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Alexander Rybak – Radio interview Østlandssendingen 10.10.2014

Friday 10th of October Alexander took part in the Norwegian TV-show “The Hit” on NRK1, where he competed against Trine Rein. The same morning he was interviewed by the NRK radio channel “Østlandssendingen”, about hits, his new host job on NRK Klassisk, his trip to Nashville and Nico & Vinz, two Norwegian boys who had a great success in the USA with the song “Am I Wrong”.

Found and recorded by Ulli C. Translation: TessaLa, revision: Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak – Interview in Se&Hør 10.10.2014

Alexander Rybak is not ready to settle down

“I would not wish for anyone to be my girlfriend”

Source: Se&Hør 10.10.2014. Author: Marius Kromvoll. Photo: Se&Hør, NRK.

Translated by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Bita Janz

Heartbreaker - Alexander Rybak, who is currently focused on "The Hit", thinks that any potential girlfriends will have to endure some negative experiences.
Heartbreaker – Alexander Rybak, who is currently focused on “The Hit”, thinks that any potential girlfriends will have to endure some negative experiences.


The pop star is a bachelor and believes that female fans are partly to blame. 

On new adventures
This week, Alexander Rybak (28) is ready for a duel with Trine Rein (43) in NRK’s new concept “The Hit”. Love, on the contrary, unfortunately has to wait.

– I can’t have a girlfriend. Or rather, I shouldn’t say that for certain. But becoming my girlfriend means getting a lot of harassment from many other girls, and I would not wish that for anyone, Alexander tells Se & Hør. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Interview in Se&Hør 10.10.2014

What I Long For – Alexander Rybak

Alexander took part in the  Norwegian TV-show “The Hit” on October 10th 2014, where famous artists compete with songs written by amateurs. If you want to read more about the concept of the show, you  can find it here. Alexander chose a wonderful song “What I Long For”  written by Elisabet Mjanger. Unfortunately, Alexander didn’t win the duel, but he did his best and made a great performance which we can enjoy now! 🙂

The song is also available on:

 iTunes | Spotify | Amazon | Deezer  | Google Play | Wimp 


This is what I long for more in life, that’s what you bring.
Passion, full compassion. You’re the one who takes me in.
I’m jumping around. Diving in. Coming around.

Continue reading What I Long For — Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak – Hungry and single – Interview in Amta 10.10.2014

Alexander Rybak is working on his biggest project ever. A story about a troll who plays violin and hide in the forest.
– The freedom to do what I want, is both the best and the worst, says the still single artist.

Text to the main photo: Home-loving: – Nesodden means two things for me. Family and Thomas. They are two important factors in my identity. Mom and Dad reminds me of how ambitious I am, while Thomas reminds me how great guy I am, and how much fun I can have with a best friend.

A meeting with our man in the fame industry

Source: Amta.no /paper issue 10.10.14.  Author: Ann-Turid Ford. Photo: Ruben Skarsvåg

Translated by Tessa La. Revision by Anni Jowett.

ON THE DOOR BELL PANEL on Bryggetorget at Aker Brygge there is no “Alexander Rybak”. A Russian-sounding name is, so I try that one, but no one opens the door. Then comes the 28-year-old with long strides across the town square. Tall and dark and slender and handsome, with a brown McDonalds bag in his hand.

– I removed the nameplate because there were so many people ringing the bell, he explains.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Hungry and single — Interview in Amta 10.10.2014

Alexander Rybak in The Hit on NRK Friday 10.10.2014

Alexander Rybak The Hit - photo Stig KarlsenPhoto: Stig Karlsen, NRK – From the rehearsal for The Hit on NRK 

Friday 10th of October Alexander Rybak will be one of the two artist who perform in the songwriter competition The Hit on NRK.  Five songs are so far ready for the Grand Final the 24th of October, and tomorrow  Alexander Rybak and Trine Rein will perform the songs they have chosen among their six alternatives.

If you want to read more about the concept and see the list of songwriters and artists, you find it all here.

The five song that are already in the final, you can listen to here 

Alexander chose two songs already in early June, and tomorrow he will be reveal which one of them he has decided to release as his new song.
You can listen to the 6 songs he could chose between here.

Alexander Rybak – Preview of The Hit on NRK 2014

A preview of the music show “The Hit” that will be broadcasted on NRK1, 8 weeks in a row, starting 5th of September. This part of the show is pre-recorded already back in June, and shows how the artists pick their songs among the six songwriters they can choose among.

Recorded and translated by TessaLa, revised by Bita Janz

Source: NRK.no

Alexander Rybak about The Hit on NRK 2014

Alexander tells in this video why he takes part in the Norwegian music show “The Hit”. Alexander will perform his chosen song in the show  broadcasted Friday 10th of October, starting 20.05 CET. More Info about the show and link to book tickets here

Recorded by Ulli C, translated by Jorunn Ekre, revised by Anni Jowett.

Source: NRK.no


Alexander Rybak in “THE HIT” 2014 on NRK TV


Today it was revealed that Alexander Rybak is one of the 14 famous artists that will take part in NRK’s new  music concept this autumn. The show will be broadcasted 8 Fridays in a  row starting 5th of September and ending with a grand final the 24th of october.  If you want to be in the audience, click here to book tickets, and chose the actual show date.

You can follow The Hit on Instagram here, Facebook here and Twitter here

You can read more about the concept, show dates, list of songwriters, their songs, the artists and details about the broadcasting on this page “THE HIT”.

The list of the artist that will take part in the show:


  • D’soundNRK The hit Alexander Rybak
  • Atle Pettersen
  • Maria Haukaas Mittet
  • D.D.E.
  • Trine Rein
  • Alexander Rybak
  • Maria Arredondo
  • Vidar Busk
  • Helene Bøksle
  • Alexander With
  • Jørn Hoel
  • Åge Sten Nilsens Ammunition
  • Venke Knutson
  • A1


Source last picture posted: instagram.com/ronnieartistpartner