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Event: Alexander Rybak in the season premiere of NRK’s TV-show “Muitte Mu”, Saturday 10th of November 2018

Alexander Rybak is the first artist in this season of NRKs TV-show “Muitte MU” – “Remember Me”.

Six established artists will have 3 days to learn to joik. Together with a mentor they will compose a joik for a person close to them.   Continue reading Event: Alexander Rybak in the season premiere of NRK’s TV-show “Muitte Mu”, Saturday 10th of November 2018

EVENT: Alexander Rybak in “Allsang på grensen” 2018

Alexander Rybak performs in Norwegian summer TV-show “Allsang på grensen” this year too 🙂 

Alexander will meet some familiar people among the artists. “Elg” from “Hver gang vi møtes” and Tor Endresen from the Christmas tour. Tor Endresen will perform together with his daughter. 

Artists in the show:
Alexander Rybak
Dance With a Stranger (Elg is the front singer in this band)
Finn Kalvik
Tor Endresen og Anne-Sophie Endresen

Recording of the show:
Date and time: 
Wednesday 18. of July at 18.00 CET. 
: Fredriksten Festning, Halden, Norway:

Broadcast of the show will be 19. of July on Norwegian TV2 (pay-TV) 

Alexander has taken part in “Allsang på grensen” several times. Click on the “year” to see his performances.

2009   2010  2011   2013  2014   2016 2017

Alexander Rybak in the Norwegian talk-show Lindmo 20.01.18

Alexander Rybak guest at Lindmo 

Alexander was a guest in the Norwegian talk-show Lindmo on NRK1, Saturday 20. January 2018.  The show was pre-recorded 16. January. It’s the first time Alexander visited this popular talk-show, and the occasion was Alexander’s participation in Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian selection for Eurovision Song Contest. You can read more about his participation in MGP 2018 HERE

May Elisabeth Nipen has recorded the interview and TessaLa and Anni Jowett have seen to that the video now has English subs 🙂 




Alexander Rybak in “Hver gang vi møtes – Special” 6.1.2018 on TV2

Alexander Rybak in “Hver gang vi møtes – Special”

What did “Hver gang vi møtes” mean for the artists who took part in the earlier seasons, personally and due to their career? Former participants give us the answers, and we got throwbacks through six seasons in «Hver gang vi møtes – Special» Alexander took part in 2014, and here is his answers and throwbacks in this special edition  🎉 🤩


Alexander participated in season 3, recorded in August 2013 and broadcast in spring 2014, and he had a great success with his covers of the other artist’s songs.

If you want to see more of Alexander in “Hver gang vi møtes 2014”, you’ll find it all here: 

Information about the TV-show is found on the Facebook page of “Hver gang vi møtes”. 


Alexander Rybak in the Russian TV-show “You’re great! Dancing” 02.12.2017

Alexander performs in the Russian TV-show “You’re great! Dancing”

The show is broadcast on NTV.ru Saturday 2. December, starting at 21.00 Moscow time, and last to 23.40. CET time 19.00 to 21.40.  The show is pre-recorded. 

Link to watch online on : NTV.ru and HERE

The show will also be available on the TV-channel’s YouTube channel

The show is about children who are left without parental care and who are fond of dancing.  Several well-known artists supports the participants in the different epiosdes, and in this episode Alexander supports  the 16-year old Alina Grevtseva, by playing when she dances to “Fairytale”. 



Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese in Schlagerboom 21.10.2017

Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese performed their “Fairytale” duet in the big Schlagerboom Festival broadcast onTV .

Below you’ll find a video of their performance, pictures and an interview made after they performed. The interview has subs in several languages 🙂   Continue reading Alexander Rybak and Franziska Wiese in Schlagerboom 21.10.2017

Alexander in the Salvation Army’s Advent show “Hope in a pot” 2016

Alexander Rybak was one of the artists who supported the Salvation Army’s Christmas charity “Håp i ei gryte” (Hope in a pot), and performed on their Advent show, which was broadcast on Norwegian TV2 both on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of December. 

Alexander performed the lovely “The Christmas Song”, and a duet with Maria Haukaas Mittet with his own arrangement of “Winter Wonderland”.  Continue reading Alexander in the Salvation Army’s Advent show “Hope in a pot” 2016

I don’t challenge myself when I write pop songs

Alexander Rybak: I don’t challenge myself when I write pop songs

He beat the points record when he won the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway in 2009, now Alexander Rybak is dreaming about something more challenging,  and hopes that his debut work as an author will become a musical. In addition he is a guest in this week’s “På resande not”. Continue reading I don’t challenge myself when I write pop songs

Alexander in the Finnish TV-show “På resande not” 29.10.2016

Alexander Rybak performed  his legendary “Fairytale” and did a beautiful cover of the Eurovision winner song from 1987 – “Hold Me Now” (Johnny Logan) in the TV-show “På resande not” on the Finnish TV-channel YLE.
The show was recorded 15th of June this year, and Alexander also gave an interview while he was in Finland. You can read the interview HERE.

