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Alexander Rybak wore the wings of Cupid and walked on the roof in Kiev



Article published on absurdu.net, April 24  2012, 09:18

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Translation by Sonya  Luzina. Revision by Anni Jowett

Snow-white wings, charming smile, and violin and bow – instead of bow and arrows. This is how a modern Cupid looks – the winner of “Eurovision”, the singer and composer Alexander Rybak. The artist got the image of the angel of love for a reason: in Kiev the director Alexander Filatovich filmed a new video for Alexander Rybak’s song “Strela Amura” from his Russian album “Nebesa Evropy”.

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Alexander Rybak was busy in Kiev with amorous affairs

Article published at  http://kp.ua/ on April 23, 2012

Link to the original here

Written by Ekaterina Kamenskaya. Photo by Dmitry Nikonorov.

Found by Ulli Cologne, translated by Zhanna Sergueeva, english revision by Tessa Lande.

While filming at the roof the winner of “Eurovision-2009” got tested his fear of hight. Photo by Dmitry Nikonorov.

The winner of “Eurovision-2009” has come to unite hearts and destinies.

Women’s favorite Alexander Rybak worked the whole weekend – he was shooting video for the song “The Arrow of Cupid.” For this purpose he came especially from Oslo to Kiev for one day.

On Sunday traffic jams emerged in the city now and then: it was curious motorists, passersby and fans surrounded the places for shooting. And considering that there were several locations of new video’s shooting and a film crew traveled all over the city, unexpected congestions occurred across all over the Ukrainian capital.

Rybak himself, paying attention to nobody, was occupied with sweat with love affairs . In the plot of the video the artist is a Cupid who appears from nowhere and does everything possible to make lovers find each other, and tell each other the important words. At the same time the Cupid himself is invisible and alone. To make the image complete the video director Alexander Filatovich put angel wings on Alexander and even forced him to sing while standing on the roof of the hotel “Riviera on Podol”. By the way, the building’s administration didn’t like such an idea – safety first. So the film crew had to take full responsibility in case if anything would happen. Fortunately the shooting on the attic went without any incidents.

– I like the idea of the video, at the same time we have a very small budget, – the artist admitted. – I do not need multi-million dollar special effects. Much more pleasant to shoot a video with an interesting storyline and the best team.

How many couples will Amur-Rybak make, and will he find his soul mate – viewers will see that very soon.