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Event: Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian TV-show “Svetskaya Zhizn” 21.04.2108

Alexander in the Ukrainian TV-show “Svetskaya Zhizn” (Social life) 

Last week a TV-team from Ukraine visited Alexander in his apartment in Oslo and also his  mother home at Nesodden and made an interview .  Saturday 21. April at 23.10 (local time) the interview will be broadcast on “1plus1.ua”.

 Link to watch onlinehttps://1plus1.video/ru/tvguide/1plus1/online

The TV-show starts at 23.10 (local time) 22.10 CET (central Europe time)

Teaser from the TV-show:


Alexander Rybak about his song “Accent” – Interview from Kiev

Alexander  tells about his song “Accent” in the interview at the Palace “Ukraine”, where the Christmas concert with his participation took place in December.

Recording, translation and subs by Sonya L. Revision by  Bita J.

Transcript of the interview:

Host: Alexander, hello! I’ve heard that you’ve become a producer now. You have your own group in Belarus, which you are preparing for Eurovision. Is that true? Tell us more.

AR: I also heard that I’ve become a producer. To be honest, I wrote a song. I have an idea for the number. I have an idea about the Belarusian accent.. you know when we sing in English, we all, Slavic people, have a funny accent. And instead of hiding it, I wrote a song about it.. the girls sing that “I will always love you, but if you take me, then my accent will have to stay with me”.

AR: I have a producer in Belarus, and he helps us. It’s he who will develop this group. I wouldn’t organise the casting and listen to 400 girls just for one song.Of course, we’ll continue to make songs for them and so on. But, first and foremost, I am a composer.

Alexander Rybak at the New Year and Christmas show in Kiev 31.12.2014.

Alexander performed “Into a Fantasy” and “Roll with the Wind”  with talented children at the New Year and Christmas show in Kiev. The shooting took place at the Palace “Ukraine”  on December 13, and the show was broadcasted on New Year’s Eve.

“Into a Fantasy” with Sofia Tarasova

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Alexander Rybak: I’m very happy that I have the strength to accomplish many different projects.

Yesterday, the National Culture Palace,“Ukraine”, held a huge Christmas/New Year show with the participation of many of the best stage stars. During the show, Alexander Rybak gave us an exclusive interview.

– Everyone is waiting for the new year now. Many are summing up this year’s experiences,remembering important events that filled up this year. Tell us, what do you remember the most? 
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Alexander Rybak in the Ukrainian TV-show “Meeting Place” performing “I Asked the Ash” & “Bergrosa” 18.10.2014.

“When I was 4 years old, I and my parents moved from Belarus to Norway. Back then my parents brought some tapes of Russian movies with them. Among them, there was the comedy “The Irony of Fate”. I heard the song «Я спросил у ясеня» (“I Asked the Ash”) in that movie for the first time, said Alexander Rybak. – I’m familiar with the situation that this song tells about. Once, I myself had experienced the same emotions. The girl who I loved, and devoted my song “Fairytale” to, left me for my best friend. It was hard for me to pass through this break up. Now I try not to fall in love, and to put all my feelings into music”. Precisely this song was performed by Alexander in the Ukrainian musical TV-show “Meeting Place” on Saturday. The theme of this episode was cheating. And, in addition, Alexander played a piece of “Bergrosa” as the introduction to the song of another artist.

Link to lyrics

Recording by Sveta P. English translation by Olina&Sonya.
Revision by Katie A. Subs by Sonya L.

Alexander Rybak in Ukrainian TV-show “Meeting Place” performing “Fairytale” 11.10.2014.

Alexander took part in recording of the Ukrainian music show called “Meeting Place” which took place this  September in Kiev. Each episode of the show has its own special theme and today’s theme was about love, where Alexander performed “Fairytale”. Next week we’ll hear  a beautiful Russian song “Ja sprosil u jasenja” from him.

Recording by Sveta Plyasun

Interview with Alexander Rybak about Kiev 18.06.2014.

Article was published on kiev.vgorode.ua

Author: Evgeniy Korovay

Translation by Julia B. Revision by Anni Jowett.


