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Alexander Rybak pranked by Jan Thomas in Tusvik & Tønne

Alexander was one of the many celebrities who were pranked in the Norwegian talk show “Tusvik & Tønne” on TV2 tonight.

“Tussvik & Tønne” is a talk show with two crazy ladies who demand the guest be the host while they come up with some crazy ideas. Jan Thomas, the Norwegian stylist who did a makeover on Alexander  in 2011, was the guest tonight. And those crazy ladies took his phone and sent a text to all the people in his contact list. Alexander was one of them, and he was the second one to reply 🙂

Alexander Rybak Jan Thomas prankes Tussvik & Tønne

The text message:

Hi dear friend! You know, I can’t keep quiet any longer! what on earth are you wearing these days? Hope you see that yourself. You need a makeover, I’ll book you for a consultation next week, what time is best for you?

Alexander’s reply:

He,he, brave:) I like my style, but notice I have worn the same for quite some time now. I am mostly behind the camera now, so there is no hurry. How much do you charge for your time?

Alexander Rybak gets a makeover in the Norwegian TV-show “Happy Day”. 08.12.2011

Alexander in the TV-show “Happy Day” on TV2 Bliss. This is a TV-show about fashion and style, where the popular Norwegian stylist Jan Thomas gives Norwegian celebrities a makeover.

Header picture: Photoshop by Lulu Barcelo

And you can read an interview about this makeover HERE

Recording and subs by TessaLa. English translation by Hilde M, revision by Anni Jowett.


Alexander about his clothes

“Alexander Rybak: The main criteria when buying clothes are pleasant fabric and comfortable style”

Article from the Ukrainian Internet magazine Shopper.Ua., published 1. November 2010
Translated by Sonya Luzina)

Alexander Rybak shopper UA 2– Alexander, does your surname create your stage clothes style? Do you create the style of the smart country guy intentionally?

– I don’t dwell on my style. The main thing is that my clothes should be comfortable; it mustn’t constrain my movements on stage. Continue reading Alexander about his clothes