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Euro 150.000 in development support for the platform game “Trolle og den magiske fela” – Alexander Rybak

Ravn Studio  receives EURO 150 000 in  developing support for the platformer game of Alexander Rybak’s “Trolle og den magiske fela”.

The purpose of the video game contribution scheme is to strengthen the European gaming industry by supporting innovative content and creative storytelling, and helping to ensure that games reach their full international market potential. Continue reading Euro 150.000 in development support for the platform game “Trolle og den magiske fela” — Alexander Rybak

Alexander and Trolle in Cappelen Damm Agency’s Rights catalogue spring 2016

Cappelen Damm is Norway’s largest publishing house, publishing approximately 1000 titles a year, within the genres of fiction, non-fiction, educational books and children’s books.

Cappelen Damm Agency represents the rights of all of the authors in their catalogues. The Agency is responsible for all foreign book rights, as well as rights for TV, film, radio, anthologies, electronic media, etc.  They attend all the major international book fairs.

In Cappelen Damm’s Agency’s Rights catalogue spring 2016, they present Alexander as an author and promote his book “Trolle og den magiske fela”.

From Cappelen Damm Agency’s catalogue:
Header picture of this post from Cappelen Damm where both Alexander and Trolle are represented 🙂

Alexander Rybak – Trolle and the Magic Fiddle

Source: Cappelen Damm Agency
Alexander Rybak No Bounderies picture Cappelen Damm TrolleAlexander Rybak, b. 1986, is an actor, composer and musician. His international breakthrough came when he won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with the self-composed song Fairytale. Rybak has performed in several large-scale theatrical events and films alongside his music career.

Last autumn he debuted as a children’s book author with Trolle og den magiske fela (Trolle and the Magic Fiddle).

The story combines Alexander Rybak’s musicality with his love of Norwegian folk tales. It is a story about daring to be different and accepting the differences in others. The book and its universe are closely interweaved with newly composed music by Alexander Rybak among others.

“Alexander Rybak is a gifted artist with many talents. This publication is very much in the spirit of his work; a joyful composition with an interesting artistic core.”

Mette Hofsødegård, Aftenposten

Alexander Rybak promo video of Trolle Cappelen Damm

Trolle isn’t like all the other trolls. He doesn’t have a tail, and that is something the other trolls never let him forget. They tease and bully him all the time. One day, Trolle finds the Nymph King’s violin lying shining in a clearing. He discovers that the instrument is magic – anyone who hears its music falls under the spell of the player. Now he’s not only accepted, but admired! But the violin isn’t all good, and Trolle soon finds himself in a lot of trouble. Then human girl Alva turns up and shows Trolle the power of real friendship.

The book comes with an audio version and specially composed music and songs by Alexander Rybak.

Print run 11 000.

Foreign rights sold to Koppelwrite, Denmark.

On page 21 in Cappelen Damm Agency’s Rights catalogue spring 2016 you can read about Alexander and Trolle 🙂


Alexander Rybak in the Norwegian talk show “Senkveld” 18.09.2015

Alexander was a guest in the Norwegian talk show “Senkveld” which was broadcast Friday 18th of September. The show was recorded Thursday the 17th.

In addition to Alexander,  Shawn Mendes, Aune Sand and Selda Ekiz took also part in the show. An exciting and colorful bunch of people 🙂 Continue reading Alexander Rybak in the Norwegian talk show “Senkveld” 18.09.2015

Alexander Rybak in the radio show “Jacobsen” on NRK 16.09.2015

Alexander was a guest in the radio show “Jacobsen” on NRK, where he talked a bit about the process of his book,”Trolle and the magic fiddle”, from idea to publishing.

Recording and subs by TessaLa, English translation by Jorunn Ekre

Alexander Rybak about his book project in Dagsrevyen on NRK 03.09.2015

Alexander talks about his book “Trolle og den magiske fela” on the Norwegian News program “Dagsrevyen” on NRK together with his Trolle Team; Dennis Storhøi, Pernille Hogstad, Stig Werner Moe and Anders Baasmo Christiansen.