We had a guest on our balcony – the winner of “Eurovision”, Alexander Rybak.

We were visited today by Alexander Rybak, the winner of “Eurovision – 2009”. Sasha is not a rare visitor in the capital of Ukraine, but we met for the first time. Vgorode took the opportunity to ask some questions. In particular we asked about Alexander’s favourite places in Kiev and about Maidan. The musician told us that he loves Kiev for the fact that, despite its status of metropolis, it is still a colourful and green city, it is not dusty like many other cities.

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Reviews of Alexander Rybak’s new song and video “Into a Fantasy”

Review by VG.no

Author: Stein Østbø

Tranlsation by Tessa Lande. Revision by Anni Jowett


Alexander Rybak still sings about dreams, fantasies and adventures – with a rather familiar tone.

Alexander Rybak
“Into A Fantasy”
(Relativity Music / Sony Music)

There is something constantly uplifting and positive in the best and the most of what Alexander Rybak does. And so it is also in his new single “Into a Fantasy” which is derived from the sequel of the animated success “Dragetreneren”(How to Train Your Dragon” which has Norwegian premiere on July 4th.

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Alexander Rybak – Promotion tour for “Into a Fantasy” – Ukraine


This week Alexander Rybak starts his promo tour in Europe to promote his new single and new music video “Into a Fantasy” – the sound-track to the movie “How To Train Your Dragon-2” by Dream Works. During the next weeks he will visit Ukraine, Belarus, Belgium and Lithuania. More countries will be hopefully added soon. Check his full Schedule for more details.

The honour to be the first country in the promo-tour belongs to UKRAINE.   

Promotional visit of Alexander Rybak in Kiev

June 18
11:30  – Alexander at the on-line press-conference in Komsomolskaya Pravda.
Link  to ask questions and to watch online
14:00 – Alexander at the online conference at Tochka.net.
Link to ask questions and to watch online
June 19
8.30  – Alexander is a guest in the morning show “Snidanok” at 1+1 TV channel.
Link to watch online
9:00 – 10:00 – Live at “Nashe radio”
Link to listen online
13:00 – 14:00 – Live at “Lux FM”
Link to listen online
14:30 – Online-chat with Alexander Rybak on GolosUA Link to chat
18:00 – Autograph-session of Alexander Rybak at the foyer of “Cinema City” (3rd floor Ocean Plaza)
19:00 – Presentation of music video “Into a Fantasy” at “Cinema City” in Ocean Plaza with popular hosts Anna Sviridova and Sergey Galibin. Admission by invitations only!



Alexander Rybak: “There is delicious Borsht and sushi in Ukraine”

Interview from the magazine “MasterChef” (“Telenedelya”. Special supplement № 68, November 2011)

Link to the original article here

Author: Tamila Ablaeva

Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Katie Anderson

Alexander played a terrific piece on his violin in the first season of the show “MasterChef” , he shared his favorite recipe of “Norwegian salmon” and admitted that he accepts tasty gifts from his fans.

– Sasha, are you often invited to cooking shows?

– No, not often, but recently I was invited to a cooking show in Stockholm. But I didn’t like it, it was terrible, they didn’t ask me anything, for them it was only important to have a known person and that’s all. Because of that I was very afraid to participate in your show, but now I have a very positive feeling.

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Promotion tour “Dostala” – Alexander Rybak on Ukrainian TV. 1.11. 2012

Alexander Rybak on Ukrainian Ru Music channel promotion his new music video “Dostala”, Russian version of “Leave Me Alone”.

Recording by Sonya Luzina. English translation and subs by Julia B. English revision by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak in Ukrainian “M1 News” 01.11.2012.

Upload by Ulli Cologne. English translation by Anita Lysak. Subs by Julia B. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak in “TSN Osoblyve” news on Ukrainian TV channel “1+1”

Upload by Ulli Cologne. English translation by Anita Lysak. Subs by Julia B. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Video: Alexander in web-conference. Ukraine. Oct. 24th 2012

Alexander visited E-motion.Tochka.net  in Kiev, Ukraine on Oct. 24th 2012 and took part in a live-streamed web-conference, where he answered questions from some of his fans.

