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Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian program “Pati z FM-TV”. 21.10.12

Alexander met his good friend, Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Biruykov  in Kiev and told exclusively for “Pati z FM-TV” about his life after Eurovision, his plans, his life philosophy and many other things:)  Enjoy watching it, friends!:-)

Host & journalist: Vladimir Biryukov 

English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva & Julia B.

English revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak in Ukrainian morning show “Breakfast with 1+1”. 24.10.12

Alexander was a guest at the popular Ukrainian morning show “Breakfast with 1+1”, where he answered questions from viewers and told about his new song “Leave me alone” and they showed bits from his new music video for that song. Also there was an exlusive premiere of Alexander’s song “Dostala” (Russian version of “Leave me alone”), which he performed live at the TV studio together with dancers from ballet “Deja vu”.

Recording by Sveta Plyasun. English translation by Zhanna S. and Julia B. Subs by Julia B. English revising by Katie Anderson.