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Article: “Famous artists paid tribute to women with breast cancer”. Sept. 27th 2012

Article published at www.budstikka.no 28.9.2012. Written by Christine Ferner Apalnes. Photos by Johanne Thorseth.

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Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Marianne Saietz. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn


 Famous artists paid tribute to women with breast cancer

More than 400 people took the trip to Bærum Culturehouse Thursday evening to see Tooji, Lise Karlsnes and Alexander Rybak play in honor of women with breast-cancer.
The three artists told that it felt special to get to play at the Pink Ribbon concert this evening.

-“This is a very close subject for me, since my aunt died of breast cancer. Events like this shows that things are in progress”, Tooji said before he started his show. The MGP-star played 3 new songs and the youngest girls in the hall screamed with a full heart.

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2 articles:Norwegian press about Alexander in Baku. May 22nd-23rd 2012

 Article published on www.aftenposten.no 22.05.2012

Text and photo by Arve Henriksen.

Link to original article here

Translation by Marianne Saietz

Photo: “It will be like a little vacation to return to this circus, especially now when I have travelled so much in Europe”, says Alexander Rybak 

Rybak took a break from exams in Baku

BAKU (Aftenposten.no): Alexander Rybak is in the middle of the final heat of exams at Barrat Due, but never the less, he took himself time for a not so little comeback in the Eurovision-circus.

Thursday, Alexander Rybak performs in the interval act at the second semifinal during Eurovision Song Contest, where also Tooji will be in action for Norway. For the Eurovisionwinner from 2009, the trip to Baku is a nice break from the exams-preparations.
– ” It will be like a small vacation to return to this circus, especially now, when I have travelled so much around Europe. At the same time, I have practiced a lot, both on preparations for the summer-show with Bettan and Didrik Solli-Tangen and then I also have this violin-exam. Because of that, I practice several hours every day towards that, so I can finally get a paper, saying I am a violinist,” he says.

MGP-winner Tooji gets advice from Alexander Rybak. Feb. 12th 2012.

Article published on www.vg.no 12.2.2012. Written by Martine Lunder.

Link to original article: http://www.vg.no/musikk/grand-prix/artikkel.php?artid=10043478

Translation by Marianne Saietz

WON. Tooji Keshtkar won the norwegian MGP-final superior. Photo: Jan Petter Lynau/VG 

“It still hasn´t dawned on me”, Tooji says about the victory.

VG Nett.)  Tooji Keshtkar ( 24 ) won a superior victory at MGP 2012. Backstage, he got advice by Eurovision-winner Alexander Rybak. VG meets Tooji the day after he won MGP with 155.480 votes ahead of both Nora Foss al-Jabri, Bobby Bare & Petter Øien and Plumbo.

” It hasn´t dawned on me yet. Everything is just surreal. I couldn´t sleep last night, even though I tried very hard. The head was just filled with pictures from the night – Mom, who is cheering, the fans who are screaming and my name, being announced”, says Tooji, who sung the song “Stay”.

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Article from Dagbladet about Alexander Rybak’s performance at the Norwegian MGP- final. 11.02.2012.

Rybak paid tribute to Stella at Grand Prix final

Author: Stian Haraldsen. Photographer:  Håkon Eikesdal

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Translation by Tessa Lande

‎(Dagbladet): Alexander Rybak provided a great break performance before tonight’s Grand Prix show winner was declared.

After the Plumbo, Nora Foss Al-Jabri, Tooji and Petter Øien and Bobby Bare had passed thorugh to the golden final, the stage was set for the Eurovision Medley in Oslo Spektrum.

Rybak sang songs by both the artists, Johnny Logan and Olsen Brothers, before he made the entire audience to stand up.

– This one’s for you, Stella! Rybak said, before he started last year’s winning song “Haba Haba”.

Stella Mwangi was suppose to be on stage tonight, but withdrew after his father, Jeff Mwangi Kwirikia was killed in a car accident on Tuesday last week. He was hit by a motorist who ran away from the place, but a person turned himself in later and are now charged in the case.

Yesterday he was buried in Ullensaker church, and he will later be buried in his native country of Kenya.

– Now I’ve really hit the ground, and I do not know if I manage to get up again. But I hear dad’s voice say “stand up”, “stand up,” Stella said in the church.