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Article about Alexander Rybak’s participation in Belarussian TV-show “Singing cities”. 18.10.13

Article published on the internet-site of “Belarus Today” http://tv.sb.by/post/154435/ 18.10.2013.

Author:  Anton Kostyukevitch. Photographer: Alexander Stadub.

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva.  Revision by Anni Jowett.

Rybak sees a talent from afar

Sensational in every sense, the TV project of the STV channel “Singing cities” is getting ready to interest and firmly glue many viewers to the screen in its second season. Straight away the show brought the statue in the entertainment category of  contest ” Tele-top-2013″ to its creators. And what a noise the participants have made! I mean, they sang a lot of songs, and the quantity of the the songs were even more during the qualifying stages. And this year we can do nothing without casting too. Before the show will go to the second round , you need to find the most talented contestants. Last week, the selection finally took place in Minsk , and correspondents of ” SB” did not miss a chance to look into the Youth Estrade Theatre. Continue reading Article about Alexander Rybak’s participation in Belarussian TV-show “Singing cities”. 18.10.13

Alexander Rybak will appear in the Norwegian show “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”!

Finally today, after lengthy speculations, TV2 announced 7 artists who will take part in the popular Norwegian reality TV-show “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” (“Every Time We Meet”), and Alexander Rybak is one of them!  Here are several articles in Norwegian media regarding this matter.

Here Are the New “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” Artists

Article from www.tv2.no, published on June 21st, 2013

Author: Tore Waskaas

Found by Hilde M. English translation by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.

This group will entertain you in 2014.

The wait is over! The artists in the third season of “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” are Alexander Rybak, Simone Eriksrud (formerly Simone Larsen), Sigvart Dagsland, Anneli Drecker, Lars Lillo-Stenberg, Samsaya and Øivind” Elg “Elgenes.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak will appear in the Norwegian show “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”!

Alexander Rybak in Turkish morning show “Güne Merhaba” 12.04.2013

Alexander Rybak was a guest in the morning show “Güne Merhaba” at the local TV channel Kanal Alanya.

Thanks a lot to Ulli Cologne for the recording! 🙂

Long version of the interveiw

Turkish translation by Azadə İmranzadə, English transcribtion and subs by Katie Anderson

Short report on TV

Turkish translation and subs by Azadə İmranzadə, Revision by Bita J

Interview of Alexander and Malin to Alltomstockholm.se

Many thanks to Vera Bernäng, who found and translated it.

“It feels like hell”

By Emelie Molinder


Alexander Rybak has many strings on his violin. In “Let’s Dance” has the norwegian showed that he can both dance in high heels and charm the swedish TV viewers.

Are the costumes important?

-Yes, it wouldn’t have been so fun to dance walz with Malin if she wore a salsa skirt. Everything should be right.

You’ve danced in high heels, how is that?

– It feels like hell. It’s hard to wear high heels and at the same time try to look masculine. It’s like trying to wrinkle your eyebrows and look happy at the same time.

– I think that a man is the most masculine when he has a feminine side,- said Alexanders dance partner Malin.

Continue reading Interview of Alexander and Malin to Alltomstockholm.se

Video: Alexander in polish TV-program “TVP-INFO”. September 7th, 2010

Polish cultural program, showing some of the music-video for ” Oah” and presenting Alexander in Poland.

Uploading, translation and English subtitles by Navin and Anna Gajda


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