 Pictures from the presentation

Alexander Rybak in the TV-show “God sommer Norge”

“We know him as a fiddling great charmer with a musicality out of the ordinary and charisma that belongs to Wonderland.”

Alexander was a guest in the summer show “Have a nice summer Norway” on TV2 on 17 July 2015, in which he talked about his book “Trolle and the magic fiddle,” which will be launched in late September this year.


Alexander Rybak on the radio show “Jacobsen” 16.06.2015

Alexander was a guest in the Norwegian radio show “Jacobsen” on NRK P1+, where he talked about his upcoming audiobook “Trolle og den magiske fela” which will be on the market about September this year. In this interview we can hear a little piece from the book, read by the narrator, Dennis Storhøi.

Alexander Rybak in “Sommer i Dyreparken” TV2 20.06.15

Alexander was a guest in the Norwegian summer TV-show “Sommer i Dyreparken” (Summer in the Zoo) on TV2, where he performed his new song “Blant Fjell” about the troll “Trolle” from his upcoming children’s book and album “Trolle og den magiske fela”. The book and the album will be released in September this year. Continue reading Alexander Rybak in “Sommer i Dyreparken” TV2 20.06.15

Blant Fjell – lyrics in several languages – Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak’s  “Blant Fjell” with lyrics in several languages

For those of you who don’t understand Norwegian, some nice people have translated the Norwegian lyrics of this lovely song  to their own language.

Click here for Russian  and German
Scroll down for lyrics in Norwegian, English,  Turkish, Spanish, Hungarian and Farsi ⇓

Continue reading Blant Fjell — lyrics in several languages — Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak – Turned down reality TV

The artist and musician, Alexander Rybak, has released a new single from his upcoming CD, audio book and children’s book called “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle”, where he uses a combination of classical music and pop music.


Source: Dagsavisen 13.06.2015   Author: Espen Hågensen Rusdal. Photo: NTB Scanpix, Cappelen Damm English translation by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Bita.

Children’s book? Explain. How come a children’s book? Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Turned down reality TV

Alexander Rybak on TV2 about “Trolle og den magiske fela” 13.06.15

Alexander in an interview on TV2 (Norwegian TV) about his upcoming  Norwegian audiobook “Trolle og den magiske fela” and the feeling about being left out in his childhood.

Uploaded to YouTube, translationa nd subs by TessaLA, Revision by Katie Anderson

Alexander Rybak – “Nitimen” NRK P1 13.06.2015

Alexander was a guest in the Norwegian morning show “Nitimen” on NRK P1 13th of June 2015, where he promoted his new song and his upcoming book “Trolle and the magic fiddle”.

Funny and interesting interview, where he also explains why you should be always be careful about tying your shoes at a bar 🙂

Alexander Rybak – This book is my child

Rybak: The violin is my mistress, and this book is my child.

Text to the header photo: BOOK DEBUTANT: Alexander Rybak likes that the tiny Trolle resembles himself.

 Source: VG.no  Published 12.06.2015. Author: Cathrine Gonsholt Ighanian. Photo: Jan Petter Lynau and Cappelen Damm. 
 Translated by TessaLa, revison by Katie Anderson.

 Alexander Rybak (29) believes that with his new project he is a big step closer to the dream of a family life.

 The 29-year-old has become calmer and better about choosing what he will say” yes” and “no” to. For the last three years Rybak has dedicated the necessary time between battles to design the project close to his heart. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — This book is my child

Alexander Rybak – New song “Blant Fjell”

Alexander Rybak has released a new song “Blant Fjell” (Among Mountains”. This is a song from the CD that follows his upcoming Norwegian audiobook “Trolle og den magiske fela” (Trolle and the magic fiddle).


Download “Blant Fjell”  from Klicktrack Music Store here. You can download  it in both Mp3 and CD (Flac) quality.
From iTunes here

The  audiobook  will be released September 19th, and can be  ordered from Tanum.no (Norway only) and  worldwide from Haugenbok.no. You can pre-order it already now 🙂


If you have Spotify, you can listen to the song here: