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Fam report and review from Alexander Rybak’s Concert in Canada 23.2.13

Original: Blog written June 5th, 2013
Text: Karla Pouya
Photos: Aviva Klein

The Fiddler from Norway: Alexander Rybak comes to Toronto !

   First off, before I go any further and begin my endless crazy fan girl mode, I will be breaking up this review into two parts, the first being the actual review of the concert, from the time i got there up until the meet and greet. The second part will be of a more personal nature, like, inspiration, motivation and….most importantly..FAN GIRLING! 🙂 ****Just a friendly warning**** You are warned, that from this point on there will be excessive fangirling, reader discretion is highly advised! Enjoy ! 🙂

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A review about Alexander Rybak’s performance in Canada


Alexander Rybak’s Appearance a Fairytale For Canada’s Eurovision Fans

Toronto Centre For The Arts, Main Stage Theatre 
5040 Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada

Concert of Alexander Rybak and The Papaduke Band
Feb.23rd 2013, 7 pm.

Written by Arianna Brooke, photo courtesy of Aviva Klein, video by vladaceban


Alexander Rybak gracefully took to the stage on February 23rd, coming way across the pond to make his Canadian debut, performing an exclusive one-time concert in Toronto’s Centre for the Arts in North York. North American Eurovision Song Contest and Rybak fans had a chance to come out of hiding, and out of hiding they certainly came, including a duo who flew in from Texas for the Norwegian violinist. Continue reading A review about Alexander Rybak’s performance in Canada

Videos: Alexander Rybak’s concert in Toronto (Canada) 23.02.2013

On February 23rd, 2013 Alexander performed for the first time in Toronto, ON (Canada) at the Main Stage Theatre of Toronto Centre for the Arts ! He shared the stage with Papa Duke band and famous violinist Vasyl Popadiuk. Here are videos of Alexander’s performance from that exclusive event:)

Thanks a lot to Vlada Ceban for the videos!

Europe skies

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Promo for Alex’s concert in Canada

This video was created with the intention of sharing anywhere and everywhere, to advertise Alexander Rybak’s concert in Toronto, ON Canada.
Western Hemisphere! Don’t miss the opportunity to see him live and in concert February 23rd, 2013 in the Toronto Center for the Arts.

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Created by Tessa Lande.

Alexander Rybak plays his first concert in Toronto on February 23, 2013!

Great news!

After almost 2 years, Alexander Rybak comes back to the North American Continent for a concert. Toronto, Ontario has the pleasure of hosting the very first Alexander Rybak concert in Canada!

Don’t miss the chance to see Alexander Rybak & The Papaduke Band perform on the Main Stage Theatre at the Toronto Centre for the Arts!

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