Recording by Tülay Aydın. English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva and Sonya Luzina. English revision by Katie Anderson. Subs by Sonya Luzina

Alexander in TV-show “Good morning Ukraine”. Nov.5th 2012

Broadcasted on Era-TV, Ukraine on 05.11.2012. All rights belong to Era-TV.

Uploaded by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Katie Anderson.

Romanian translation by Laura Ser. Vietnamese translation by Alamanda Bud.


Video: Alexander in the TV- show “LadyLand”. Ukraine. Nov. 6th 2012

Alexander was guest in the ukranian TV-show LadyLand, broadcasted on M1-Channel Nov.6th 2012. All rights belong to M1.TV

Recording and Russian translation by Sveta Plyasun. English translation by Anita Lisak. Subs by Sonya Luzina.

Videos: Alexander Rybak at 3 Ukrainian radio stations. 24.10.12

Alexander visited Kiev for few days to promote his new Russian single “Dostala” and upcoming video presentation-concert He visited several TV and radio studios. Here are all radio interviews gathered together, translated and subtitled by the Team Facebookies for you:)

Nashe Radio, show “Nashy lyudi”

Recording by Angelina Udalova. English translation by Inna Farington. English revision by Katie Anderson. Subs by Julia B. 

Russian Radio, show “Stol zakazov”

Recording by Angelina Udalova. English translation by Zhanna S. English revision by Katie Anderson. Subs by Julia B.

Radio Lux FM, “Fiesta” show

Recording by Angelina Udalova. English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Katie Anderson. Subs by Julia B.

Video: Alexander Rybak on MTV-Ukraine about “Leave me alone” – his new song and video. Oct.14th 2012

The clip was broadcasted on MTV-Ukraine in the program “Open Space” 14.10.2012.

Recording by Julia B. English translation and subtitles by Sonya Luzina

Report + Video: Meet & Greet with Alexander Rybak and fans in Kiev.Sept.29th 2012. Facebookies reporting

Report by Valerya Platonova

‎29 sep 2012 Meet&Greet in Kiev, Ukraine

What a day!
Well, I’ve been thinking all the time, how lucky we are!  Alex so often comes to Ukraine and we have an opportunity to meet him again!
I knew from FB that Alex came to Kiev on shooting. So when I went to work on saturday morning I brought my old camera. Thanks to Yana and Julia, the meeting was held in a small, cozy cafe near the hotel “Riviera” where Alex usually stays.
It’s tradition to come to meeting with gifts. When we were discussing gifts, I offered to give him a picture from all of us. I worked to 8, and then I decided to take a taxi, pick up the picture from home and then fly to the cafe.

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Meet & Greet of Alexander Rybak and his fans in Kiev, Ukraine. Sept.29th 2012

Alexander was in Kiev from 28.9.12 to 1.10.12 to record a music-video. He invited his fans to a meet & greet in restaurant Monsieur Olivier. The meeting was announced at 4 pm and took place at 8 pm the same day.

Videos recorded by Julia Bezbakh

 Cozy meeting

Chinese lanterns

Report & Video: Meet & Greet with Alexander Rybak and fans in Kiev. Sept.29th 2012. Facebookies reporting

Report by Julia Bezbakh

Short report from yesterday’s meeting in Kiev:) I was celebrating my Bday with relatives when I got sms from Yana. I think it was something around 16.00, she told she reserved time for M&G at 20.00. I had to gather fans. That was a disaster, because I was far away, and my phone was dying and I knew how many complaints we’ll get from Ukrainians who don’t live in Kiev. That was tough even for Kiev citizens, but fortunately I have a great team of Ukrainian Facebookies who helped me to arrange everything. Also many thanks to Marianne Mata Hari Saietz for fast reacting and making an event post at the main wall immediately after I asked her.

We gathered around 20-25 people there. Girls from Ukrainian Team Facebookies went to that street and found the place, but that was not so easy to make them put tables together, many restaurants refused to do it, so this is why we couldn’t tell people the exact place in advance. I was happy to see many familiar faces and also some very new. All new ones came thanks to the wall posting:)

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Videos: Alexander Rybak tells about his new single and music video to Ukrainian TV channels

Interview to “Inter” TV-channel

Recording and subs by Sonya Luzina. English translation  by Valeria Platonova and Zhanna Sergueeva.

Interview in “Snidanok at 1+1” (Breakfast with 1+1 channel)

Recording and Russian translation by Sveta Plyasun. English translation by Sonya Luzina.

Interview in “TSN Osoblyve” on 1+1 channel

Recording and English translation by Sonya Luzina. Russian translation and subs by Sveta Playsun.

Interview to M1 Music channel

Recording by Ulli Cologne. Russian translation and subs by Sveta Plyasun. English translation by Sonya Luzina.

Article: “Rybak records new music video for russian release”. June 23rd 2012

Article published on www.eurovisionary.com 23.6.2012

Link to original article here

Written by Kristján Sveinsson . Photo: Copyright Kathrine Synnes/Alexander Rybak

Found by Tessa Lande

Rybak records new music video for russian release

In a video like you’ve never seen him before, Alexander Rybak dusts down his 2010 release Oah, giving it a brand new music video intended for the Russian speaking market.

The single Oah was originally included on his follow up album to Fairytale, No Boundaries and released way back in June, 2010 in an English language version. It was a moderate hit in Norway, making number 23 on the charts. This latest video to accompany Oah was not previously released in Norway, filming having only been completed in the spring where it was filmed in Ukraine. The newest release is the first of a number of Russian language projects in the pipeline, as Alexander Rybak recognizes that Russia and Eastern Europe are two very important markets for his career.

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Naked Rybak with angel-wings cries in the shower. June 20th 2012

Naked Rybak with angel-wings cries in the shower


Text to photo: NEW VIDEO:  Alexander Rybak has recorded a music video for the Russian version of “Oah”, “Strela Amura”  for the Russian audience. That requires feathers, water and crying in the shower. 

You have never seen the violinist like this before!

Dagbladet):  At the beginning of June, Alexander Rybak (26) received the grade  “A”  for his violin exam at Barratt Due Music Institute. Now he is in the spotlight again, and yesterday the Russian music video of his song “Oah” was released on YouTube. In the video Rybak wakes up in a double-bed alone, before he goes to the bathroom where pills and condoms are lying on the sink.

Source:  dagbladet.no published 20.6.2012. Written by Merete Skogrand.  Photos: Screenshots from the vidoe in agreement with the manager. Translation by Marianne Saietz. English revision by Anni Jowett.


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Alexander Rybak’s interviews during the shooting his new music video “Strela Amura” in Kiev 22.04.12.

Interview to M1 channel:

Interview to 1+1 channel:

Interview to ICTV channel:

Alexander Rybak: At the Eurovision Song Contest your Gaitana will be among the top ten!

The winner of “Eurovision-2009” told the “Gazeta Kievskaya” what the Ukrainian representative Gaitana should do to make spectators at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku like her.

Article published on http://kievskaya.com.ua/ , April 26  2012, 15:51, Kiev, Ukraine. Link to the original article here

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Revision by Tessa Lande.


The winner of “Eurovision-2009”, the Norwegian of Belorusian origin Alexander Rybak, shot his new video in Kiev. During a break between takes Rybak told about a special invitation to perform at the “Eurovision” in Baku and his relation to the competition that brought him the coveted honor a few years ago.

– I know that after participation in “Eurovision” many artists want to forget this competition and become self-sufficient artists – I think it’s wrong. For example, I am pleased that I got an invitation to perform again at the “Eurovision” and I’m not going to ignore that.

The musician and the singer agreed to give some advises to Gaitana that should help her to get a worthy place in Baku.

About the criticism

– I like Gaitana as a performer – she is a wonderful actress, – Alexander Rybak began. – Specific recommendations are needed for weak ones but she is strong and she doesn’t need them. Most important is to pay less attention to criticism. If they criticize your origin – don’t react towards negative by being negative – it is easier to keep silent. Do not lose your faith in yourself and continue to create because the future success is the best remedy against the critics and ill-wishers.

