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Interview with Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian magazine “Telegid”, 23.04.2018

Alexander Rybak found his love on the net

Source: Тelegid.com. Published: 23.04.2018., Text:  Yegor Yelkin;
Photos provided by the press-service of Alexander Rybak

Translated by Mónika Menyhért, revised by Evghenia Skripnik

Never say never — it’s about our hero. He himself could not imagine that after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 he would again enter the stage as a contestant. But the fate gave him yet another chance — the singer again represents Norway.

Alexander Rybak — winner of the Eurovision-2009

 Alexander, does the song “That’s How You Write a Song” really reflect your approach to writing tracks?

 Sometimes, in order to convey the meaning and message, you need to simplify the text. Writing a song is actually just a metaphor of faith in your ideas, whether it’s about sports, business, music or something completely different! I give people confidence in themselves and their strength! 

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Alexander Rybak’s interviеw to Ukrainian magazine “Organic.ua”

An article found by Katya Zagreba in Ukrainian magazine “Organic.ua”, which tells about healthy food and lifestyle. It’s an issue from March 15, 2011.

Translated by Sophia Khodorovskaya and Julia Bezbakh

Alexander Rybak: “My mottos is – a healthy lifestyle!”

– Alexander, we tell readers about organic products and their advantages in our magazine, we draw attention to a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking. We’d like to ask if you know yourself, what is organic food?

– I can guess. These are the ones, which are grown in ecologically clean conditions without using any chemicals, right? Then, of course, I know it. It is popular thing all over the world.

– Which food do you prefer?

– I love buns (laughs). I’m kidding, of course. Actually the main thing for me is the food should be fresh. Also, due to the lack of time, I prefer meals, which are quick and easy to prepare. For example, I like chicken with rice, pasta. Unfortunately I absolutely don’t have time to prepare something special. Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s interviеw to Ukrainian magazine “Organic.ua”

Interview in the Ukrainian magazine “Твои кумиры” (“Your idols”).

The Ukrainian vacation of Alexander Rybak

Found and translated to English by Sonya Luzina, revison by Anni Jowett

He’s the favorite of millions of girls across Europe and despite his big popularity, he adores strawberry cocktails, he sees the world through childish naive eyes, and he smiles so sincerely and openly that you will start to believe in fairy tales!

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Alexander Rybak, continues his victorious journey across Europe. Ukraine doesn’t remain behind. Despite his busy schedule. Sasha has visited the place here already, at least three times, and he even has spent a small vacation somewhere and in the Ukrainian capital. The artist in secret has informed “ТК” [The Ukrainian magazine] that he prepares a pleasant surprise for the Ukrainian fans this autumn. What? He insisted not to tell, therefore we will only give a hint: there is a big tour of Sasha ahead.

– Sasha, it’s not your first time in Ukraine, not the first time in Kiev…

– But I feel like this is the first time. How many times I been? Three? Last year in the autumn I had a tour across Ukraine, but the schedule was very busy: interview, filming, performances, and the weather didn’t favor – it was very cold. And in the summer I came to perform only for three hours. There was no time even to see Kiev. And now everybody smiles warmly, girls in skirts.

– Did you take a walk in the city this time?

– Yes. Such beautiful buildings and architecture here! Kiev strongly differs from Moscow. It’s beautiful there too, but, probably, even with an overabundance. Over here buildings and historical monuments are where it’s suitable, therefore you estimate their beauty much more.

– You were born in Belarus, you live in Norway, now you often have to tour in different countries of Europe. Do you have a favorite city, a favorite country?

– My favorite country – Norway. Because I know very well the culture of this country, this nation, it is my family. And from the CIS countries, Baltic is very interesting to me. I’m inquisitive, to me everything is interesting: culture, architecture, history monuments. Besides, there are special people, very honest. In Norway, for example, people always smile to you, but most likely because it is so accepted. And they come with all their heart to you, sincerely. And it is visibly an unaided sight. And still, next to Norway and Belarus, I would place Finland. I love this country very much.

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