Pictures from the TV-show you’ll find HERE

And a big thanks to Annika Sandess, Finland,  we now can watch these two great performances. Enjoy 🙂


“Hold Me Now”


Alexander as Michael Bublé in “One to One” show – Final



Today it was the big final, and Alexander impersonated Michael Bublé and performed the jazzy song “Feeling Good”, which he did very well. That guy can sing jazz!
The winner of the show was decided by televoting, and the people voted Alexander to a second place. So well deserved after all his fantastic impersonations. You can watch them all here

Watch his great performance of “Feeling Good” here.

Continue reading Alexander as Michael Bublé in “One to One” show — Final

Alexander as Andrea Bocelli. “One to One” show, episode 8


Video of the full episode (the parts with Alexander only)

Translation by Rozalia M. Recording & subs by Sonya L.
Revision by Marina R.


“Zvyozdochka moya yasnaya” | “My Shiny Little Star”

Alexander Rybak impersonating the popular Russian artist Alexander Losev from the group “Цветы (Flowers) and performing the song “Звездочка моя ясная (My little Star)

Lyrics: Olga Fokina. Music: Vladimir Semyonov


Pesni u lyudey raznyye,
A moya odna na veka.
Zvyozdochka moya yasnaya,
Kak ty ot menya daleka.
Pozdno my s toboy ponyali,
Chto vdvoyom vdvoyne veseley
Dazhe proplyvat’ po nebu,
A ne to, chto zhit’ na zemle. Continue reading “Zvyozdochka moya yasnaya” | “My Shiny Little Star”

Alexander Rybak as Dima Bilan – “One to One” Show, Episode 2

The 2009 Eurovision winner performed the song with which Dima Bilan triumphed in 2008.

Article was published on super.ru. Photos: Weit media.
Translation by Sonya L. Revision by Marina Rolbin.

Another season of the popular show “One to One” began on TV channel “Russia-1”. The Norwegian 2009 Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak, joined the group of Russian celebrities who will get into someone else’s skin and show mastery of transformation. The performer of “Fairytale”, the biggest European hit of 2009, sang the song “Believe”, with which Dima Bilan won Eurovision six years ago.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak as Dima Bilan — “One to One” Show, Episode 2

Alexander Rybak as Elvis Presley. “One to One” Show, Episode 1

Don’t be Cruel 

Video of the whole show with Alexander’s parts only

Recording by Sonya L. Translation by Rozalia M. Revision by Anni J. Spanish translation by Lulú Barceló and Veronica Tovar.

Alexander’s first challenge in “One to One”

Watch Alexander getting his first challenge in the Russian TV-show “One to One”.

Friday, in the show “Live Broadcast”  (“Прямой эфир”) on  “Russia 1” at 16.15 – 17.35 CET, you can watch when the participants get their challenge for the premiere of the TV-show “One to One”.

The show can be watched online on this link  http://pro-tv.net/1297-rossija-1.html

The premiere of “One to One” will be broadcasted this Sunday  at the same channel   at 13.00 CET (15:00 local time). Don’t miss it!


Alexander takes part in the popular Russian TV-show “One to One” starting 8th of February

Alexander will take part in the 3rd season of the popular Russian TV show “One to One”, which will be broadcast on the TV-channel “Russia 1”! The show starts on February 8. It will be aired on Sundays at 13:00 CET.  And it’s possible to watch it online here 


“One to One” is the Russian version of the international interactive reality TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, which has become a big hit on TV for the last two years. This is a show of transformations, whose participants will impersonate legendary artists of the past and present and perform their most iconic hits live on stage.

Continue reading Alexander takes part in the popular Russian TV-show “One to One” starting 8th of February

Alexander Rybak in Ukrainian TV-show “Meeting Place” performing “Fairytale” 11.10.2014.

Alexander took part in recording of the Ukrainian music show called “Meeting Place” which took place this  September in Kiev. Each episode of the show has its own special theme and today’s theme was about love, where Alexander performed “Fairytale”. Next week we’ll hear  a beautiful Russian song “Ja sprosil u jasenja” from him.

Recording by Sveta Plyasun

Alexander Rybak in The Hit on NRK Friday 10.10.2014

Alexander Rybak The Hit - photo Stig KarlsenPhoto: Stig Karlsen, NRK – From the rehearsal for The Hit on NRK 

Friday 10th of October Alexander Rybak will be one of the two artist who perform in the songwriter competition The Hit on NRK.  Five songs are so far ready for the Grand Final the 24th of October, and tomorrow  Alexander Rybak and Trine Rein will perform the songs they have chosen among their six alternatives.

If you want to read more about the concept and see the list of songwriters and artists, you find it all here.

The five song that are already in the final, you can listen to here 

Alexander chose two songs already in early June, and tomorrow he will be reveal which one of them he has decided to release as his new song.
You can listen to the 6 songs he could chose between here.

Alexander Rybak in “THE HIT” 2014 on NRK TV


Today it was revealed that Alexander Rybak is one of the 14 famous artists that will take part in NRK’s new  music concept this autumn. The show will be broadcasted 8 Fridays in a  row starting 5th of September and ending with a grand final the 24th of october.  If you want to be in the audience, click here to book tickets, and chose the actual show date.

You can follow The Hit on Instagram here, Facebook here and Twitter here

You can read more about the concept, show dates, list of songwriters, their songs, the artists and details about the broadcasting on this page “THE HIT”.

The list of the artist that will take part in the show:


  • D’soundNRK The hit Alexander Rybak
  • Atle Pettersen
  • Maria Haukaas Mittet
  • D.D.E.
  • Trine Rein
  • Alexander Rybak
  • Maria Arredondo
  • Vidar Busk
  • Helene Bøksle
  • Alexander With
  • Jørn Hoel
  • Åge Sten Nilsens Ammunition
  • Venke Knutson
  • A1


Source last picture posted: instagram.com/ronnieartistpartner

Alexander Rybak in Slavic Bazaar, Vitebsk, Belarus 2014

Alexander’s performances in the Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk in July 2014

Alexander performed at four events during the festival, and he was also a jury member in the contest “Pop song performers”. Below you’ll find videos of his performances. 🙂

“Into A Fantasy” at the Opening Ceremony of the festival 11th of July.

“Roll with The Wind” at International Song Contest “Vitebsk 2014the 12th of July.

“Strela Amura” at the Slavic Bazaar 12th of July 2014 . Video recorded på Catalina Balan.

“Kiss and Tell” at the “International Song Contest “Vitebsk 2014″ 13th of July.

Alexander Rybak – Promo tour in Belgium for “Into a Fantasy”

Alexander Rybak’s interviews and TV-show appearances from the promo tour in Belgium for his new music video “Into a Fantasy”, soundtrack for DreamWorks Animation’s movie “How to Train you Dragon 2”

Interview in the largest Belgian newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” about Alexander Rybak and ‘Into a Fantasy’.

Article provided and translated by Olivier VanHoutte. Revised by Anni Jowett.

Eurovison winner ALEXANDER RYBAK made the soundtrack.

There is life after the Eurovision Song Contest. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Promo tour in Belgium for “Into a Fantasy”

Alexander Rybak on “Sommertid” TV2 07.01.2014

Alexander Rybak tells about his new song and music video “Into a Fantasy”, one of the soundtracks in DreamWorks Animation movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2”, on the Norwegian summer talk show on TV2, broadcasted from Aker Brygge in Oslo. At the end of the video he plays with the duo Elsa & Emilie. You can read more about them and watch one of their videos here

 Recording by Tessa Lande. Translation is coming!

Alexander Rybak – Interview on Radio GRK and the TV-show “Studio TVL” in Belgium 27.06.2014

Alexander on the TV-show “Studio TVL” on TVL Limburg, Belgium 27.06.2014

Recorded by May Elisabeth Nipen

Alexander on radio GRK, Belgium 27.06.2014

Recorded by May Elisabeth Nipen


Alexander Rybak about Eurovision in Russian talk-show “Live”

Alexander Rybak was a guest in Russian talk-show “Live” on Russia-1 channel, which was broadcasted before and after the 1st Semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2014 on May 6th. He performed his hit “Fairytale”  and participated to the live discussion about Eurovision. Here we gathered all parts with him in one video 🙂 Enjoy!

Upload, video edition and subs by Julia B. Translation by Inna F. & Julia B. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Sigvart Dagsland from “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 on TV2

Vocalist and composer from Stavanger, living in Bergen. Sigvart Dagsland is known for his good singing voice, his social commitment, his good songs and serious lyrics in dialect. Less well known is his distinctive sense of humour. This composition has led to Sigvart Dagsland releasing albums of very different character, ranging from solemn hymns to unbridled humour, but everything is done with a convincing seriousness. He has released 18 solo albums, and holds 30-50 concerts across the country each year. Awarded “Prøysenprisen” in 2009. Nominated for a “Spellemann” (grammy) three times in the pop category and received it once. Also nominated for Hit Awards. Each new Dagsland album sells on average to gold. His began as a boy soprano with a candle in his hand in the Stavanger Cathedral Choir when he was 12, formed the band “Tro og Liv ” in 1982, joined the revue group “Løgnaslaget” for some years. Has been a backing singer for several artists and has participated in the Norwegian ESC as both backing singer and artist.