About the outfit

– Gaitana is a beautiful girl. I saw how she was dressed in the national final – I liked that. I think that nothing really should be changed – in such a dress she surely can perform in Azerbaijan.

About the song

– I have heard the song “Be my guest” several times. It’s not a bad song and has a really groovy tune. I know somebody in Ukraine has doubts about this song but my prediction is that Gaitana should get into the top ten!

On the manner of performing

– The most stupid thing you can do is to copy other artists. I strongly recommend not to do that to all contestants, so no athletes on stage like it was by Bilan or playing the violin being the emphasis as I did. The main thing is not a show but a sincerity of the number, not an intention to imitate someone such as former winners, and only this way it will be a success!

– I was born in Minsk and when I was 5 my parents brought me to the suburbs of Oslo. Gaitana lived for some time in Congo and it seems to me we have a lot in common. When you’re faced with the condemnation of your roots don’t hide your specialties and your culture. On the contrary emphasize your otherness and uniqueness as a carrier of African roots! Surely Gaitana’s sense of rhythm is ten times higher than that one of many Ukrainian colleagues.

About spectators

– On the eve of my performance at “Eurovision” I said that if the Belarusians agreed I would be very pleased to say that if I would be a winner then half of my success would be a merit of Belarus. Maybe Gaitana should share her future success with Africa, all the more since so many African communities live in Europe, especially in France, Britain and Italy.

In the meantime

Meanwhile the singer herself is diligently preparing for the “Eurovision” to be held in Baku. Her number and details of the concert costume Gaitana holds as a closely guarded secret. But, as “Gazetta” was able to learn, during her performance the singer will not play on any instrument. Earlier journalists speculated that Gaitana could use drums in her show.

– I don’t plan to play instruments on stage in Baku! – the singer commented on her upcoming number. – Maybe I just will come out wearing Ukrainian wreath! – said Gaitana.

According to the contestant from Ukraine, preparation for the “Eurovision” takes a lot of time therefore the traditional party on the eve of departure to Baku had to be cancelled. Unlike her predecessors Gaitana also refused to make a European promotional tour – she will perform only in Ukrainian cities.

Alexander Rybak was busy in Kiev with amorous affairs

Article published at  http://kp.ua/ on April 23, 2012

Link to the original here

Written by Ekaterina Kamenskaya. Photo by Dmitry Nikonorov.

Found by Ulli Cologne, translated by Zhanna Sergueeva, english revision by Tessa Lande.

While filming at the roof the winner of “Eurovision-2009” got tested his fear of hight. Photo by Dmitry Nikonorov.

The winner of “Eurovision-2009” has come to unite hearts and destinies.

Women’s favorite Alexander Rybak worked the whole weekend – he was shooting video for the song “The Arrow of Cupid.” For this purpose he came especially from Oslo to Kiev for one day.

On Sunday traffic jams emerged in the city now and then: it was curious motorists, passersby and fans surrounded the places for shooting. And considering that there were several locations of new video’s shooting and a film crew traveled all over the city, unexpected congestions occurred across all over the Ukrainian capital.

Rybak himself, paying attention to nobody, was occupied with sweat with love affairs . In the plot of the video the artist is a Cupid who appears from nowhere and does everything possible to make lovers find each other, and tell each other the important words. At the same time the Cupid himself is invisible and alone. To make the image complete the video director Alexander Filatovich put angel wings on Alexander and even forced him to sing while standing on the roof of the hotel “Riviera on Podol”. By the way, the building’s administration didn’t like such an idea – safety first. So the film crew had to take full responsibility in case if anything would happen. Fortunately the shooting on the attic went without any incidents.

– I like the idea of the video, at the same time we have a very small budget, – the artist admitted. – I do not need multi-million dollar special effects. Much more pleasant to shoot a video with an interesting storyline and the best team.

How many couples will Amur-Rybak make, and will he find his soul mate – viewers will see that very soon.