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“The Perfect Birthday Present For The Fiddler”

Hello dear friends!

As you know, Alexander’s birthday is just around the corner. We have been thinking for quite some time now of what we could give him as a present. What could you possibly give a young guy who seems to have it all and more?

Alexander once said that the reason he makes music is because he wants to see people smile. He achieved it with us: Since we have been listening to him telling us his “Fairytales” with songs, fiddle and Frikar, we got happier (a bit too much for our neighbors, one might say ;))

Fact is, he made a change!


So what we can give Alexander Rybak for his 24th birthday is more people and children smiling back at him. More people being thankful for his existence, thankful for his participation in Eurovision Song Contest 2009, thankful for writing and sharing his “Fairytale” with the world, (thankful for making a page on facebook) – thankful for making their own fairytales come true!

Ladies and gentlemen !

Hereby, we officially announce the start of the project

“The Perfect Birthday Present For The Fiddler”!

We believe that it would be a perfect present for Alexander to collect money for a charity project that is close to his heart!

From today’s day until May 12th 2010 (one day before Alexander Rybak’s birthday), we (the audience and fans of Alexander Rybak) are DONATING and are trying to RAISE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE for a very special project running by “Valdres Sommersymfoni” in Norway – the project is called “PLAYING FOR THE FUTURE”.

“Valdres Sommersymfoni” is an international, distinguished summer school of classical music for children and teenagers. But “Valdres Sommersymfoni” is also much more than that! The school created a fund and organizes big concerts festivals with famous Norwegian performers (and Alexander Rybak is one of them) to raise money for their charity project “Playing for a Future”.

The money that they raise with the concert festivals makes it possible for Valdres summer school to give underprivileged children whose parents can’t afford the tuition fee and the travelling costs a scholarship. Thus the young musicians have the opportunity to play with the “Playing for a Future” symphony and receive training in the summer school.

Moreover, the summer school supports music education projects in poor countries. As a first project, they cooperated with the “Redefine Western Cape Project” in Cape Town (South Africa). The project, led by Ronnie Saamai, collects children from poor areas in and around the city. The children receive free training on an instrument. Ronnie Saamai, South Africa’s foremost violin teacher has dedicated his life to helping children and puts countless hours into working with the children.

This year, the project will be extended to Palestina, Jordan, Vietnam and Brazil.

By giving underprivileged children a musical education, providing them with music instruments and making it possible for them to get to know and spend time with famous professional intsrumentalists, “Valdres Sommersymfoni” gives those children an alternative to a life in poverty and a hope for a better and brighter future.

Last year, in 2009,  after his victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow and at the peak of his popularity Europe-wide, Alexander Rybak came to Valdres to be the ambassador for “Playing for a Future”. He performed together with symphony of young musicians at the festival which raised more money because people came to hear him. This year, the fiddler is coming again to Valdres – to do good.

And we want to do good, as well – because music makes a change!

We are over 68 000 people on Alexander Rybak’s Official Facebook Page.

If each of us donated just 1 euro, we would make a difference today!

Let’s give Alexander the gift of a child’s smile, whose fairytale came true because he is here and because we helped!


If you want to help, please send money (no matter how little, but more is even better and cordially welcomed) until May 12th to the following account.* On May 13th, Valdres Sommersymfoni is going to inform Alexander and us about how much we raised:

Account-holder: Nor-Aurdal kommune (municipality)

Account no.: 6182.05.39523

Bank address: Nordea Bank Norge Asa, postboks 1166 Sentrum, 0107 Oslo. 

Swift/bic: NDEANOKK

IBAN: NO6361820539523

Mark the payment:
«Donation for Playing for a Future»

Alex worked as an instructor in Valdres summer school in the summer 2009:

(“Playing for a Future” concert:)

(the fiddler meets mini fiddlers in Valdres:)


* The money goes directly (!) to the fund “Playing for a Future” created by Valdres Sommersymfoni.

** For more information about the project “Playing for a Future”, visit the website of Valdres Sommersymfoni,  please. Click here for the original http://www.sommersymfoni.no/index.asp?id=27564

and here for the google translation http://translate.google.dk/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=da&ie=UTF-8&layout=1&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fvaldres.laboremus.no%2Findex.asp%3Fid%3D27564&sl=no&tl=en. You can also read Marianne’s translation of an article Valdres sent us:  http://www.alexanderrybaknews.com/2010/04/15/valdres-sommersymphoni-and-its-project-playing-for-a-future/

*** If you have further questions, you can contact Valdres Sommersymfoni here: post@sommersymfoni.no