His 20th anniversary as a recording artist was celebrated in autumn 2005 and spring 2006 with three anniversary concerts in Stavanger, Oslo and Bergen. The concert lasted three hours, and they were all sold out, and they offered a wide range of guest soloists who have been involved in any musical context throughout his career. More about his career  on his homepage.

NAME: Sigvart Dagsland

BIRTHDAY: 18.10.63


Continue reading Sigvart Dagsland from “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 on TV2

Alexander Rybak in HGVM talks about his perfect pitch, his participation in Idol and Fairytale

Alexander talks about his perfect pitch

Upload, English translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Vietnamese translation by Bội-Dung Trần.

The article published in TV2.no on 15.03.2014
Author Tore Waskaas.
English translation by Tessa Lande. English revision by  Anni Jowett.

Rybak about Idol-time: – I think it was a rebellious act

Alexander Rybak talks about why he signed up for “Idol.

Alexander Rybak (27) took part in “Idol” in 2005 and in “Hver gang vi møtes” he explains why he joined the TV2 talent contest, where among others Anneli Drecker was a judge. Continue reading Alexander Rybak in HGVM talks about his perfect pitch, his participation in Idol and Fairytale

Alexander Rybak – Cover of “Lucky One” by Øivind “Elg” Elgenes

Elg: “He made a strong, beautiful and melodic interpretation”

“I think Alexander Rybak will surprise us in a positive way. He has an understanding for music that goes beyond the intuition that characterises the other more traditional pop artists.” Ref: Stein Østby, VG, before the broadcasting.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Cover of “Lucky One” by Øivind “Elg” Elgenes

Øivind “Elg” Elgenes from “Hver gang vi møtes” on TV2 2014

ELG (Øivind Elgenes) is a lyricist, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, from Kristiansund, Norway, best known as the lead singer of “Dance With A Stranger”. He is equipped with an exceptionally powerful singing voice which he uses with passionate intensity. The voice has proven to be ideal for those styles of music he likes best, the landscape of country, gospel, soul, blues and folk rock. (ref.: http://www.rockipedia.no/artister/elg-1484/ )

Continue reading Øivind “Elg” Elgenes from “Hver gang vi møtes” on TV2 2014

Breaking news! Alexander Rybak is coming to Sochi!

Alexander is invited to a very popular Norwegian talk-show “Senkveld” with Thomas & Harald”, which is broadcasted live, every evening from the Olympic Games in Sochi on Norwegian channel TV2. He will be a guest on several shows during this week. There will be lots of humour and live violin playing from him. He invites all his Russian fans, who are in Sochi this week, to join the audience of the live show. Here is his original message to his fans:

Dorogie Rysskie dryzja!  Preglashau v Sochi!

This week I will be joining the coolest talkshow ever, “Senkveld” with Thomas & Harald, live from Sochi!
So if you are planning to visit Sochi this week, you can be in the audience. Just send an email to sotsji@monstermail.no
Have a nice evening, boys and girls.

Pishite email: sotsji@monstermail.no

Article about Alexander Rybak’s participation in Belarussian TV-show “Singing cities”. 18.10.13

Article published on the internet-site of “Belarus Today” http://tv.sb.by/post/154435/ 18.10.2013.

Author:  Anton Kostyukevitch. Photographer: Alexander Stadub.

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva.  Revision by Anni Jowett.

Rybak sees a talent from afar

Sensational in every sense, the TV project of the STV channel “Singing cities” is getting ready to interest and firmly glue many viewers to the screen in its second season. Straight away the show brought the statue in the entertainment category of  contest ” Tele-top-2013″ to its creators. And what a noise the participants have made! I mean, they sang a lot of songs, and the quantity of the the songs were even more during the qualifying stages. And this year we can do nothing without casting too. Before the show will go to the second round , you need to find the most talented contestants. Last week, the selection finally took place in Minsk , and correspondents of ” SB” did not miss a chance to look into the Youth Estrade Theatre. Continue reading Article about Alexander Rybak’s participation in Belarussian TV-show “Singing cities”. 18.10.13

Alexander Rybak participates in Belarusian TV-show “Singing cities”

Article published at kpby.2bserv.ru/ 14.10.2013.

