pop, jazz with improvisation and classical music.

Something that was not definitely not lacking this evening was charm, joy of play and talent. And the audience was served both fabulous solo numbers and sparkling interplay where you got to see Peikli’s jazz-inspired expression and Rybak’s classic style in wonderful symbiosis. And during the hour-long concert, they performed a repertoire containing everything from “Visa Vid Vindens Ängar” to “Summertime”, before it all ended in a terrific, improvised extra number that they gave the title “Valdres blues”.


The songs order in the playlist is not necessarily the order they were play in the concert.

  • Valdres Blues
  • Visa Vid Vindens Änger
  • Summertime
  • My sweet Embraceable You
  • Jealous
  • All of Me
  • Song From a Secret Garden

Thanks to Laila U and Hildebjørg H, who were present and recorded, we can also enjoy these precious moments 🙂

Welcome, Sityhilelo! From friends and fans of Alexander Rybak! June 26th 2010

In April and May, 2010, friends and fans of Alexander Rybak from his official Facebook-page, decided to work together and make a special birthday-present for his 24-years birthday, May 13th.

Painting: Ingegerd Claesson

By creativity, translations, paintings, video-makings, photoshop, e-mails and, of course, Facebook!!! and with help from Valdres Summer Symphony, we made people, from allover the world, send donations for the Valdres-project


The result, more than 20.000 Nkr is now paying for the costs and travel-expenses, for a 15-year-old clarinettist, Sityhilelo, who lives in Cape Town, South-Africa. Because of this money he will come to Valdres, Norway, on june 28th, with his teacher and co-students, to take part in the musical education, networking and cultural meeting of “Playing For the Future”.

On behalf of all the donators, we wish Sityhilelo a happy stay!! Alexander will be in Valdres, welcoming him and his friends on monday june, 28th and we hope  they will have a really good time!!

Read a lot more stuff about the birthday-present in this link


Photoshop: Yannis Papadopoulos