Author:  Ekaterina Romanova. Photographer: Pavel Martinchik

Translation of the article by Sonya Luzina.  Revision by Anni Jowett

 Alexander Rybak: “I am delighted to have been invited to judge Belarusians in a positive way”

It’s cramped and noisy behind the scenes of the Youth Variety Theatre: the crew of the channel “STV” finishes setting up the lighting  and adjusts the  decorations – in just a few minutes the casting of the second season of the project “Singing cities. The second season.” will start in the hall. While dozens of contestants are nervous in the hall, the main star of the day – a famous European artist – and along with it, our countryman, Alexander Rybak, prepares himself behind the scenes. The young man came to the Belarusian capital only with his manager and literally for only one day – to take part in the project. There is no place to turn around in a very small dressing room, but the guy doesn’t get upset, he quickly brushes up, checks his violin and goes to more spacious hall.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak participates in Belarusian TV-show “Singing cities”

VG reports from the recording of «Hver gang vi møtes»!

Article from www.vg.no, published on 31.08.2013

Author: Thomas Talseth. Photographer: Robert S.Eik

Found by Tessa Lande. Translated by Laila S.H. English revision by Anni Jowett.


HERE THEY MEET”: This year’s ‘Hver gang vi møtes’-participants gathered at Vestre Kjærnes farm in Våler. From left: Lars Lillo Stenberg, Samsaya, Øivind Elgenes, Anneli Drecker, Sigvart Dagsland, Simone Eriksrud and Alexander Rybak. 

«Hver gang vi møtes»: “Like being invited to Skaugum!”

(Translator’s comment: Skaugum is the home of our crown-prince Haakon and his family)

(VG) Anneli Drecker (44) was very happy when TV2 finally called and asked if she wanted to be in “Hver gang vi møtes”.

Continue reading VG reports from the recording of «Hver gang vi møtes»!

Alexander Rybak in “Hver gang vi møtes”. Dagbladet, 31.08.13

Article from www.dagbladet.no, published on 31.08.2013

Author: Marthe Jakobsen 

Found and translated by Hilde M. English revision by Anni Jowett.


DURING THE RECORDING: Now the recording of the popular TV 2 program “Every time we meet” has started, and Alexander Rybak says he was surprised by all the impressions he got while being part of the series. Photo: Kristin Svorte 

– It made me a soft man

Alexander Rybak says the “Every time we meet” experience was very special.

(Dagbladet): It is four years since Alexander Rybak (27) became a superstar overnight after winning both the Norwegian and international Eurovision Song Contest final.

Now he is participating in the next season of the successful program “Every time we meet” in the company of Lars Lillo-Stenberg, Samsaya, Sigvart Dagsland, Simone Larsen, Øivind “Elg” Elgenes and Anneli Drecker.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak in “Hver gang vi møtes”. Dagbladet, 31.08.13

What’s up in “Hver gang vi møtes” – first report on TV2!


Teary eyed gang. Here’s this year`s participants in “Hver gang vi møtes”.

 I start cryin just by talking about it

Article published at tv2.no on 31.08.2013
Author: Astrid Dyson. Photographer: Tore Waskaas.
Found and translated by Jorunn E. English revision by Anni Jowett.

The artists from “Hver gang vi møtes” can`t hold back their tears  this time either.The recording of the third season of “Hver gang vi møtes” is underway at Vestre Kjærnes farm outside Moss. On Saturday the press got to meet the artists Alexander Rybak (27), Simone Eriksrud (43), Sigvart Dagsland (49), Anneli Drecker (44), Lars Lillo-Stenberg (51), Samsaya (33) and Øyvind Elgenes (55). 

Continue reading What’s up in “Hver gang vi møtes” — first report on TV2!

More about Alexander in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” 21.06.13

Source: VG.no
Authors: Catherine Gonsholt Ighanian and Atle Jørstad

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Anni Jowett.

This is how they will cope with the tear bonanza in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”.

Tearful: Lene Marlin and Marion Ravn cried a lot this spring. The new participants are Simone Eriksrud, Alexander Rybak, Samsaya, Øivind Elgenes, Sigvart Dagsland, Lars Lillo Stenberg and Anneli Drecker. Photo: TV2 and VG

 The seven new participants are not particularly afraid to show emotions, but steel themselves anyway. Pins and waterproof mascara will be packed in the suitcase.

Continue reading More about Alexander in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” 21.06.13

Alexander Rybak in Chorų Karai (full show). 17.03.13

Recorded by Tessa Lande. English translation by Jolanta Esu & Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett & Katie Anderson. Subs by Julia B.